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The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King (2003)

My Reviews: 100%


Plot:1)Frodo, Sam and Gollum are making their way to the secret stairs into Mordor, unaware that Gollum has a trap for them.
2)after Pippin looks into the Palantir that he found when the fellowship visits Isengard, he find out Sauron's plan to attack Gondor and siege the city of Minas Tirith. SO Gandalf takes him to the city and come intothe company of Denathor, Borimir's father who has gone a little crazy since his son's death, and Faramir who retrated to Minas Titith after the orcs finally tok over the defenses of Osgiliath. From there, Sauron begins to prepare for the final battle of their time with 200,000 orcs heading to Osgiliath lead by the lord of the Nazgul: The Witch-King of Agmar, and the orc captain, Gothmog.
3)After Pippin lights the beacons in Minas Tirith declaring that Gondor calls for aid, Theoden musters the Rohirrim and prepares for battle with Merry as his esquire.
4)At the Rohirrim encampment, Aragorn is met by Elrond who tells him Arwen is dying because Sauron's power is growing. He also gives him the sword Narsil, reforged as Anduril, and sends him on a mission with Legolas and Gimbli to recruit certain 'men' that live in the mountain to fight in the final battle.

This was...well...perfect. It was beautiful, it was grand, the action was big and it blew you away everytime. and you still HAVE to see it extended edition because it makes the film all the more grand. there were so many powerful moments such as Pippin's song, Gandalf's talk about death, Sam talking about the shire to Frodo, and everyting at the very end. the end is powerful, saddening, beautiful, it touches you deep down every time. This was just a wonderful movie.

Elijah Wood/Frodo Baggins:Still did an excellent job. showing how Frodo went through so much and how everything felt just perfect when the climax is over. He did a wonderful job with the character throughout the whole trilogy. And we'll all look forward to see him in The Hobbit.
Sean Astin/Samwise "Sam" Gamgee:Excellent job still. and you just have to love how he has his big moment of being "Samwise the Brave" with Shelob. You just have to love Sam with how everything has worked out for him.
Viggo Mortensen/Aragorn: Now the one deal I have about Aragorn is that they never really went deep in explanation why he turned into exile, or why he all of the sudden decided to put aside the life of a Ranger when Elrond came. But at the same time, WHO CARES!?!?!!?! the fact remains is that he's back on track now, he's an ultimate bad-a and he lead the armies of Gondor and Rohan to their final hour. We all just love Aragorn.
Orlando Bloom/Legolas:He was still Legolas. and that's awesome. We will always remember his moment killing that Mumiki.
John Rhys-Davies/Gimbli: He was still Gimbli, was bad-a and as hilarious as ever. You especially have to have the extended edition partly just over how much more comedic moments there were of Gimbli. he's the best.
Ian McKellen/Gandalf the White: Same with Legolas and Gimbli, he was still Gandlaf. McKellen did an excellent job portraying this character and he will be premembered well for it.
Andy Serkis/Smeagol and Gollum: It's a shame that he was CGI because otherwise he probably would've gottn a best supporting actor nomination if not win for that role. either way, he really should have. Smeagol and Gollum were very fasinating and unique characters and they will always be remembered as such.
Dominic Monaghan/Meriadoc "Merry" Brandybuck: Acting out a character that goes through a major journey may not have really ended for Monaghan after this film, when it comes to LOST, but that doesn't mean he still has a memorable character for all of us to remember with his place in the War of the Ring.
Billy Boyd/Perregrin "Pippin" Took: I enjoyed Pippin most in this film because from here his courage and bravery is shown after being only known as a "Fool of a Took". It is a bummer that they don't add the part in the Black Gate where he actually slew a troll like he did in the book, but hey, his part in the battle is still there.
Bernard Hill/Theoden: He still did good. and his speech along with seeing all 6,000 of the Rohirrim was awesome.
Miranda Otto/Eowyn: She still played that lovable character and you have to like how it all turns out for her.
Karl Urban/Eomer: did a very good job, especially when he found Eowyn after the battle. that was very well done.
David Wenham/Faramir: f you haven't started to care or love Faramir due to the fact that you haven't seen Two Towers extended edition, you will now after looking at the relationship between him and Denethor. It was just so well portrayed and Wenham did a good job with it.
John Noble/Denethor:What can I say, he did a pretty good job at being a crazy Stewart of Gondor.

Effects: wonderful as usual. such brilliant CGI that looks so realistic.

