Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)

My Rating: 70%

Man...10 months I worked by way researching about Transformers outside of Bay's movies, hoping to find something bigger than Revenge of the Fallen...

let's review on that, last year, I started reading the comics, and from there became interested to know what Transformers is outside of the movies. what is a waste of time...probably, but it made things better in terms of understanding that franchise. I did the following things:

Tv Series
All of the original series,
all of Transformers:Energon,
a few episodes of Transformers:Armada
All of Transformers: Beast Machines
All of Transformers: Animated

saw the animated film.

and several comics.

Just today, I finally saw the third film...it was satisfying all around, but good golly did they have ways to make it just about twice as bad as it was good.

Plot: it's been a few more years or so since the death of The Fallen and the destruction of the harvester. Sam has graduated from college and Mikaela has broken up with him. But he is currently Living with his new girlfriend Carley and is looking for a job. Meanwhile, after encountering the Decepticon Shockwave and his pet Driller, the Autobots find out that an autobot ship which was lost for ages is on the moon with their old commander, Sentinel Prime. They find Sentinel and resurrect him and he tells them that he has the key to save Cybertron. Sam finds out that bringing Sentinel is a trap and tries to warn the Autobots. But before long, Sentinel kills Ironhide and reveals that he is a Decepticon and he plans to make a space bridge on earth to bring Cybertron into Earth atmosphere in order to try to save it and the Transformers race.

What truly kills this film is the first...hour or so of the film. because there you're throwing in Ken Jeong, and John Malkovich. that was painful...slightly funny...but painful. The only things i particularly liked about the beginning was how the Decepticons started out...especially with Laserbeak and Soundwave. Actually all around, there were a lot of things that were like a normal transformers episode from the original series when it came to most of the scene in the beginning where there were Transformers. The film got a little better once the action started but it still took a while before it was really worth it. I loved the ending I really hope there's no movie after this one because if not, than I'll will be all the more content with that kind of ending.


Shia LeBeouf/Sam Witwicky: I really did not care for how he was in the beginning. he was having this temper and making a big deal about his girlfriend and her boss...it was just painful. But lucky he got better by being back to his normal self concerning his part in helping the fight against the Decepticons. Which isn't awesome but it's better than he was at the beginning. All around, LeBaouf, I like you, i've enjoyed seeing you since Holes...but i really hope things change for the better for you with your Transformer days finally over for you.
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley/Carley Spencer: I actually liked her. I thought she was better than Mikaela. Most of what I liked about her aside from things like not letting Wheelie hump her leg, was that she wasn't that much of a sex symbol. I mean she was a little bit in the beginning, but generally, you hardly saw a cleft around her chest area at all. it was all face to me. And I liked what she did in the ending. It showed that she wasn't just standing there being the hotty of the battle field.
Patrick Dempsey/Dylan Gould: I really did not like his character. I mean I liked how he started in the beginning when he showed his true colors with Laserbeak and Soundwave, but that was it.
Jen Keong and John Malkovich/Jerry Wang and Bruce: they may have given us a few laughs, but there are scars...for also bringing us painful things to watch.
John Turturro/Simmons: well...he wasn't good, but he wasn't being as weird as he was in the first two.
Kevin Dunn and Julie White/Ron and Judy Witwicky: the best thing about them is that they're there for three scenes and that's it. It would've been better if they weren't there at all but for what we have, this is good.

Ironhide: He was awesome to the end.
Wheelie and Brains: Just as painful except there was a better ending with them.
Q:Q was a waste and they should never have made him all Einstein-like and he wasn't even there for that long.
Bumblebee: I was okay with Bumblebee's part. It was good.
Optimus Prime: Action wise, I enjoyed Optimus. I especially liked how his carrier thing that he carries (I don't know what you call it.) had a purpose. Cause that thing almost never has a purpose when it comes to Optimus. The thing that really got me was the fact that he had the Matrix of Leadership...how did he get it? wasn't it destroyed when he destroyed the harvester? I mean I'm fine with it still existing and all that but still. that aside, all around I was alright with his part as staying a simple b-a.

and for honorable mentions, once again, there were characters like Rachet, Sideways and Mirage that were hardly there at all.

