Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Transformers - The Movie (1986)

My Rating: 30%

Now as some of you know, I have been researching as to what exactly Transformers is outside of bay's movies. So with the third film coming and to set up in possibly making a video review of all Transformer movies so far i'm going to rereview the animated movie. and there isn't much difference other than unlike bay's movies, except that this one is totally for kids.

plot: (WARNING:since it's transformers and all, and I do this with my Transformers reviews anyway, i'm going to tell the whole plot. so if you don't want anything spoiled, skip this.)It's 2006 and the Decepicons have control of Cybertron. The Autobots lead by Optimus Prime, only have footholds in Cybertron's two moons and a fortress called Autobot City on Earth. THe Deceptcons hijack an Autobot ship heading for Autobot City and attack it. During the battle, Optimus Primecomes with reinforcements but while cripples Megatron, is killed in the process. Before he dies, he makes his friend Ultra Magnus leader of the Autobots and bearer of the Matrix of Leadership saying that one day an Autobot will rise and use the Matrix to light their darkest hour. While they mourn his death, the Decepticons retreat. And as a final attempt to get rid of Megatron and become the leader of the Decepticons, Starscream convinces the Decepticons to get rid of the Decepticions that were injured in order to lighten the load for the Decepticon that's carrying them, Astrotrain, and made Megatron one of them. While Megatron drifts into space, he and his fellow beaten Decepticons bump into a planet sized transformer named Unicron who tells Megatron to destroy the Matrix of Leadership and be hsi servant in exchange for giving him and his Decepticons new bodies and a ship and not getting destroyed. And so with the new body, Megatron turned into Galvatron and started to attack the Autobots (but not before getting the rest of the Decepticions back by totally obliterating Starscream.) the fight leads the chase into space and separates the Autobots into two groups. one ends up in a world of the freaky aliens called Quintessons and also came to the misfortune of befriending a guy named Wheelie. The other group end up in a junk-yard planet full of transformers called Junkions lead by Wreck-Gar eventually Galvatron find Ultra Magnus in the Junk planet and kills him and takes the Matrix planing to use it against Unicron. The Junkions eventually became friends with the Autobots, then they repair Ultra Magnus like nothing happened and eventually the other Autobots meet up with them and so even though they have never heard of Unicron during this whole movie, they know that he's the main bad guy and so they headed off to go get them. before they get there, Galvatron attempts to use the Matrix to destroy Unicron. Unicron responds by transforming into his robot mode, eating Galvatron, and flying to Cybertron to destroy it. Autobots come in and get inside Unicron and while everybody is off with their own problems, an Autobot named Hod Rod bumps into Galvatron, who still have the Matrix, and so to fights him. Then all of the sudden, the Matrix starts glowing and then Rod Rod get a hold of it and turn into Rodimus Prime. Then he turns on the matrix which totally destroys Unicron and somehow that means the Autobots have control of Cybertron again and live happily ever after until seasons 3 and 4 of the original series which are total pieces of crap.

in a way the movie was good to watch if you want to see transformers outside of bay's movies. especially since it actually involves (more or less) with cybertron and other transformers things that have to do with them in sapce...or just all around, away from Earth. But what really kills this film is how within 30 minutes into the film, all the characters you could possibly care about, Autobot or Decepticon, are dead. Brawl, Rachet and Ironhide are killed by Megatron, Galvatron totally blasts Starscream into ashes, in my opinion Megatron and i believe Thundercracker and Skywarp really died when they turned into Galvatron and his henchmen because to me they were totally different people. And then there's the most classic as tragic death, Optimus Prime. you want to know how big his death actually was for everybody? let's put it this, it was the start where Transformers started to become "Ruined Forever" where the people who make Transformers make a mistake that causes the love for Transformers to be destroyed. Another apparent general term for it, or at least from what understand from Transformers wiki is "Childhood Rape" You see with this film, their general idea was to use this movie to get rid of the old products of toys and get in with the new. But they were entirely clueless what most characters, mostly Optimus Prime. I mean even now with Optimus there's stuff like the Nostalgia Critic making a Jesus figure out of him or fan like my friend Jimmy who often has Optimus as a profile pic and even has his religious views on his profile as "In Optimus Prime I trust." With Optimus' death just from back then, this movie ended up with result like people leaving the theater and the makers getting angry mail from parents getting all "why did you kill Optimus? my child has been in his room for two weeks crying." Like I said, Childhood Rape. Anyway, those from the original bunch that don't get killed hardly appear at all in the movie or in the show later on. That's weak...if I was a kid back then I would've wanted to see so much more of Soundwave. So for the rest of the film you are left with a whole bunch of character that are debuting in this movie that you don't give two craps about. so really, it's the fact that there still are Autobots and Decepticons fighting each other and the fact that there's some planet sized evil transformer that tries to kill them all that's...more or less the only reason left for you to see the rest of the film.