Music: Still excellent. as far as favorites, I'd have to say the entire ending, "The House of Healing", Pippin's song, the music for the battle of Pelennor fields. But what I think is the most powerful of the songs is "Into the West" It was a perfect way to conclude the ending. I mean the first lyrics are "lay down your sweet and weary head, night is falling, you've come to journey's end." That type of song to hear just making it as powerful and sad as any ending could be after everything we experienced with the entire trilogy. The major journey is over and how it's time to rest now that you've reached the end. I mean I find that so powerful that I want to know when I'm going to die so that, that song is one of the last songs i ever hear as part of the conclusion of my life. if not that, at least have it played in my funeral, which is something one of my best friends said he wanted during his funeral after we were coming home from watching the movie last night. It's just that powerful.

Editing: beautifully, done, you understand everything, you know where it's all taking place, you have a clear sense of that world. It goes without saying that they rightfully deserved best Editing for this film along with the other 10 Oscars they won that year.

And that is my review for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. It's a brilliant movie, one that should be remembered for generations to come, it probably will always be my very favorite film of all time just as much as the entire series will be my favorite trilogy of all time.

So everyone, that's review #100. I just want to say thank you very much, all of you for reading and commenting on my reviews. I enjoy writing them and there's still more to come from little ol' me. from here I have my next 10 reviews set on doing Easy-A tonight, the older Winnie the Pooh, Transformers:Dark of the Moon, and the first 6 Harry Potter movies along with the final one. I have already reviewed part 1 of Deathly Hallows, but don't worry, I'll send you guys that review again for those of you who have not read it, after i write for the first 6 films. from there along with other film, i shall get back into my quests with all the main Disney films and all films with Marlon Brando. See you until then and again, thank you very much for reading and commenting on my reviews guys, i do appreciate it.

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The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers (2002)

My Rating: 100%

Man you guys have tot ry to be there for when they do Return of the King on the 28th @ 7:00. cause out of what i've experienced from seeing Fellowship and Two Towers on the big screen again, seeing Return of the King is going to be fantastic.

Plot: 1) Frodo and Sam have been separated from the rest of the fellowship and are now continuing to make their way into Mordor. But things take a turn as they run into the creature Gollum who is still trying to get the ring back.
2)Now that Borimir is gone, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimbli chase the Uruk-hai that have Marry and Pippin. But when they chase the hobbits all the way into Fangorn Forest, they meet an unlikely friend who takes them into a new quest: to save the country of Rohan.
3)Pippin and Merry went into Fangorn after the Uruk-hai that took them was attacked by Rohirrim. There they meet Treebeard and come across the gathering of Ents concerning what to do with Saruman.

After thinking about this movie when I saw it on the big screen the other night when one of my best friends asked me which movie was by favorite, I began to reconsider as to which one is my favorite between Two Towers and Return fo the King. I mean sure, who cares since I love them all and the trilogy has always been my favorite and unless my Lord commands or guides me otherwise, it always will be. But what makes this movie in a sense, stand out from the rest is how is...describes or develops more. It gets more into some of the characters such as Gollum, it gets more into the war, but more importantly, it gets more into the darkness and how there seems to be no hope at all for anyone. This is mostly done concerning Rohan. With the music and the things Saruman and his forces do to Rohan, how much they go though, It's just so powerful. They played that so well long before Helm's Depp-the most enduring battle scene in the history of cinema in my opinion-that in some ways, it's a slight wonder how it didn't win best picture over Chicago (besides the fact that Chicago is good) bad enough that Fellowship lost to Beautiful Mind (I have not seen it but from what my brother says who is a rather skeptical guy, Beautiful Mind had no place in the nominations compared to Fellowship) So much was done to prepare for the finale, and it was perfectly done.

Elijah Wood/Frodo Baggins:Still did an Excellent job as Frodo.
Sean Astin/Samwise "sam" Gamgee: Same as Frodo. But I especially liked his monologue at the end. that was well done.
Ian McKellen/Gandalf the White: He still did good if nto made the character slightly more intersting now that he's come more mystical and powerful.
Viggo Mortensen/Aragorn:Man he's just so much more bad-a in this movie. You just have to love Aragorn.
Orlando Bloom/Legolas: What the heck was that? sliding down the stairs using an Uruk=hai shield while shooting down more Uruk-hai? The way he got on that horse during the fight with the Wargs and their riders? THAT'S JUST SO FREAKING AWESOME!!!!! Legolas is more and more lovable every time we see him.
John Rhys-Davies/ Gimbli and Treebeard: He is just as funny is not more funny in this film. plus he's using a bigger ax so what can you do without leaving out that? And I love Treebeard. I'd love to know what J.R.R. Tolkien would've thought about it.
Billy Boyd and Domonic Monaghan/ Perregrin "Pippin" Took and Merriadoc "Merry" Brandybuck: Still lovable but they are getting better dramatic moments.
Andy Serkis/Gollum and Smeagol:Wow. I mean Gollum was a unique character enough just out of the books but boy did Serkis show that just as much with this film. He did an amazing job.
Christopher Lee/Saruman:Thsi was his big moment since this primarily focused on Saruman and his plan to destroy Rohan. and he did it perfectly.
Bernard Hill/King Theodin: He was in interesting character concerning how he was so focused in saving Rohan even when he was making rather stubborn choices which weren't that bad. I mean we got some wonderful battle scenes out of it.
Mirando Otto/Eowyn: She played a very interesting character it's a shame that she wasn't developed this much in the books. I mean she was shown a bit of this during her time with Faramir during Return of the King but that's sort of it.
David Wenham/Farimir: You really have to love Farimir. I mean what really does it is his back story. This is another perfect example of why the extended edition is better. Because you see more of his back story. I mean you find out already with what happens in the next film but the extra scene with that flashback, That helped better.

