Monday, April 11, 2011

Hercules (1997)

My Rating 70%

Hercules. one of the last movies of the Disney Renaissance. yet while it is among the best of the best is really just a decent film to me.

Plot: The evil Greek god, Hades who is the Lord of the Underworld plans to take over by freeing the Titans from imprisonment by his brother Zeus and use them to dethrone him as ruler of the Greek gods. but when The Fates inform his that his plan will fail if Zeus' newborn son Hercules lives to fight against him, he sends his minions Pain and Panic to kidnap the child and make him drink a potion to make him mortal so he can kill him. But the plan is thwarted by a farmer and his wife and because the child did not drink the last drop of the portion, he still gained his super strength. Years later Hercules grows up unable to fit in because of his strength and so he goes to the temple of Zeus to find where he belongs and Zeus appears and tell him his past. Zeus tells him that i he can show himself a true hero on earth his god-self will be restores so he can go back to his family. So Zeus sends him to Philoctetes to learn how to become a hero as Hades' plan is starting to come in motion.

This is another one of those movies were it's not the best film you've ever seen, but it still has the charm and excitement to show that it's still Disney that makes it a good film. The only main things about it is how, like The Hunchback of Notre Dame, it's being historically accurate, more so even.

Hercules: Hercules was a nice decent character, in a way I dislike how you can tell he is very naive and innocent. But I still like him in terms of how he's so determined to find his destiny as a reason of going as far as trying to become a true hero.
Meg: eh, she's pretty-looking for one thing, but in a way her character is mixed in terms of how voice-wise she sounds like some Gothic girl. but at the same time it works as afar as he being this girl who has seen the world plenty as what i really is.
Phil:Danny Devito as a Satyr. simple as that.
Hades: He's a very dark but fun character. I like how he expresses his anger by just lighting up in flames if not getting angry enough to turn a forest into a pile of burnt stems in seconds. and he's fun at the same time with the talent of the voice actor, James Woods. In a way this can a be a prequel for Family guy fans for when they get going to see the fictional character, James Woods based on the actual actor.
Pegasus: Frank Welker does it again voicing as a greek, flying horse. Just giving up the usual.

Music: they weren't the best but they were good. I particularly like "won't say i'm in love" and especially "Go the Distance" as far as the actual idea to that.

and that is my review for Hercules.


  1. I wouldn't think Hercules as decent, I think it's more of a bad Disney movie but I do like James Woods hilarious portrayal of Hades and the song "I Won't Say I'm in Love".

  2. Sorry, but I agree with H.A.K. that this is a decent film. I'd say Home On The Range would fall along the lines of being a bad Disney movie. But that's me. Anyway, great review H.A.K.