Friday, April 8, 2011

Hulk (2003)

My Rotten Tomatoes rating: 20%

This was not much of a movie at all.

Plot: David Banner is a genetic scientist tries to improve human DNA by experimenting on himself. But when his wife has their son Bruce, he finds out that he passed on mutant DNA to is son as tries to cure him. General Thunderbolt finds out about his experiments and shuts down David's Research, as a result, he accidentally kills his wife and destroys the gamma reactor of the facilities. years later, his son Bruce, has become as researcher himself after graduating College, and his father returns when an experiment goes wrong that eventually starts turning into HULK!

now here's the things about this movie, which it does okay in terms of telling the origin of Hulk, I found it to be very boring. Bruce turning into the Hulk is where it gets cool in anyway. but even then A) that happens at the rarest of times which makes the rest of the film about either preparing for it or otherwise just containing a lot of dialogue or otehr things that no one is going to care about, and B) altogether, the film is contained with some things that happens that are either confusing or just do not make a whole lot of sense.

Acting:Pretty much bland is what i generally say.

Effects: it did what is was suppose to but it still wasn't that much of a 'WOW'

Editing:the trouble witht eh editing is how some of the film is told through comic book-like transitions. in a way it was interesting and it worked in one or two points but other than that, it was stupid and uninteresting.

and that is pretty much my review for Hulk.

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