Music: excellent. my favorite music was the main Rohan song which really helped with showing what they were going through. "Gollum's Song" was very good too.

Effects: Awesome.

Make-up: I forgot to say from the first film but they did a remarkable job on this especially with the orcs.

Editing: excellent as as usual.

And that is my review for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. only one more to go and I'll have reviewed them all and and written a total of 100 reviews. see you guys then.

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The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

My Rating: 100%

Alright everybody. i've written a total of 97 reviews now. only three more to go and then i've finally reached 100 reviews. I have been waiting a long time for this moment. because this is the point where I finally write my reviews to my favorite trilogy of all time The Lord of the Rings. Now how this basically is going to go is that currently in theaters, they have this Fathom Events thing where on June 14th, 21st, and 28th at night, they show the exteneded edition to all the movies. And I found this a perfect oppertunity as to when to write my reviews 98-100. heck i bought my tickets MONTHS ago. So last Tuesday (the 14th) was when they did The Fellowship of the Ring and tommorow they are doing The Two Towers. I was a little busy so I wasn't until just now that I had the time to write my review to Fellowship before going to see Two Towers. and by the way guys, seeing the first one extended edition on a theater screen is WONDERFUL!!! I mean you can see so much more detail that you haven't noticed before. and to think, that same things is going to happen to me, my friends that are doing this thing with me, and many other fans with Two Towers and Return of the King. (singing) SCORE!!!!!!!!!! But enough about that. let's look into the first one.

Plot:This all began almost four thousand years before the events of the films when these rings were made. Three where given to the main Elf leaders, seven to the Dwarf-lords, and nine were given to the kings of Men, and they were all meant to be used to goven each race. But they were decieved because in the evil land of Morder in the volcano Mount Doom, the dark lord Sauron forged a ring to rule all of Middle-Earth. At first the free people fell to the power of the ring but an alliance of Men and Elves fought against Sauron and his army of orcs. Eventually, Sauron was defeated by Prince Isildur when he cut off the ring from Sauron's finger. Isildur however, corrupted by the ring, did not destroy it. eventually it was lost when Isildur was ambushed by orcs and then found again by the creature Gollum many years later. but 5 1/2 centuries later, Gollum lost it and was found by a hobbit named Bilbo Baggens of the Shire. The film begins 60 years after Bilbo found the ring when his nephew, Frodo gained possesion of the ring.

This movie is AWESOME!!!! I mean what makes Fellowship of the Ring so good, and viewed the best in the trilogy to some people is how this whole fictional world of Middle Earthis being introduced to us with all of these races from Hobbits to elves, places from The Shire to Lothlorein and creatures such as trolls and a Watcher and a Balrog. It's so beautiful in cinemetography while introducing us with wonderful characters, good or evil, that we will never forget.

Elijah Wood/Frodo Baggins: Now one issue most people who especially have read the book might not have really loved Frodo right away. I meant he Frodo from the book tried to pick a fight a slight bit more than he did in the movie. Main example is that he actually tries to drive the Nazgul away during Weathertop. But lucky, we can all let that go and acknowledge him as a remarkable character still with so much spirit and courage. Wood did an Excellent job with his acting in this film.
Ian McKellen/Gandalf the Grey:McKellen did pretty good too. I think he was perfect for the part with his focus on the quest at hand and remaining true to good even if he gets his but kicked.
Sean Astin/Samwise "sam" Gamgee: Sam is such a lovable character. Just as much spirit and as Frodo if not more at some points... he definitely has mroe courage though no mistake.
Viggo Mortensen/Strider aka Aragorn: Man this guy is an ultimate bad-a. I love the action with him, I love his story, just, how can you go wrong with Aragorn? I also peronsally love, from after reading the book how there was a point in any of the films where he shouted his war cry "Elendil!!!" after all.
Sean Bean/Borimir: Now naturally after seeing this film the first couple of times, I really didn't give a crap about Borimir because he seemed so evil. But that what's terrific about the extended editions is that you get to see him more as someone who is truly good...just had some magic corrupt him.
Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd/Meriodic "Merry" Brandybuck and Perregrin "Pippin" Took: Man these guys are so lovable. I mean Pippin was a slightly less witted and got into more trouble to the point where you can totally pity the guy, but that hardly leaves Marry when it comes to comedy. Which makes Monaghan all the more lovable when it came to his performace as Charlie Pace.
Orlando Bloom/Legolas: what the frick to I need to say? He's the ultimate archer bad-a. Everybody loves Legolas. Heck, I'm currently showing one of my best friends the series because she still hasn't seen it and while she generally loves everybody, you can tell she especialy loves Legolas.
John Rhys-Davies/Gimbli: another fine addition to our big collection of bad-a's and comedy relief. Gimbli is the best.
Christopher Lee/Saruman: And so i began with him being known for more than the possibly ever did in all his career. He did an excellent job as Saruman. interesting fact though; he is the only one, cast or crew to have actually met J.R.R. Tolkein, the writer of the books. and Tolkein actually gave Lee his blessing to be Gandalf for it they ever made a live action film. But when it happened, it turned out that he was better for Saruman (duh) so yeah.