Actors/Characters: what also gets you is that a lot of new characters that we did not enjoy at all, are played by famous actors. such as Wreck-Gar who was voiced by Eric Idle (man that was shocking when i found out that he was in this movie, let me tell ya.) Wreck-Gar was just some weird transformer that only talked in TV commercials & shows which mostly didn't make sense and you wouldn't even catch what he said most of the time. and you couldn't find out because there are no subtitles for the DVD to this movie. (weak) And then there's Leonard Nimoy who did the voice of Galvatron which was nice but also proves my case on how find Megatron and Galvatron totally different characters even though it's the same person. and of course there's Unicron being all evil...oh yeah, fun fact, Unicron is voiced by Orson Welles. and then...there's Wheelie. anyone remember that little Jack@## of a decpticon Wheelie that transforms into a blue toy monster truck? that creep that was humping Megan Fox's leg? anyone? anyone? well this guy is an Autobot, and he's more annoying. so annoying that it's just the will of the writers that he gained the trust of the autobots let alone became friends with any of them.

Screenplay: here's an example of how ridiculous it is that any of the autobots (these particular ones called Dinobots) got to even trust Wheelie and also as to how bad most of the dialogue is in this movie when it comes to just the autobots. at this point in the movie, the Dinobots got separated from Kup and Hot Rod when their ship crashed on an unknown planet and this is how Wheelie jumps in:

Wheelie: Friend find, look behind.
Grimlock: Who say that?
Wheelie: Friend find, look behind! Friend find, look behind!
Grimlock: [Looks away from Wheelie]
Wheelie: You go wrong way, you fool I say.
Grimlock: [seeing Wheelie] Me Grimlock fool?
Wheelie: Get me you got, no fool you not!
Grimlock: Me Grimlock no like you!
[attacks Wheelie]
Wheelie: [grabs a sling shot and fires a boom that hits Grimlock's nose.]
Grimlock: why boy hit my nose?
Wheelie: Wheelie say, find friends today!
Grimlock: Me Grimlock say, we on our way!
see? how weird was that? and also bear in mind that Wheelie has this squeaky voice that was unfortunately voiced by Frank Welker. and when it came to introducing Wheelie after rescuing Kup and Hot Rod, Grimlock just instantly called him his complete friend. i mean maybe that's not the worst of it but you can tell with that one that the dialogue is mainly just bad.

Sound Effects: the sound effects are alright when it comes to transforming as stuff, but there's a lot of points were you hear something that just doesn't work, for example, there are several times were they use lightsaber sound effects for sparks and explosions...how weak is that?

Action: the action is not all that great...and in a way, it still was the highlight of the movie. one thing that just irritates me with any transformers movie or comic or tv show so far is how it gets messed up as to how a particular transformer gets hurt. which some show actually make sense as to why someone easily defeated this guy like pokemon due to their many types, you don't get to much of a specific idea. you can ssume and that's it and even then there's points where a transformer gets hurt in a way that doesn't make sense. i mean it makes sense that prime is dying when he's got holes in his stomach and stuff after getting shot a few times by Megatron, but then there's times like before Megatron tries to finish Prime off, Prime punches him one more time which send him flying off the edge and falling about what would be three stories in their point of view, which you would think it wouldn't exactly damage someone like Megatron, but they made it so that fall was enough to make him practically as close to death as Prime is so he has to be carried away from the battlefield by Soundwave. that's just ridiculous.

Music: most of the music was weirdly used. mainly on how there was nice happy 80's music even at points were Autobots are fighting for their lives. i mean the music got more serious later on in the siege of Autobot city, but still they played happy music in the beginning of that. this is practically the Battle of Pelennor Fields important that Megatron doesn't get through their defenses and they begin with music that makes it seem like it's not all that serious dozens of Decepticons are attacking Autobot city. let alone the fact that Megatron, Devastator, Starscream, Soundwave, Astrotrain, Blitzwing, Thundercracker, and so on are among them. the two ups to the music are that they made it sad and creepy when Optimus Prime died...especially since during that point, his body kinda withers which made it all the more creepy and sad. and i thought the theme for Unicron kinda made him all the more menacing when it comes to him.

so there you have it. while there's no Megan Fox, lines like "I am Megatron", or something like Devastator's nuts shown. this is still a bad movie. it's better than bay's movies in small ways but it's still bad. and that's my review for The Transformers: The Movie.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Prince of Egypt (1998)

My Rating: 80%

This is an excellent adaption of the story of The Lord rescuing the Israelites from Egypt. I still remember very well when this use to be one of my family's favorite films to watch when I was a kid.

