Friday, April 15, 2011

Scream 3 (2000)

My Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 50%

Well on the upside, it's not as terrible as i thought it was going to be.

Plot: Sidney is not living a private life from the public eye and her friends with a new name. Dewey and Gale start off in this film not together (again), and first thing you know from all that is that another Ghostface is in town and has just killed Cotton Weary along with his girlfriend. As people become aware of that, Ghostface starts to kill of actors who star in the third Stab movie.

the first forty minutes of this film I had two basic words for the film; Batman Forever. Because like Batman Beyond, not only is the movie pretty much bad (thought it has more heart than Batman Forever thank heaven), but it mostly focuses on a sort of distant past which is a mostly boring part of the plot to this film until the climax. However, what saved the movie from being a total letdown to me was the climax. Once everything made sense, then the film got really interesting and more likable than it is at first.

Neve Campbell/Sidney Prescott: she was pretty stone face. I mean that's what she generally is anyway but she was more so than usual. But at least as the movie goes on, she proves herself just as clever and bad-a as ever.
David Arquette and Courtney Cox/Dewey Riley and Gale Weathers: They weren't all that great during a lot of this film. They were either in character or they were not. And they really didn't do much with the romance at all unlike the first two. They reveal what happened since the second film, then nothing really happens concerning their romance at all besides one kiss over Dewey saving Gale from Ghostface for a less than a minute thing, and then nothing happens until the very ends were suddenly they are in love again and taking things to the next level with their relationship. It was just messy all around.
Patrick Dempsey/Mark Kincaid: He played a decent character. he was slightly interesting and I was actually surprised he's not in the fourth movie. Ah well. Let's just hope that later this year he doesn't end up Razzie worthy during Transformers:Dark of the Moon...ah who am I kidding. everyone in that film's screwed. poor Shia. >:(

Screenplay: The sad part in this film is that no one is referencing horror movies at all in this film. I mean sure there is some referencing from that video the characters received from Randy that was made before he died (Poor guy. He was such an awesome character), but after that, the only comedy there was, was one or two cute lines. Because of that, as my brother put it, rather than being a horror movie that made fun of other horror movies, it just became a plain horror film.

Music: eh, it wasn't all that good. didn't really care for it.

Editing: it was just what it was suppose to be.

and that is my review for Scream 3.

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