Screenplay: excellent. well done.

Music:everybody loves the music. It works so well to experience what they were all experiencing. I think my favorite was the music in the beginning when you have this bright happy feeling about a marvelous place to witness when it came to Bilbo writing his Concerning Hobbits chapter for his book. It was a wonderful way to start the film from after he found the ring.

Editing: Very well done. a Perfect job to tell the story and to just show that world with...well...everything i've been blathering about this whole time.

And that is my review for The Lord of the Rings-The Fellowship Of The Ring. Tune in real soon for when I review The Two Towers.

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The Godfather (1972)

My Rating: 100%

I know, I know. It's predictable as far as what i'm going to say. but you know what, screw it. Just because I'm going to praise this film like everyone else, doesn't make it less true that this is the greatest film ever. plus i've almost written 100 reviews, so i'm making sure I don't reach 100 without writing my review fo this masterpiece.

Plot: The movie starts in 1945 where the mob in New York consists of The Five Families. They are the Corleones, the Cuneo's, the Tattaglias, the Stracci's and the Barzini's. The main characters in this film are the Corleones, lead by their leader, Don Vito Corleone, or "The Godfather". The movie begins with the Godfather's daughter's wedding where his youngest son, Michael, returns from World War II with his girlfriend Kay Adams. And you know what, for those who haven't seen the movie, that's all i'm going to say from here.

Now the truth is, I didn't love this film right away. Mostly because I didn't really get it. I mean i got the general gist, but that was it. But i got to understand it better when I watched it more than once and played the Wii game which helped me understand things better like knowing a lot of the characters and being familiar with the Five Families and all that. After that, i began to understand and appreciate it more and began to love it after seeing it so many times now.

James Caan/Santino "Sonny" Corleone: He did a pretty good job. It was messed up to see him the first time considering that I saw Caan in Elf before I saw this film. But yeah. He was pretty good.
Richard S. Castellano/ Peter "Fat" Clemenza: I enjoyed him. He was a fun character.
Robert Dunvall/Tom Hagan: Tom is my favorite character. He's was a much more lovable character than the rest. The was smart, had a nice background story. and let's not forgot his time earlier in the film with that producer. I just really like him.
Al Pacino/Michael Corleone: And so it begins. For those of you who haven't seen it yet, don't worry about what I mean. But this Is quite the character. He goes through so much in this film and Al Pacino does an excellent job acting it all out.

And Of coarse...

Marlon Brando/Don Vito Corleone aka The Godfather: Now part of why I didn't care for the film too much at first was how Brando wasn't in the movie all that much. I mean i've heard about the character from spoofs of the film like Men in Tights and all that. But thankfully i've gotten over it and just stuck with knowing that this is an excellent character. and I have been thinking about watching and writing reviews for all fo his movies. so yeah.

Music: It was excellent. Very classic songs.

Editing: Very well done. I mean it does show you one of the worst fist fighting scenes ever, but WHO CARES!?!?! That doesn't really make the movie any less good. Most people probably haven't even noticed that anyway.

And that si my review for The Godfather. It's the best film ever made and i'm glad I finally wrote my review on it before i've written more than 100 reviews.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Men (Battle Stripe) (1950)

My Rating: 80%

Well everyone, I am starting another quest. I'm doing enough movie quests already I know. I mean I"m still working on all the Transformers which will be done when i see the final film, and so far i've only reviewed 13 out the almost 51 Disney animated films. But it's time i get started on another one: watching and reviewing all 44 films with Marlon Brando. This will be a long journey, and I know I just reviewed The Godfather, but this is is where I am officially declaring that i'm on this quest which from now on will be done from first to last. So without further ado, let's start with my second review: The Men

Plot: Kenneth "Ken" Wilcheck gets shot in battle during World War II. He is hit in the lower back and is instantly declared a paraplegic for life. IN the hospital he is a sullen and resentful patient as he refuses to go through treatment and tries to avoid be seen by his fiancee because of his shame.