Plot:In very ancient times, the Hebrews became the main slave force to the pharaoh of Egypt. And fearing for the possibility of the Hebrews growing in numbers and rebelling against him, Pharaoh ordered all the Hebrew boys to be taken away from their families and thrown into the Nile. One Hebrew woman hides her baby son in a basket and sets it afloat into the Nile and makes its way to Pharaohs house where Queen Tuya finds it an takes the child as her own and names him Moses. years later, Moses grows up with Pharaoh and Tuya's biological son Rameses and eventually learns the truth that he's a Hebrew. One day he kills an Egyptian who was harming another Hebrew and so ran away and hid in Midian. While in exile, he comes a burning bush that does not burn up and from there The Lord calls him to deliver the Hebrews from Egypt.

This was a very well made film. Granted, some people seem to like it just because of how it add Exodus with this story of two brothers with Moses and Rameses. Now that definitely is part of what makes it a pretty good film, but it still at the same time is just telling the story of the Israelites coming out of Egypt. and this is so far the best film that has brought it to life especially with the burning bush and all the wonders The Lord did in Egypt. Putting that together along with the animation they had for it.

Moses: I liked his character mainly on how he was being for friendly and being such a great leader. But that doesn't alter the facts that he actually had a speaking problem and that he did have Aaron as his aid. But hey, what would've made his character good with those facts added.
Aaron: To think, he's going to be one of the very first priests of the lord. But he was an entertaining character.
Rameses: This makes things a little messed up as far as bibical or sort of bible related roles Ralph Fiennes has played. I mean you have this film where he's the pharaoh that kept the Israelities from leaving, then you him being Voldemort who is in a way a version of satan, there's there's this film called Miricle Maker where he's actually Jesus. man. anyway, Rameses did just fine in terms of showing how his heart was heartened in those events and yet still having that brotherly love for Moses up to the very end.
Mariam: I liked her being somewhat the mentor of this film. which is where it gets me everytime when I read my bible and it says in...Numbers i believe it is...yeah Numbers were she becomes jealous of Moses and so The Lord temporarily made her leprous. What also gets me is that the voice of Mariam, Sandra Bullock, is the same woman that played the mom in Blind Side.
The Israelities: this is not a when you're watching the movie type of thing so much as for if you read Exodus and the two books after that. It really gets you on the possibility that the people that have been celebrating in the end are probably going to die because of not obeying The Lord. Especially when you think of the Golden Calf where a couple thousand people died after Moses interfered. or all that cattle and other animals that probably are going to be sacrificed to The Lord as a sin offering or fellowship offering or whatever.
The rest of the characters are very good too. and a lot of them are played by stars same as Moses, Ramases and Mariam such as Patrick Stewart, Steve Martin, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jeff Goldbulm, Danny Glover and Martin Short.

Music: if you didn't care for the story or anything, you at least had to really love the music. the score was done by Hans Zimmer and it was beautifully done. I personally love The Burning Bush when it came to the quite melody to it. it's somewhat of a The Lord's song in a way in my point of view from my faith. The musical numbers which were made by Stephen Schwartz were very fun from "Playing with the Big Boys", to "The Plagues", to "When you believe". Oh yeah, this film won best original score and best original song (for "When you Believe" played by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston) so there's another reason for you.

Animation: it was very good. I can't think of very good descriptive ways to put it. but maybe even then, it's probably better that you see it for yourself.

And that is my review for The Prince of Egypt.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Departed (2006)

My Rating: 100%

Wow...just...wow. I finally got to see this film when my friend Blaine decided to show me it before we went to see Thor this past sunday. and i'm glad he did. it's a very interesting film.

Plot:Colin Sullivan becomes involved in organized crime when he meets Irish mobster Frank Costello at a young age who trains him to become a mole inside the Massachusetts state police with him working in the Special Investigation Unit which focused on organized crime. Billy Costigan whose family has some history with organized crime is asked before graduating at the police academy by Captain Oliver Queenan and Staff Sergeant Sean Dignam to become an undercover cop by drop out of the academy and do a fake assault charge that leads him to jail so that afterwords, he becomes one of Costello's members. Then things start to turn as, while not knowing each others' real identity, become aware of their existence.

Now I did need the beginning explained by Blaine to that i understood everything, but that's probably just me. and plus afterwords, I understood everything. now that that's cleared out, i'll just say it all around that i really enjoyed this movie. I was interested the entire time and it began more suspenseful for me the more I saw it. Granted, after what happens at the near end, it doesn't become as interesting, but I still enjoyed it.

Leonardo DiCaprio/Billy Costigan: I really liked his character. I thought DiCaprio did a really good job showing how Costigan reacted to everything that was happening to him and I liked how he wanted to move on afterwords.
Matt Damon/Colin Sullivan:I liked this character mainly on how it's very different from a lot of the other Damon films i've seen so far. especially on for once, he was one of the bad guys.
Jack Nicholson/Frank Costello:to me, this made Batman the prologue to Costello with him being Jack Naiper in that film before he became The Joker (and as we all saw, became a lot happier. XD) Nicholson was just perfect. no one could've done a better job with making Costello the kind of mobster he was. I was very entertained from him and i especially liked how he was introduced in the film which i'll get to.