Laserbeak and Soundwave: To me, they were the highlight of the beginning of the film. I mean Soundwave is my favorite Decepticon and i loved how he was doing his normal role in the Decepticon army, especially with Laserbeak by his side. Laserbeak may have been a little silly with his flying inside that building but he still did good up to the very end.
Shockwave: How could they do that to Shockwave? He started out as a possible main villain and he really only said one line. "OPTIMUS!!!!" and he was only there for three scenes. Shockwave in my opinion is the most underused, excellent characters in the whole Transformer universe, and I thought for sure that there would be so much of him in this film. and what happened? he's there for three scenes...THAT HOW MANY THE PARENTS WERE IN!!! from there is were I really say Frick you Bay.
Starscream and Megatron: they really ended up as just the background characters. I mean they kinda were in the second film but this made it worse. But there were some pretty good endings concerning both of them. But what was stupid with Starscream was all that spitting. what the heck.
Sentinel Prime: I was shocked when he betrayed the Autobots. I mean many people seemed to have saw it coming but since I have led to think like they do, I was shocked. I mean Sentinel being a bad guy was a bit of a punch in the face. Practically Mon Mothma joining the empire big. That made the film more interesting...but what gets be plot hole wise is the fact that when Optimus offered the Matrix to him, he gave it back...i mean maybe he's not too much of a Decepticon, but still, it would make more sense to take it.

Music: eh, not the best choice. I especially didn't care for the song they chose for when the Decepticons attacked Chicago.

Effects: much better.

Sound effects: well there's no mixing the original sound effects for Transformers actually transforming..right until the very end. so almost there on not doing that. and there was one sound effect that sounded like metal hitting metal when Sentinel's ship was hit by a cannon at one point when it was chased at the beginning. plus there's the part where the sound made it seem like Bubleebee was going to blow up Gould, but instead they used a machine gun which just trashed his place...really? all around it was good but those parts were just a total fail.

Action: like the film...eh. I wanted it to be much bigger. that when I saw the trailers, I was expecting Pelennor Fields with robots. And while the action was still good, I didn't get that big of a battle. so...eh.

Editing: Well what makes it really good is that you got to understand things better. better shots and less as quick. But i hated the middle. because then there's those sudden black-outs and instantly it's night time and Decepticon ships and raising hell against Chicago. that ruined that part for me.

Screenplay: well some the jokes were okay. I liked it when Epps said "how come the Decepticons always get the good stuff?" not only was that funny, it was a pretty good point. plus I really loved that Sam didn't tell Carly that he's follow her to the end of time. because after they had a fight, sam's parents told him were his dad said that in order to make up with his mom. I had a feeling that because of that, he would say the same thing as part of the happy ending for the couple. But it ended with them just saying that they love each other. I mean yes, he did at least say i'd find you anywhere, but at least it wasn't the whole 10 yards to what his dad said to his mom. I mean that's not the most romantic thing, but compared to what i thought was going to happen, I was pretty good with that. I thought it was stupid that Optimus' narrating in the beginning was saying almost the exact same thing he said in the first film.

Star Trek References: there was a whole bunch of them. I mean there was Nimoy being the voice of Sentinel. but the there was Brains and Wheelie was watching an episode of the original series. then Sentinel did say "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few." then when Bumblebee said goodbye, he use part of it with another part of Star Trek when Spock said "I will always be your friend." And I don't think this is really a reference, but I for one argue that the whole separation between anything yellow or red things where Sam works could be a reference to the shirts in Star Trek. I mean they were being all patriotic in being in the Yellow level and made a thing over anything being RED.

Final verdict about The Transformers: Well seeing this film completes my research in terms of knowing about this franchise. And my verdict is that Transformers is a nice franchise with a very creative concept and some lovable characters. The main problem with it is that it can be so much more to me. I mean it seems like they're a little bit more with some of the things Bay made the Transformers to be with their life and culture and how they are with action or just with transforming. Plus they really need to use other really good characters that have been very underused throughout the series such as the original Soundwave from the original series and the original Shockwave from the original comics. as far as being entertained all around, it's best to stick to the video games and the comics. because with the games you have just action, and with the comics, you have action too as long as you use your imagination, but also, the comics, even the ones based on the movies, have the best plot and the most character development. as far as my part in Transformers, I'll continue to read those comics and play the games at least, I may see a series or two as far as the future series goes, and when it comes to the films, I'll see them around from time to time and i might make a big video review of all movies including the animated one. who knows? But for now, I'm just going to be content with most of the result of what came out of those 10 months, by watching this film.

And that is my review for Transformers:Dark of the Moon, it was not a good movie, but it was better than ROTF and all around decently satisfying.My personal favorite out of all the movies.

Monday, September 19, 2011

M (1931)

My Rating: 100%

This is another film that I finally saw at my Development of Film Expression class.