This was a nice film. I mean it doesn't blow you away, but it's still good. It can really get you when it comes to what Ken is going through.

Marlon Brando/Kenneth "Ken" Wilcheck: hmm. so that's what he looked like back in those days. no cotton balls and everything. XD But still. he did a pretty good job with his performance in this film.
Teresa Wright/Ellen 'Elly' Wilosek: She did a good job too. She may have bee stubborn, but she was pretty courageous too.

Music: eh, nothing special. I mainly say that because it generally was like any other music from that time.

Editing: it was good. It told the story just fine.

And that is my review for The Men. I know it's short, but it is a nice film. so that's 1/22 of the quest completed. I shall try to keep it up.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983)

My Rating: 90%

A long time ago, after the remarkable movie that i still have yet to see, Gandhi...

And yet again we have waited another three years for the next Star Wars film after they left us hanging with that big twist and having Han frozen in carbonite and sent to Jabba the Hutt. So without further ado, let's finally finish my review to this memorable saga.

Plot: After rescuing Han from Jabba the hut, and Luke visits Yoda one last time, the Rebel Alliance prepares for an assault against the second Death Star while Luke prepares to confront Vader one last time.

I understand how people were not quite okay with this film with stuff like the Ewoks. But with all that aside, I thought this was a good way to end the series. They introduced some new things all the more, heck I thought it was a good change for a third movie for Luke's saber to be Green instead of blue. I mean i didn't have a problem with that change. Plus Palpatine was in it to come back as the real bad guy, the climax was good all around, as a kid I also liekd how when it came to the space battle, how some of the T.I.E. fighters where the kind Vader used during the first film. But as far as the added scene they put when the trilogy finally came out on DVD goes, I really thought their change for the very end was excellent. I mean it ends with them showing people celebrating the defeat of the empire all over the planets we know. Naboo, Tatooine, Bespin, and Corusant (and I have no idea who exactly did all of the sudden during the last one) and then Anakin's spirit is portrayed by Hayden Christensen. I mean we all knew he sucked, but as far as portraying Anakin in this updated version now that the saga is complete, I liked it. Plus I thought the music was a better 'it's finally all over after everything from all these 6 films' type of music to play than that "yub-dub" song or whatever that was.

Mark Hamill: Did a good job portraying Luke one last time. I especially liked how Luke's much wiser and a bit more bad-a. i mean he can do Force-choke. that's sweet.
Harrison Ford/Han Solo: amusing for us all as usual. what more is there to say?
Carrie Fischer/Leia Organa:Same thing as Han. I know i'm not saying much with either one, but we all get the general idea so...

Music: for the hundredth time, it's John Williams. Plus like I said, the new version of the last song was much bett erthan the "yub-dub" one.

Action: it was good. but that I think about it after finally seeing "It's a Trap", it is rather silly that the Ewoks' arrows can totally go through Stormtrooper armor. I mean seriously.

Editing: Told the story just fine. No complains.

And that is my review for Return of the Jedi. It wasn't the best in the series anymore was it the worst, but in my opinion, I think it did just fine to close the the long run.

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

My Rating: 100%

A long time ago, after the brilliant movie Kramer vs. Kramer...

It had been about three years since one heck of a story began when A New Hope came out. So it went without saying that people were very excited for the next film as it was coming out. but enough of that kind of intro, time to review the best out of the whole darn saga y'all.

Plot: Well I believe it's been about a couple of years or so since Luke blew up the death star. But the empire attacked Yavin 4 again and that didn't go so well so they started hiding in Hoth. But the empire has found them and so during the best star wars battles there is, leia, han, chewie and threepio head of to escape for the empire while Luke and R2 go to Dagobah system where the spirit of Obi-Wan told Luke to go where he can find Yoda and finish his training.

Well one thing is for sure, they sure knew how to take a few ideas and expand it. And I think that what a lot of people really like about this film aside from the dead obvious (which would be the big twist in the end). I mean you have the AT-ATs, the super star destroyer, all this new info about the's crazy. Oh and of coarse, again, there's the big twist. I'm always going to remember that one documentary about the making of the original trilogy where James Earl Jones says that when he first said that line he just said "I am doing the voice of a liar." It's just a really good twist.

Mark Hamill/Luke Skywalker: Now in all honesty, as a kid, I didn't care too much for how they made Luke in this film concerning how they showed that he's still not a Jedi and is kinda a 'Hero-in-training' rather than being 'the ultimate hero just because the blew up the Death Star.' But luckily, for the sake of my sanity and care for this movie, I got past it. He's still a good character, and when it came to that twist, Hamill acted out Luke's reaction to it all just perfectly.
Harrison Ford/Han Solo: what can I say? He was Han and it was awesome.
Carrie Fischer/Leia Organa: Another thing from I was a kid that I enjoy being over with more than the things with Luke, is being over that this film starts a relationship with Leia and Han instead of Leia and Luke. as for why...I think we all know. But anyways, she was just as fun of a character as last time and her part during the scene where Han was being frozen in carbonite was well done.