Music: It was very good. although...i don't know...I think they should not have played any music before the credits during the end. i mean in a way it works but after what happens, i think it ended better silent aside from the symbolism that they show on the last shot. But hey, that's just me.

Editing: The editing was very well done. I think this was a good film for me as someone who wants to become an editor, to understand the symbolism in editing or with movies all around. Like how they start Nicholson with him all shadowy and can hardly see him and it's not until later that he actually shows himself in the light. It's stuff like that that i need to bear in mind if i want to become as good of an editor as I want to be.

and that is my review for The Departed.

Jaws (1975)

My Rating: 100%

Ah yes. this film. I remember hearing about it and then seeing most of it a long time ago. it was actually only a few hours ago that i fully saw the film. So now that's all taken care of, it's time to write my review for this memorable film, Jaws.

Plot: In a fictional place in New England called Amity Island, new police chief Martin Brody is informed of a woman gone missing when she went skinny dipping the night before. the police find her body mutilated and the medical examiner said it was a shark attack. Brody attempts to close the beach but is overruled by the mayor because the beach in the summer is the main tourist income of the island. Later a dog and a boy is eaten by a shark and the boy's mother places a bounty which results in Brody going after the shark along with a shark hunter named Quint and a marine biologist named Matt Hooper.

I do think it's the music that made really made this a good movie. that and all of the suspense in the climax. Now i actually did enjoy this film...but the story during most of it I didn't care for too much. mostly on how it was too much like any other movie where there is a killer or sorts about. It's the same thing until the rest of the film is about going after it. I mean they do have a guy that ignores the situation or does something that makes matters worse for heaven sakes. But not even that stopped this from being entertaining.

Roy Scheider/Martin Brody: I liked him right away just on account of how unlike the mayor he made major sense. I mean what he does later on I also enjoyed but all around I enjoyed him just for being the first person in the movie to actually have some brains over the matter.
Robert Shaw/Quint: So far the only other movie I know with Robert Shaw was in The Sting. And here we was a nice character. I mean someone had to be the complete sailor in the expedition, and he did his part just fine.
Richard Dreyfuss/Matt Hooper: I liked his character. He was fun to watch. The funny thing about Hooper when it came to how he would often argue with Quint, is how the actor use to argue a lot on set so they ended up using that when they were shooting. So yeah. How about that.

Music:It was the theme song to Jaws and it was written by John Williams. What more do you want me to say?

Editing: It was good. It told the story, everything was seen clearly. nuff said.

And that is my review for Jaws. I know there are three more films but I know they all suck. so please remember to pity me if I ever write a review for them after actually seeing them for whatever reason. much appreciated if you do. but I don't think I will so there you go. :D

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thor (2011)

My Rating 80%

This was AWESOME!!!! I mean it's not the best superhero movie there is but it was very entertaining.

Plot: In 965 A.D., Odin King of Asgard, waged war against the frost-giants lead by Laufy. The war ended with an uneasy truce. Now, Odin's son Thor is about to be ascended into the throne when a few frost-giants attempted to steal the Casket of Ancient Winters. Against Odin's orders, Thor along with his brother Loki and his friends Sif, Volstagg, Fandral, and Hogan go into Jotunheimr, the realm of the frost-giants to fight against them. they are rescued by Odin who as punishment, takes Thor's godly power and banishes him into earth along with hammer Mjolnir placing a spell on it that whoever is worthy can wield it and gain the power of Thor. Thor lands in New Mexico and meets scientist Jane Foster along with her assistant Darcy and her mentor Selvig and while befriending them and becoming romantically involved with Jane, become determined to come home when he finds out that Mjolnir is in New Mexico as well.

Now to me was a bit predictable, but that was my own fault. you see i usually get into the comics after watching the movie first. but this time i actually became familiar with Thor and the general story long before watching this film. But the good thing is, is that not everything went was expected which I really liked. and all around it was a very entertaining film. and it was enjoyable to watch in 3-D it looked very realistic there.

