Monday, April 11, 2011

Lady Jane (1986)

My Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 80%

Tell me; Have you ever imagined a love movie in general where the couple is a younger Helena Bonham Carter and Cary Elwes? Of coarse you haven't. It's something that no one has ever thought of considering how we are generally familiar with both actors nowadays. However, it turns out (much to my shock when i saw this film) that they did it. it was very early in both of their careers when they were telling the story of Lady Jane Grey.

Plot: Well thanks the Henry VIII's very idiotic and sinful life of trying to make an heir while going through six wives in the process, the kingdom is in turmoil now that he is finally dead and the new king, his son, King Edward VI, is likely to soon join his father due to a sickness that he has had through most of his life (if my historical memory serves right). As a way to keeping the Catholic Mary from the throne, John Dudley marries his son Guilford Dudley to Jane Grey and from there, arranges things for the King so that Jane is next in line for the throne before the King's death. Guilford and Jane do not start off well at first but later they fall passionately in love as their lives change even more when Edward VI dies and Jane become queen.

now this is another one of those film where a lot of it is not really based on fact. it tells the general story about Lady Jane in her part in history but it adds a lot fo things in the process. The main example is that Guilford and Jane were not in love at all. In fact, they lived in separate houses and Jane place Guildford as a duke when she became queen. but that's what makes it a nice film. educational yet puts some things different from the actual story. I just find it an entertaining film.

Helena Bonham Carter/Lady Jane Grey: it just comes to show that Carter has done plenty of different performances before she grew up to become the woman we know and love her to be as all these characters in Burton's movies and became ol' Bellatrix Lestrange. And that King's Speech is not the first time she played a queen of England. She played a rather fun character as Lady Jane and i actually thought the romance between her character and Elwes' was both romantic and fun.
Cary Elwes:I haven't seen him in a lot of movies outside of this film, Princess Bride, Robin Hood: Men in Tights and Ella Enchanted. But anyways, i thought he did a good job as usual from what i know.
the rest of the cast were good. and it was nice to see Patrick Stewart.

Music: just what it suppose to be. nothing else.

Editing: it was fine. nothing special.

and that is my review for Lady Jane.

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