Friday, April 8, 2011

Iron Man (2008)

My Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 90%

Iron Man is one of the best superhero movies i have ever seen.

Plot: Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark is head of the large military contracting company, Stark Industries. He has become a very famous billionaire and also a Playboy for his genius mind for creating weapons. Then Tory gets captured in the Middle East after he makes a demonstration to his latest weapon, the "Jericho". His captors force him to create the Jericho for them with the help of another captive named Yinsen. However Tony and Yinsen plan on escaping by making an Iron suit. Tony escapes but Yinsen is killed in the process. After he comes home, Tony decided to make another iron suit and use it to fight forces of evil.

This is a very fun film. i mean if anything makes it entertaining, it is how Iron-Man become a major Bad-A throughout the film. But it is also good as far as the story of Iron Man's secret identity. And personally what often gets me when I see the film is how it seems to give me the feeling to go make something big, like maybe write some stories i've been thinking about making. Because throughout just the first half of the film I for one at least, get the excited feeling of doing that considering how Tony, in making both Iron Man suits Mark I and II, has an idea plugged right in his mind both times and during the creation of both suits, he just takes that idea and carries it out and even expands it at times. which makes it even more exciting to me when that idea gets carries out almost flawlessly, primarily when he fought in that Middle Eastern village. The only problem i have is how his final battle with the Iron Monger was a little quick. but even then the movie was great.

Robert Downey Jr./Tony Stark-Iron Man: Downey did an excellent job with this film. He made Tony Stark especially, a very fun character. he did a flawless job.
Gweneth Paltrow/Virginia "Pepper" Potts: now when I first saw this movie, the only time is saw Paltrow before was in her brief role in Hook. But now we have her as Pepper and I really liked her character.
Jeff Bridges/Obadiah Stane-Iron Monger: Bridges did a good job with his character. while Obadiah Stane's story with Stark Industries and Iron Man is different in the comics, this one was better and it worked for the particular story for this film.
Terrance Howard/Lt. Rhodes:I liked Howard as Rhodes. He was more fun and more into the character and appearance wise, he was a good choice in being similar to the character in the Comics. I know there were a lot of good reasons why the did not come back for the second one, but to me fact is fact, Howard could not really be replaced.

Effects:uh, try Awesome. made all of Iron Man just fun to watch all the way.

Editing: i think it was pretty good. the made the right cuts and so on to tell this story.

Music:Very good. I think the Music was one of the main keys that made Iron Man fun and exciting through and through.

So that is my review for Iron Man.

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