Chris Hamsworth/Thor:I have this friend who actually follows the northern gods and from what i understand, they have Thor and a lot of the other stuff down well. the only big problem he had with Thor was that he was not blond. his hair was fiery red and he have this really long beard. Anyways, at first i thought the one problem I was going to have with this film was the difference to Thor's secret identity, Dr. Donald Blake. you see Thor's identity was basically this medical doctor who actually had a bad leg. and when he became Thor again, Mjolnir became disguised as a cane for when he's Blake. so i was worried for a while when i would see a trailer and i see him as a human all tall and with some pretty good abs. but it turned out that he doesn't have a secret identity at all, he was just Thor in human form. and I actually liked it a lot. He was enjoyable, he was a bad-a, all around I liked Thor.
Natalie Portman/Jane Foster: the nice thing about watching portman in this film was the timing concerning that I didn't think much of her, and then came Black Swan and now I totally like her as an actress. And again, her character is different from the comic because in the comic, she's a nurse not a scientist. she's mainly Blake's assistant. But just like Thor, I got over all that and still really enjoyed the character.
Tom Hiddleston/Loki: The thing about Loki for me, and i really wish I thought about this again when i watched the film, is that he was being a good guy when I first acknowledged him in the Marvel universe. You see I got a couple of Spider-man comics this one Christmas a couple of years ago and one of them was him and Loki working together to defeat this evil sorceress named Morwen. Later in the years i get more into Marvel aside from Spider-Man and learn how he's actually a villain, the 8th best comic book villain according to this one list, and from there with Marvel events such as Dark Reign and especially Siege which involves Loki tricking Norman Osborn (the Green Goblin who was currently in control of S.H.I.E.L.D. more or less and had his own Dark Avengers) to attack Asgard which eventually lead to his death. So I find it messed up over how i've been familiar with this particular character before this film and so i really wish I remember all that when I did see this all things considered. In this film...my thoughts were mixed about him. They portrayed him fine as far as who he really is, but i felt they could've made it bigger. show him the crazy trickster he really is. but at the same time I know that, that would've been a little much. But they still showed just fine how by some some simple choices of words, he could just cause a little chaos. Plus he does use some magic to do some trickery too and there's nothing wrong with that.
Anthony Hopkins/Odin:pff. he was fine. He did an excellent job being Odin. nuff said.
Idris Elba/Heimdall: He did not get as much screen time as some people would've liked him to have but the time there was counted well. And I know that friend of mine who follows the northern gods who has Heimdall as one of his favorite gods, will love the last few parts of him.
Jaimie Alexander, Ray Stevenson, Joshua Dallas and Tadanobu Asano/ Sif, Volstagg, Fandral, and Hogan:these guys were very enjoyable. well...not really Hogan as much as the others but still. Fandral was this swashbuckler and I kept thinking Cary Elwes every time I saw him. (Yeah I know. it's a little weird.) Sif was a pretty good bad-a herself and Volstagg sure had his funny moments.

Effects: I thought they ever really good. I especially liked what they came up with for rainbow road.

Action: It was awesome. very entertaining. I especially liked actually seeing Thor and Loki fight. I haven't really seen that up still not. not even from the comics.

Editing: I think it was pretty good. the camera angles were fine and you could always tell what was going on during the battle scenes.

Music: It was good. I mean I didn't really pay attention to it a lot but I enjoyed if whenever I did.

And that's my review for Thor. It's a good movie and altogether as movies based off of comics this year between DC and Marvel, This is definitely score one for Marvel.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)

My Rating: 70%

well guys, here i am with reviewing all the disney animated films and now i'm going for one that's... just okay for me. now when i was in kindergarten i simply loved this movie. just straight off the bat. i could hardly understand a thing that was going on aside from knowing how were the good guys and bad guys were, what all their objectives are in a way that's not accurate but at the same time I have the general idea, and what happens in the moment i found just 110% hilarious. now that i'm older, i really only watch it because it was a movie from my childhood and that it's an alright movie all around. and there are something i admit i realized from the video review to this film from our buddy Lord Naseby. but while i am admitting stuff from his review, there are a couple of things that I disagreed with him on. so without further ado, this is my review for Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Plot:the film takes place in late 15th century France. Judge Frollo is on a hunt against gypsies and one night when he captured a few, he killed a gypsy woman thinking she was hiding stolen goods but turns out to be a disfigured baby. thinking it's a demon, he plans to drown it but is stopped by the archdeacon to points out what he has done and tell him to care and raise the child. 20 years later, the child, who is not named Quasimodo, is the bell ringer of Notre Dame still being taken care of my Frollo who forbids him from leaving the cathedral. but he decides to do so anyway during a festival called the Feast of Fools where he meets this gipsy named Esmeralda. things get particularly dark when Frollo begins to lust for her and goes on this mad hunt to capture her and make her choose between him or being killed.

Okay. it's completely true. This is a messed up film in terms of how it's dark even for a Disney film. i mean you have genocide, corruption, religion and all that which makes it messed up that this film was G rated. there isn't a single argument there. However, I think this film is...in a way...a good example of Disney being for both kids and adults. cause on one hand you have this dark film with quite the setting and all that for mostly the adults or much older children to enjoy, then you have cartoon characters and people getting hurt that results in some guy's eyes popping out in a cartoon that, while is generally just the comic relief especially for the adults and older kids, are things some kids will just laugh on the floor over, and then you have stuff Disney has for everybody like wonderful music and lovable characters.