Music:Well it was done by John Williams. Plus this is the film where they first played Darth Vader's theme so there you go.

Effects: pretty good.

Action: awesome. Battle of Hoth was sweet and the Lightsaber duels were better.

Editing: pretty good.

And that si my review for The Empire Strikes Back. It wasn't as we expected it when we all first watched however long ago that was for all of us, but it turned out to be much better.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Saving Private Ryan (1998)

My Rating: 100%

Well yesterday was the 67th anniversary of the battle in Omaha Beach. So my brother and my dad & i watched this movie to honor that day so I've decided to finally review it now since I couldn't then because it was late at night when we finished.

Plot: After surviving Omaha beach, Captain John Miller and his men-the Charlie Company, 2nd Rangers Battalion, are assigned to find Private James Ryan by order of General Marshall after all of his brothers die in action. So with their new interpreter, Upham, they travel through enemy territory, risking their lives to find Private Ryan and bring him home.

question...WHO IN THE FRICK DID THIS NOT WIN BEST PICTURE!?!?! I mean I haven't seen Shakespeare in Love, but I know about it that it truly was no match for this film. It is so powerful and well made. I meant he first 26 minutes were huge. I mean veterans left the theaters when this movie came out it was that accurate about war back then. everybody did an excellent job with this film.

Tom Hanks/Captain John H. Miller: He was a very unique character. He was an exceptional leader, he had a strange personality like what he was before the war and the thing with his hand. He was a very good character.
Jeremy Davies/Technician Fifth Grade Timothy E. Upham: It goes without saying that I really didn't like this character. He was a wimp which was understandable as far as war goes, but because it is war, it was not helping anyone that he was.
Barry Pepper/Private Daniel Jackson: I really liked this character. I thought he was cool with that he would recite a verse or say a prayer while he would snipe a few Nazis. Which makes it all the more fun in the recent True Grit movie, Matt Damon does the same thing to kill Pepper's character.
Matt Damon/Private James Francis Ryan: He did a very good job with this role. I enjoyed him monologue which involves a story about something he and his brothers did before the first brother went to the army. That was funny.

Music: It was very it was done by John Williams.

Sound:Very well done.

Editing: What is there to say? they made a lot of good shots and they edited in a way to tell quite a suspenseful story through and through.

And that is my review for Saving Private Ryan. It is a wonderful movie that got robbed from Best Picture at the Oscars which as we generally agreed in Lord Naseby's blog, was the biggest f*ck-up in Oscar history.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

X-Men: First Class (2011)

My Rating: 85%

The thing I liked most about when I went to see this movie is that i never saw a trailer for it so I was mostly, generally clueless at what was going to happen.

Plot:In 1944, Eric Lensherr is taken to a concentration camp and when Dr. Schmidt find out that he can control meddle the tries to exercise the boy's power by making him try to move a small coin. When he couldn't, he kills his mother which causes Eric to destroy the lab with his powers in rage. Meanwhile, in Winchester, a young telepath named Charles Xavier finds Raven, a shape-shifter and takes her to live with him as he is delighted to know that he's not the only one that is "different." 16 years later, Eric is on a hunt for killing former Nazis as a way of having his revenge while Charles forms a thesis about mutation at Oxford University while Raven lives with him. While that is happening, FBI agent Moira MacTaggert is investigating in the Hellfire Culb and discovering evil mutants Emma Frost, Azazel and Sebastian Shaw who turn out to be Schmidt making a deal with a general. When no one believes her, she come to Charles and find out that he's a telepath and uses him and Raven to find out who the other mutants are. While he's on it, they bump into Eric and convince him to join with them to try to beat Shaw together.

This was a very entertaining movie. The only things about it is that it does fail to have a lot of action more or less like the rest of the X-men films but it was still good. Another problem I had with it though was with the connection is supposedly has with the rest of the films. Especially Emma Frost considering the character was also in X-Men: Wolverine and that Emma wasn't telepathic or majorly hot as heck. But that doesn't really stop it from being a very entertaining film whether it's meant to be in the same franchise as the other X-men films or not.

