Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Unstoppable (2010)

My Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 90%

Plot: this movie was inspired by an actual event in Ohio back in 2001 called the CSX 8888 incident. Similar to the actual incident, an engineer got out of the train that was moving very slowly at the time believing that the had the controls arranged so he could get out and get on again while he was trying to throw a switch. some of the controls were not the way it was suppose to be so after he threw the switch he was not able to get back on. So they pretty much had an unmanned train or a "coaster" as they call it in the film that was starting to pick up speed and was carrying some molten phenol that would cause a catastrophe if the train was derailed in a populated area. there are many attempts to stop the train from trying to shoot a fuel cut-off switch to derailing it, to no avail. then it ends up to be up to two employees to stop it.

Now altogether, the plot is interesting. and in a way it's a good thing that they exaggerated and made things a little more suspenseful than how the actual event happened. i mean in the actual event, stopping it want a little more simply and there was no serious injuries or anything like that. but they hav eit slightly mixed at point son how they made things either fairly or extremely suspenseful. and i've had a share of both.

Acting:Now i know normally i'd list off the things to say for at least 2-4 of the main cast in a movie, but i can't really find much to say. there was nothing wonderful or terrible about the acting everyone just...did their job. only thing to say aside from that is that it's nice to see Chris Pine and Kevin Dunn outside of Star Trek and Transformers respectively.

Screenplay/Editing: now i put these together because i have the same thing to say about both of them; generally speaking, they did fine with both. but there were point in both were they could've been a little more descriptive. such as for screenplay i personally felt there should've been a little something added about the field trip of kids that was left out. i mean it makes plenty of sense but still. as for editing, my two examples are the fact that 1)they relied on Denzel Washington's character's dialogue on explaining that he believes that he and Pine can stop the train because he saw that the last car of the runaway train has an open coupler rather than using-while not extremely close shots for both- some sort of decently close shots of both washington and that coupler in order to try to give the audience that idea visually, not just through dialogue. and 2)they didn't show pine and washington unhook their train from its engine and so they could go after the train which left most of my family and i for one confused at first when we saw the film.

so that i basically my review for Unstoppable. it was a nice movie but it had it's little bit of downs here and there.

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