Plot: There is a mysterious child murderer in Berlin. A little girl named Elsie has been recently found to be the most recent victim when her mother realizes that she did not come home for dinner. This bring the attention to both the police and the criminals of the city to pursue the murderer. We mostly pay attention to the criminals because the whole matter with the murderer is affecting their business.

This is a kind of movie that i do want to see a number of times to make sure I get everything. But it's still and excellent film. Good cinematography, good lighting. and good film expression with using that song In the Hall of the Mountain King. and While the ending isn't what you'd want it to be, they do give you a very good message to follow.

Peter Lorre/Hans Beckert: brilliant performance. In a way you may not really know what is really happening to him. on one note, you see him look himself in the mirror working on some facial expression to give you the idea that the character might be an actor, but on the other hand, you really can help but wonder if the really is as insane as he truly bring himself to be.
Gustaf Gründgens/Der Schränker: I kinda liked how they showed that he was in power with some of the cinematography and how he generally lead the underworld to go find the murderer.

Music: again, they were playing In the Hall of the Mountain King which helped us with knowing if the murderer is near and to bring a little suspense.

Editing: it was very well done. I think my favorite shot was how even Beckert's lawyer wasn't going to be much help with the separation using that wall and how while his lawyer was appearing taller, Beckert was on his knees worried for his life.

And that is my review for M. It's an excellent film with very good editing and cinematography with a very mysterious character.

Taxi Driver (1976)

My Rating: 90%

Well everyone, here's another timeless classic that I've finally seen.

Plot: Travis Bickle is a lonely depressed former Marine who just got a job as a night time taxi driver. He has trouble sleeping, he usually hangs out at some porno theaters, and he is possibly a Vietnam veteran. He become romantically involved with a woman who is a campaign volunteer but fails to get to her, and he also tries to help a 12-year old prostitute to go back to her parents.

This was a well made film. the thing about it is that for me, I wasn't totally sure about how to take it right away. particularly with the actually character Travis. In a way he was a lot like how Betsy interpreted him earlier in the film with being "a walking contradiction." But personally, I feel a bit more like he's just...confused and misunderstood which is what altogether leads to his actions. I mean he did some villainous things, but to me he's more of an anti-hero than anything else. which is where I really liked the ending.

Robert De Niro/Travis Bickle: Like I said, to me he was more of an anti-hero. but either way we can all agree that he's a very good character and De Niro did an excellent job with his performance.
Peter Boyle/Wizard: So this is a little bit of the less comedic stuff old Boyle did before his lovable moments in While You Were Sleeping and Everybody Loves Raymond. (may the lord rest his soul) Well that's interesting. and a very good performance.
Jodie Foster/Iris: So that was Forster. Well done obviously and it sort of wants me to know a little more about her work as an actress considering that I technically was just introduced to her after finally seeing Silence of the Lambs.

Music: eh, wasn't a lot of music to there's not a lot to comment on.

Editing: very well done. I did like how they introduced him have that Mohawk because that left me off guard that they were going to introduce that. And I do wonder if there's suppose to be some sort of film expression concerning that statue shown in that long shot during the political rally. and if so, what.

So that's my review for Taxi Driver. It's a very good film with an interesting character and my heaven help us if they do actually make a sequel or remake of the film.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sunrise (1927)

My Rating: 100%

We just saw this film last Thursday during my Development of Film Expression class. And for me at the last, it did keep me on my seat.

Plot: A woman from the City goes to the country on a summer vacation and starts an affair with a man who is happily married to his Wife who knows about the affair along with everyone else in the village. The woman from the city tells the man to drown his wife and run away with her to the city. The Man is furious at first but then agrees. The next day he sets off across the lake with his wife debating on whether or not he should still carry out The Woman's plan.

This was a very well done film. The beginning and the end are the biggest parts in terms of drama and suspense while the rest of it is just fun. The cinematography is good as far as I know (I'm not that savvy at cinematography just yet...if ever) and it was just a good film all around. And the acting and the story was just very good.

George O'Brian/The Man:He did an excellent job. He did brilliant on how this character changes throughout this film and how he reacts to whatever situation he is currently in.
Margaret Livingston/The Woman: Well she was definitely a villain, and she acted like one. I liked the last scene with her and the Man at the end.
Janet Gaynor/The Wife: She did a very good job in showing how she was sweet an innocent. No wonder she won the first Oscar for Best actress for it along with two other films.

Music: It was very good. It definitely helped with what was going on the film as it should since this was a silent film.

Editing: It was very well done.