James McAvoy/Charles Xavier aka Professor X: Now this was an interesting character. He was young and had a lot to learn while still totally on the good side. not to mention was a little wild before he met with MacTaggart.
Michael Fasbender/Erik Lensherr aka Magneto: His character went without saying. It was obvious what he was after and we knew how it was going to end. But it still was nice what kind of character he was as far as his part about him use to actually be very good friends with Xavier and with there use to be good in him.
Keven Bacon/Sebastian Shaw: Interesting villain. especially with his particular power.
Jennifer Lawrence/Raven aka Mystique: She was interesting because of her origin. How different the Mystique from the past is from the mystique we all totally know from the rest fo the series. And it actually makes me wish they make a fourth movie just to reveal what happens with her and Magneto now that you know their past along with what they left you hanging with at The Last Stand.
January Jones/Emma Frost aka The White Queen: Emma frost I don't really understand to well about even though I have read plenty of comics with her in it. guess I have more work to do to understand this character. But either way, she was interesting.

Music: It was good except for the scene where Eric kills a couple of former Nazis at a bar. I thought the choice of music to that was weird.

Editing: It was good. What i personally liked was the beginning with the first scene of Eric and Shaw and it starts out making you think it's an ordinary office, but then it cuts to the other side of the room to show that there's a lab on the other side. I thought that a little surprise was cool.

And that is my review for X-Men: First Class. Very entertaining. actually it's better than the rest of the film to me.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Passion of the Christ (2004)

My rating: 90%

Well I have almost written 90 reviews. and so I decided to watch Passion of the Christ again and make it #90. so here we go.

Plot: Simply put, this is the story of Jesus Christ from when he prayed in Gethsemane, to his torture and death, to his resurrection.

I enjoy this film. I mean in all honesty, what makes it good to me is that I am a Christian, so the Lord is my master, I believe that he did this and so on. So it makes sense to like how they put together this particular story with what he went through. Although, like anyone else who believes in a form of Christianity that's in any way different from some the things Mel Gibson and other believe, there were things that I believe didn't happen such as Satan's part in the film, the demons that tortured Judas, that woman... Serephia or Saint Veronica as she's generally called wiping Jesus' face with her veil, or...well...I'm not sure if even Mel Gibson and the others that follow the same form of Christianity as he does believe that were was or demon or whatever that thing was that randomly passed by Judas. But still, I thought this film did its part just fine generally in telling how much Jesus went through to die for our sins.

Francesco DeVito/Peter: I thought Peter was just fine. I mean when I was younger, I was shocked that he actually said "damn" while he was denying Jesus a third time. But I thought the acting was pretty good with what the went through throughout his brief time into the film.
Christo Jivkov/John: Personally I liked John being in this film as long and as often as he was. I mean he probably wrote the deeper version of the story in his part of the Gospel and as far as he might have hinted out in his book, he did have a pretty deep relationship Jesus. So as far being the main disciple to focus on throughout the film, I think John was the right choice.
Monica Bellucci/Mary Magdalene: I find it really messed up finding out after seeing this movie again that Mary is the woman that played that Persephone chick in the Matrix sequels and that queen or whatever in Brother's Grimm. But anyways, I liked her part in this film as well and I also thought the flashback from when Jesus saved her from being stoned was a nice touch.
Luca Lionello/Judas: Judas was someone I definitely had to take a look at from watching this movie again after I actually played him in a Maundy-Thursday service which was a nice experience. That aside, I thought they told his part of the story well too, and while I do not believe he was tortured by demons before he hung himself, I think it might have worked better when it comes to him driving himself to commit suicide for betraying Jesus anyway.
Hristo Shopov/Pontius Pilate: Again, a good job in laying out what the character did. Pilate wasn't sure what to do through that whole situation and eventually he took it out his hands leading it to Jesus' death. What I personally like about this portrayal of Pilate, seeing this again after reading my Bible a lot is that at one point, he talks about how Herod put him on thin ice. You see, Herod's father once ruled over Judea and Samaria, but since Pilate ruled that land now, Herod was suspicious of him and viewed him a threat to his own rule, bad enough that control over land to begin with was being wrestled from Herod's half-brother who was an ineffective ruler. But when Pilate sent Jesus to Herod, he showed that he acknowledged Herod's position in power which put his mind at ease and actually started a friendship with Pilate. so fun fact about the two actual people.
Rosalinda Celentano/Satan: Yes, Satan was actually played by a woman. But she did an interesting job in sounding evil and tempting. Not really what I would think of if Satan really did tempt him there, but as far as drama goes, it was nice. I also like seeing Satan scream in defeat in the end. Yes that's a bit of boasting which I shouldn't do and i'm working on that, but nowadays, it's a bit more to look at some the specific stuff in that moment. Like the sound of the scream itself and the particular location. I actually can't totally tell if he's in hell or if he's in the place where Jesus died. I mean if you think about it, yes the location does look like Hell just out of the color and the all around look of the location with the really dry ground and all that, but with the particular circle that Satan is standing on, he looks like-without showing anyone or anything, he's at the place were Jesus died, if you notice the dark ruble or whatever was on the ground are sort of set in a way were it could be the some of the people that were still there and the crosses. I don't know, i'm sure it's Hell, but I hope you can sort of see where I am going at.
Maia Morgenstern/Mary (Jesus' Mother): She...was a mother. I don't think there's another simple way of putting it. The way she reacted to whatever torture was happening to Jesus, witnessing whatever sort of trial he was on, trying to get near him as he was carrying the cross while remembering some time in the past from he was a kid. I think she pulled it off well.
and of coarse, the star himself, Jim Caviezel/Jesus Christ:um...yikes. This was a hard part of pull off. Especially with what they show in particular from when Jesus gets flogged. (Man that was a brutal scene.) But I think he pulled it off pretty well. I mean I think they might have over done it with him falling so many time when he was carrying the cross but it was still a good job.

