Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010)

My Rating: 20%

This is just one of those ridiculous movies that you really know i going to be bad when you see a trailer.

Plot:the great Sorcere Merlin had three apprentices in the 700's. two of them, Veronica and Balthazar fall in love while the third one, Maxim become evil and kills Merlin with an evil sorceress named Morgana. Morgana tries to kill Balthazar afterwords but then Veronica absorbs Morgana's soul in her body. Morgana tries to kill her from within but Balthazar imprisons her in a Grimhold which is magic cell shaped like a nesting doll, as well as Maxim. Then it's 2000 and a 10 year old boy named Dave come into a shop that Balthazar owns and Balthazar sees him as his possible successor. Dave accidentally opens the first layer of the Grimhold which releases Maxim. Maxin and Balthazar battle which leads them to accidentally being imprisoned in a magic Chinese urn. 10 years later, they both escape and as Maxin tries to work his way to free Morgana, Balthazar works his way to train the now 20 year old Dave.

The best part of the film is that it's not taking itself seriously. and that's what makes it slightly entertaining. but even then we are still stuck with a lot of cliche things that happen in the film.

Nicolas Cage/Balthazar: Why Nic? Why? you were so great in Kick-Ass and now you're doing this crap again? I mean granted, Cages' character is a little cute. but there are a lot of way when he doesn't really act like he's into what is happening in the film, primarily when there's some special effect thing happening to his character like that quicksand thing.
Jay Baruchel/Dave Stutler: very cliche character. tries to be funny and he isn't. altogether, i do not like what he seems to be up to since tropic thunder.
Alfred Molina/Maxim: he had his decent part like everyone else. nothing much after that.

Screenplay: it's cheesy but they have some pretty cut lines.

Music: nothing special.

Effects: not that great.

Editing: same thing.

and that's my review for The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

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