Monday, January 23, 2012

Shakespeare in Love (1998)

Rating: 70%
Well everyone tomorrow, I'll finally see The Artist and find out what's all the hullabaloo about that film. But while I wait for that day to arrive, I decided to settle the matter once and for all to finally see another film. A film that a man has greedily used to rob Best Picture from one of the most spectacular films ever known to man. An evil event that has made this film winning Best Picture THE biggest Oscar screw up ever. It goes without really needing this kind of intro, that I am talking about Shakespeare In Love.

Plot: William Shakespeare is currently writing a comedy called Romeo and Ethel, The Pirate's Daughter for Philip Henslowe who owns The Rose Theater. But when his lover cheats on him, he burns the script and starts to write the tragedy Romeo and Juliet. While he doesn't complete the script yet, he puts up auditions for Romeo where the only actor that stands out is a mysterious boy named Thomas Kent. Shakespeare eventually finds out that he's actually Viola de Lessep, a daughter of a wealthy merchant who dreams of acting which leads them to fall in love.

Okay, before is start injecting my fair share of venom on this movie I will say that it is a fairly good film at the least. The idea is cute, the story concerning how he writes the play is nice, and some of the acting was very well done. And I did find it a nice touch how they were saying lines from some of Shakesphere's plays, even some things somewhat similar to Romeo and Juliet in particular. But it's not super original. In fact it's really just a prequel for Titanic. I mean the girl is rich, the guy is poor, the rich guy trying to get the girl tries to get rid of the poor guy, really it's just Titanic with way more nudity and sexual content. Not to mention cross dressing. Now before I get to Actors/Characters, I better get on with giving this movie my venom * clears throat* Best Picture? That seriously won Best Picture? They SERIOUSLY GAVE THIS BEST PICTURE OVER ONE OF THE MOST SPECTACULAR MOVIES OF OUR TIME BY MAKING PEOPLE THINK PRIVATE RYAN'S NOT HISTORICALLY ACCURATE!?!?!?! YOU FRICKING IDIOTS!!!!!!!! THEY LET HIM GET AWAY WITH LYING TO THE ENTIRE WORLD FOR AN OSCAR!!!!!! THOSE DASTARDS!!!!! FIRST I WITNESS RANDY NEWMAN WITH "WE BELONG TOGETHER" AND SOCIAL NETWORK WITH EDITING, NOW I WITNESS THAT THEY SERIOUSLY CHOSE THAT OVER PRIVATE RYAN!!!!! YOU MONSTERS!!!!! YOU IDIOTS!!! YOU IMBECILES!!!!! HOW DO YOU GUYS LIVE WITH YOURSELVES!?!?!?!!? *take a deep breath* *clears throat* If necessarily, I apologize for that outburst.

Joseph Fiennes/William Shakespeare: I thought he did a good job. I thought it was good how he was fairly focused on his work at least with giving people and answer like "It's all in here." when they're talking about the script.
Gwyneth Paltrow/ Viola de Lessep: SHe did a good job with her acting, but there's no way she deserved to win best actress. I'm pretty sure I haven't seen the other nominees, but considering what I've heard about this film before I watched it, I think it's best to assume everyone's right it was a screw up as well for Paltrow to win.
Judi Dench/Queen Elizabeth: She was awesome. She just did a brilliant job portraying this character to the point where I think you should see this film just for her alone at the least. She just gives this character that's clever and strict that all around showed that she had it coming with Best supporting actress.

Music: The music was nice. The main score did have a nice romantic tune to it.

Editing: The editing was good.

And that's my review for Shakespeare In Love. It is a very nice enjoyable film, but like everyone else, I draw the line in beyond disbelief with it winning Best Picture over Saving Private Ryan.   


  1. Great review, and your venom is acknowledged and backed up by me

  2. Thank you. And excellent to know about my venom.