And that is my review for Sunrise:A Song Of Two Humans. I haven't seen a lot of silent films, but with what I've seen, I would agree that it's one of the best there is.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Treasure Planet (2002)

My Rating: 80%

I still remember how much i was really excited for this film before it came out. I was actually home-schooled at the time so my mom assigned us to all read Treasure Island together before we could see this movie. And boy did I have fun when we saw this film on thanksgiving.

Plot: an alienated teenager named Jim Hawkins constantly gets into trouble by the authorities while still trying to help his mother run her inn after his father left them. one night, a spaceship crashes near the inn and the dying pilot gives Jim a sphere and warns him about a cyborg before dying. Shortly afterword, some pirates attack and burn down the inn. Jim and his mother take shelter at their friend Dr. Doppler's house where Jim discovers that the sphere is a map to the legendary Treasure Planet and thus he and Doppler hire a ship and a crew in search of "the loot of a thousand worlds"

This is a very clever film. if anything, you have to at least love the film just because of their creativity with technology, creatures, worlds, and so on. That aside, the characters are fun, and the story is nice.

Jim Hawkins: I really liked Jim. The concept of being a trouble-maker after a parent dies or leaves may be old but even then you have to like his cleverness as a hero. If anything, I especially like his Solar Surfing...I WANT A SOLAR SURFER!!! Those things look so freaking cool, I really wish i could get one and do all those moves that Jim does throughout that film...so yeah i'm a little jealous there...but you still have to like him even if you...really...really want to solar surf and can only see him do it in this film.
John Silver: I loved Silver. If not for his personality, then definitely for his cyborg arm. I won't go on in blabbering about how it's super cool and all that like I just did about Jim's surfer, so well jut leave it at knowing that.
Dr. Doppler: he was fairly funny. I liked his relationship with the captain and it actually was just after recently seeing this film again how I noticed one of his lines was a Star Trek reference.
Scroop: They gave Scroop a really good menacing voice. And I enjoyed his fight with Jim.
Morph: Morph was awesome. some of his formations where cute, I liked how when Silver tells him to keep and eyes on Jim so he totally makes his eyes really big, and it was funny whenever we was repeating what someone just said something. One of my favorite forms is when he cries and turn into a puddle. that was cute and clever.

Music: I really like the score to this film. And like many people I really enjoy the song "I'm still here". While I am unable to listen to music due to having Hyperakusis, I still would wish I can find this song and download it. It's just a really good song.

And that is my review for Treasure Planet. It's a very excellent film, a little underrated but not by much. And it's all around a fun film to enjoy.

Meet the Robinsons (2007)

My Rating: 80%

In my opinion, this is the film where the rise of Disney once again really making decent films at best truly began.

Plot: almost 13 years ago, Lewis was left at the front door at the orphanage by his mother. he has grown into an inventor since and has been unable to be adopted. trying to find his mother, he tries to create a memory scanner to try to identify his mother from his memory from when he was a baby. He invents the scanner but it is unknowingly sabotaged by a guy in a bowler hat. discouraged, a mysterious boy named Wilbur tries to convince him to repair the scanner if Wilbur proved to him that he is from the future. so Wilbur takes puts him on his time machine and takes him to the future where Lewis meets his big and estranged family.

I really find this a rather underrated film. There were a lot of really cute jokes, the characters where lovable, and the message is very good. I mean the message has been used before, but the way they particularly portray it is clever. I especially like the design they made for the future in the way that made it look for like the kind of futuristic look in tomorrow-land at the Disney theme parks, which works really well in terms of his the message is based on a particular quote from Disney himself that they show before the end credits. And the story is very well put together. Fun fact for those of you who have seen the film: this was based off of a children's book about a kid named Lewis who hangs out with his best friend and meets his estranged family while trying to find Wilbur's grandfather's teeth.

Lewis: I did like Lewis, partly because he's an inventor and I kind of like some of that particular kind characters, but also how much he changes through his experience especially with meeting Wilbur's family.
Wilbur: He was funny. I liked how he a little full of himself and was confident that everything was going his way.
Bowlerhat Guy: he really stole the show with this film. he's a dim-witted villain who tries to hard to get Lewis. and with controlling the frog and the t-rex especially, he's just hilarious. The only plot hole i particularly notice with this film is how he understands Doris. she's a robot that speaks in a robot language...and yet he understands her perfectly...how does that work?

Music: I enjoyed the music. I think the best in terms of score was the score for the future. in terms of song...well this wasn't a musical, but I do often get a little excited feeling when it comes to the beginning song for the end credits.

and that is my review for Meet The Robinsons. It is a very entertaining film for the whole family to enjoy and I feel it should've been given higher reviews than it did.