Quasimodo: I generally liked Quasimodo as a kid...and i sort of still do. i mean it's pointed out just fine how his life has been mislead because he was raised by a very corrupted judge who while was evil, actually had some very good motives when it came to raising him when it came to how people would view him over how he looks. and Lord Naseby point this out well that the villagers were pretty much making a lot of mood swings. However, I still liked him because i cared for him. he has this dream, people did make fun of him, and in the end, he becomes the hero of the film and everyone likes him. I like that. and sure the people were having a lot of mood swings, but I feel like they put everything went fine in a way were they decided not to judge people by their looks and how he did save then from a seriously messed up judge. and hey, in the sequel, the whole matter about his looks become a permanent thing in the past. i mean he imagines himself handsome at one point but that's pretty much it.
Frollo: I remember Naseby having fun pointing out how Frollo was very corrupted. He all thought he was a good Christian (yeah if that's a good Christian, then my life has taken all the wrong turns in life.) while he actually followed a lot of the seven deadly sins. Lust, sloth, anger, stuff like that. and i really liked how it really got into his head. especially when he had an epiphany thus the song, Hellfire which is one of the best villain songs known to man. and in a way his obsession consumes him with it being about religion with how he beings to try to kill Esmeralda while making up some quote that sounded bibical (I don't know. some people say that it was a bible verse but it didn't sound too much like it did and I don't think i've seen any verse like that while i've been reading my bible.) and then in a big turn i makes it turn out-or at least can be viewed this way-that The Lord tells him that his ways were wrong. because (AND DON'T READ THIS IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS MOVIE AND DON'T WANT ANYTHING SPOILED) what happens when he dies is that he was standing on a statue of some demon or something like that but then it starts to come off he loses his balance and hold on to the statue facing the head and then the head seams to come to life and so he panics and then the statue fully comes off and so he falls to his death into the liquid lead below. If that happened in real life, i for one based on my Christian beliefs would've viewed it more or less as The Lord actually telling him in a way very similar to the Old Testament whenever he judged Israel or a whole lot of other nations from the Canaanites to the Babylonians, "No, you were wrong all along, I tried to tell you numerous times and was very patient with you, but you hardened your heart and went your own way and you have made yourself incapable of changing. so as much as I don't want to do this, I hereby sentence you to your fate." I liked that.
Esmeralda:I liked her. Frankly it was mostly because of her caring for Quasimodo but i liked her all around. and i find it surprising that she actually treated him horribly in the book.
Phoebus: This is actually a better example over how the book differs from this film. Phoebus is a very friendly and lovable guy and he's pretty heroic and all that. but from the book, which i found out before watching Naseby's review, he's actually more the villain or at least one of the villains. As for the view that Kevin Kline being the voice of him...i don't really have a good comment about it. I grew up only knowing this kind of Pheobus and i feel like it's fine where it is so my opinion is not really qualified to really agree or disagree about it.

Music: again, "Hellfire" is one of the best villain songs known to man. and like everyone else, i especially love the red-hooded figures halfway through it. you can't see any faces or anything like that. that would be really cool yet creepy to try to see in real life. personally, i actually like "out there" i thought it was a nice song. I do admit after seeing Naseby's review that with the last part especially, Quasimodo cracked pretty badly. but i still find it nice aside from that. "God help the Outcasts" and "Topsy Turvy" where also nice.

Comedy: when i was a kid, there were a couple of films I liked just over some things that were not in the movies very long. With Dumbo there was Casey Jr, with Attack of the Clones it was all of the action in the very end, and with Hunchback of Notre Dame, it was the comedy for the kids. Now the comedy doesn't stop people from thinking the film should at least be PG rated. But from my experience from my own childhood, I think it was entertaining enough for kids to love that might've been one of the way or ways they found it logical to make this movie G. I mean there was stuff like when Victor put a bucket on Hugo's head, Hugo made this noise that my siblings in I (or just me) would just laugh at. but then there were things more like the looney toons or cartoons like that were Victor nervously drops a brick on a guard's head and the guard i all eyes pop out and all that and Victor's like "sorry, sorry" (yes i know. i real life that would kill you) or when Pheobus punched another in the face he would have his eyes popped out and have some of his teeth come out in a cartoony way while he falls down unconscious, Laverne does that Wizard of Oz spoof with all those birds she hates and i remember i personally liked where some guards tried to climb up by rope, but then Quasimodo grabs the rope and pulls it to that the guards who are holding on the to robe run into the rail and fall into the river unconscious (which can also kill you) and ass they feel, Goofy's classic scream is played. i just loved that to death. I mean the film needed to be PG at the least, but I feel like it did well this way to make it for kids as well as adults.

so that is my review for Hunchback of Notre Dame. it's no Beauty and the Beast, or anything like that, but to me it is a good movie regardless for all to enjoy Disney style.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Jungle Book (1967)

My Rating: 90%

Well as far as writing my reviews of all 50 of Disney's animated films, i'm an now reaching my 10th one. and what better film for that then one of the most timeless films there is; The Jungle Book.

Plot: Mowgli is a boy who was raised in the jungle by wolves. then one day, the wolves became concerned for the boy's safety when it came to the man-loathing tiger, Shere Kahn. So much to Mowgli's resistance, his friend Bagheera the black panther has agreed to take him to the nearest man-village were he will be safe. but on the way, Mowgli experiences all sorts of adventures in the jungle particularly with Baloo the bear.

what is there to specifically say? it's fun, it's lovable, again, it's timeless. filled with so many characters to love, music that hardly ever leaves you, it's just one of the best animated films there is.

Mowgli: when you think about it, Mowgli is very stubborn. I mean normally you'd hate all characters that are painfully stubborn *coughs* Anakin Skywalker, but the swell thing is, they don't make it as annoying when he's stubborn.
Bagheera: He's particularly funny when things hardly go his way. I mean look what happens to him when things doesn't completely go as he hopes, his plans get topped right off the bat my Baloo, Baloo accidentally hits him in the head with a club, reality check, Bagheera is the smartest person in the entire film in exchange for things to go topsy turvy before a single thing goes his way. plus, again, he's the voice of reason in the film so he's a pretty good character all around.
Baloo: I. LOVE. BALOO!!! I mean part of the reason is that I did play as him in a musical to Jungle Book. but even then, he's the best nuff said. i mean you have "Bear Necessities" and his all fun attitude and...you just have to love him to death.
Shere Kahn: well he's plenty evil. I mean he definitely act like a Disney villain when it comes to being cunning and somewhat charming while being this total blood thirsty animal. nuff said.
Colonel Hathi: very silly and very funny character.

Music: like I said, the music to this film hardly ever leaves you. i mean "Colonel Haiti's March" was a fun song for me when i was little, "Bear Necessities" goes without saying, and there have been plenty of time where i would listen to "be like you" again and again and again.

and that is my review for The Jungle Book.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Robin Hood (1973)

My Rating: 90%

okay i'll admit that i'm a little soft on this film because I love Robin Hood in general especially when i was Robin Hood in the musical to it. But even then I had a liking for this film even after I was no longer a child.

Plot: King Richard has gone off to fight in the crusades and his brother, Prince John has been taxing the people of England to the point were people are starving to death. so it is up to Robin Hood along with his friends Little John, Friar Tuck and Skippy to, like any other Robin Hood adaption, "rob from the rich to give it to the poor."

Honestly this should be viewed as one of the best adaptions ever made. I mean it does go a little off with adding stuff that we are familiar with from Disney like animal characters or a snake that hypnotizes and some stuff added along with it like having character such as Skippy and his friends. But that's also a good thing because A)as far as a Disney version of the film goes, animal character work a little better B)it make the film fun for everyone (duh) C) altogether, this another Disney film were, like Jungle Book, Snow White, Cinderella, and especially Mickey's Christmas Carol, Disney Makes a film that while it may not be totally loyal to the book, legend, fairy tale or whatever (such as this film where there are no merry men outside of Little John and Friar Tuck and Alan a Dale), it gives you a simple, fun, and classic, hour-and-a-half film that tell you the general story.

Robin Hood: Honestly, there's nothing to particularly say about Robin Hood outside of the fact that he was...well Robin Hood. He was clever, sneaky, adventurous, major bad-a when it comes to archery and very in love with Main Marian. there's hardly any other way they could have made the character.
Little John: Well the messed up thing about Little John is that while it may not get me as much, some people will think of Baloo in Jungle Book when they think of this character because he is bear and on top of it, he was also voiced by Phil Harris who is the same guy that voiced as Baloo. But hey, he was a pretty fun character too.
Maid Marian: well the same thing about Robin Hood is said for Maid Marian. they made her the same thing generally speaking as far as her all around part in the legend.
Lady Kluck: Kluck was a fun character. she was especially fun during the end of the archery tournament.
The Sheriff of Nottingham: Now a lot of versions of Robin Hood have the Sheriff as the real arch enemy of Robin Hood in terms of fighting him. This is not the case all around in this film but at least they had their moments like when it was just them in the archery tournament and when the sheriff tried to kill him with his torch.
Prince John and Sir Hiss: Prince John in another good example of how this film gives you the general story. I mean they do actually exaggerate with him being childish and a wimp, but that's a good thing to me in term of how they make him very funny for all to enjoy from him running away the moment Robin Hood disarms him to is ever lovable moments of sucking his thumb. Sir Hiss...well...he's pretty much Kaa except he doesn't have as much funny moments as Kaa (but he's still funny) and he's heaven known how much smaller than Kaa. but hey, still a good character.

Music: Plenty of music to remember and love. I mean I still get that whistling song from the beginning stuck in my head. and "Love" was a nice little love song. Plus "Oo De Lally" does get to you in terms of getting the phrase stuck in your head pretty good.

And that is my review for Disney's Robin Hood.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Goofy Movie (1995)

My Rating: 70%

This may not be something you guys would particularly like now that most of us are grown up. But when when I was a kid, this was one of those film that i just watched several times because it was one of my favorite Disney films.

Plot: Goofy's son Max is trying to win the heart of his High-school crush Roxanne. By making a concert were he performs his favorite artist, Powerline on the last day of school, he finally gets the chance to ask her out to a party where a Powerline concert is held and ended up pretty popular in the process. However, Goofy, who is unaware of the events, plans a vacation that occurs during the party in a attempt to try to spend more time with Max.

I'll admit that it's nothing too special. Or at least that it's not a film for everyone to enjoy. But it's a nice film regardless with some nice comedy, some familiar lovable characters, and some darn good music.

Goofy: I can't really say too much about Goofy. I'm not completely familiar with all the stuff he did in the old days, and while i've seen a few episodes of Goof Troop, I don't remember much of it since it was a very long time ago. But it was still nice to see him in this film as the ever lovable Disney character despite a few things like how he seemed a little selfish in amidst of what what was happening in the film.
Max: I kinda liked Max. I mean i disagree with his rebellious way but i like his character in terms of his part of the story, especially with particular goals. In fact, I'm enraged that as far as what is the latest with his dating life, Roxanne is apparently a thing in the past. only seen in this film and during one date with Max in a House of Mouse episode (that was a fun one for me)
Pete: Well he's not doing any major bad guy things, but he is shown to have his way to be a little mean.
PJ:He was a little fun.

Music: you can say all you like about the movie, but the music is definitely the best part of the film. It has a whole bunch of fun songs. "After Today", "On the Open Road" and let's not forget Tevin Campbell's songs "Stand Out" and "I2I". I mean a couple of months ago, some friends and I had a moment were just sang along to a lot of those songs mentioned that were downloaded to my cell phone. and we're in COLLEGE!!!!

and that is my review for A Goofy Movie. It may be only memorable for those who grew up with it like me, but darn it, that the way it is. and even then, you should at least remember it well for its very good music.

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977)

My Rating 90%

A long time ago, after history was made by the first two Godfathers...

There was the first Star Wars, and for its time it was fricking awesome. lightsabers, death star, stormtroopers darth vader, the whole shebang.

Plot: The rebel alliance steals the plans to the death star, a battle station powerful enough to destroy an entire planet. in attempt to get them back, the evil Darth Vader captures Princess Leia who hides the plans in one of her two droids, R2-D2 who escapes capture with his droid companion C-3PO. they come across the ownership of Luke Skywalker and eventually Obi-Wan Kenobi. Assigning Luke to choose whether or not to face his destiny to become a Jedi like his father and aid him to fight the Empire, Obi-Wan takes Luke and the droids to help the Princess with the help of Han Solo and Chewbacca.

This film has changes things for better or worse when it comes to movies. and it was a great way to start telling the stories of the Star Wars from both the both and all the expanded universe stuff that came afterwords such from books to comics and video games etc.

Mark Hamill/Luke Skywalker: what is there to say? there could not have been a better guy to play Luke Skywalker. but like the rest of the original cast, he still had a long way to go when they finished this film.
Alec Guinness/Obi-Wan Kenobi: well as sad as it is that this great actor is gone now, Requiescast in Pace, (Rest in Peace in Italian) it may have been a slightly good thing for all we know that he didn't live to see much of the prequel trilogy. i mean that was a bad trilogy yes, but i do wonder about what what his thoughts would be about what Obi-Wan in general was made to be during the Clone Wars. Not that Ewan McGregor was completely bad throughout the prequel trilogy, but it gets you to wonder how much the character probably changed between III and IV that made his this very wise mentor up to the very end that earned Guinness the Oscar nomination as Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Harrison Ford/Hans Solo: one of the best characters in the trilogy, and he did a great way of starting quite a career to come over the years even outside of Star Wars and Indiana Jones. nuff said.
Carrie Fischer/ Leia Organa: not sure what to say about her than what has been generally said about everything else so there.

Effects:I know they are not much now, but they sure hit the spot considering their time. other than that, it's a darn good thing considering how much it gets better throught the saga especially with the Lightsaber fights.

Music: What the frick do i need to say? It was done by John Williams, most of the music is stuff that practically anybody who is anybody knows, and it's not going away anytime soon.

So that is my review for Star Wars: Episode IV-A New Hope