Music:Very good. very powerful.

Culture accuracy: With this i'm mostly referring to the culture of the Jews in this film. Knowing a lot more about how things were expressed in their culture back then and even farther back to...maybe the time of Moses, I liked how some of it was laid out in this film. mostly with mourning when there was that whole pack of women weeping while Jesus was carrying the cross, spitting at someone to show someone's disgust for another person I think is what i means... or tearing clothes to show someone's anger, however with that one, I think it would've been interesting if they also did the gnashing of the teeth.

Editing: It was good, but I think some things were a bit off. Because when they started flogging Jesus, I think they set it so the person who was counting the number of times he is being whipped, he actually shouted ...I think it was either 19 or 20 or something, one or two more times. Other than that, while this doesn't really have something to do with editing, I think I should add right now before I forget how there were two points where there was actual English. There was one point were someone was shouting "stop it" while everyone else was talking and another point later were someone said "it's too heavy." so yeah.

And that is my review for The Passion Of The Christ. It's not 100% accurate in my opinion, but even if it isn't, it still does it's job just fine in telling the story of our Lord dying for out sins.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fantasia 2000 (1999)

My Rating: 60%

Well now it's the sequel to Fantasia, Fantasia 2000. so let's get started.


Symphony No. 5 in C minor-I. Allegro con brio: this follows with a lot of shapes and images that involve butterflies and bats as a sort of flight side vs the dark side sort of story.

Pines of Rome: This tells the story of flying Humpback Whales in a sort of place it icebergs. It begins with a family of Whales where the child gets tuck inside an iceberg but manages to get out. Later the story involves a whole pod of adult whales.

Rhapsody in Blue: This is an animated story involving the lives of several people who live in New York during the depression.

Piano Concerto No. 2 in F Major-I. Allegro: basically it's based on the story of the Tin Man.

The Carnival of the Animals, Finale: This tells the story of flamingos where a pack of them tries to get rid of another's yo-yo.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice: It's the exact same thing in the last film except Mickey is voiced by Wayne Allwine instead of Walt Disney at the end.

Pomp and Circumstance - Marches 1, 2, 3 and 4:It's the story of Noah's Ark with Donal and Daisy Duck.

Firebird Suite - 1919 Version: This is about life, death and rebirth with the elk and the spring sprite and the destructive Firebird.

What I really didn't like about these stories is that they made them a lot shorter then the ones in the first movie. I mean sure Sorcerer's Apprentice stays the same, but based on how I remembered this film when I admittingly last saw it a long time ago as well, I thought a lot of them were a little longer than that. It was like the rain starts in Pomp and Circumstance two minutes in and it's only like...2-3 minutes, give a take, before the flood is over and the animals head out of the ark. My other issue was the music. I don't know. It felt like while the stories when charming and fun, the music didn't put all of that together so well to make it just as magical if not more so than Fantasia. They only partly worked in a sense. Pomp and Circumstance is an example for this too with how most of the music is certainly more for a graduation ceremony than for telling that story. It did work for moment with the animals marching inside and outside the ark and especially for the happy ending for Donald and Daisy. But hey, with that particular story, it sure was fun to see Donald be his quick-tempered self. and I especially loved his part with Mickey before Pomp and Circumstance. Piano Concerto No. 2 in F Major-I. Allegro was enjoyable and had a better ending than the original story (trust me). Finally, while Sorcerer's Apprentice and Pomp Circumstance where my fist and second favorite, my third was definitely Firebird Suite. The concept was good but what I personally liked was the last parts in the song because I have before familiar with that part of Firebird Suite from Music Appreciation.

And that is my review for Fantasia 2000. While I think the music doesn't really fit with some of the stories and it's not a majorly magical as the first film, it still did its part in making this film fairly amusing.'s very messed up Steve Martin is in the beginning though.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Despicable Me (2010)

My Rating: 20%

moan. I want this to be good. I wasn intrigued when it came to the first two trailers and then wanting to see it along with one of my best friends. But grrr. I did not lie what I found after waiting all that long.

Plot: Gru is a super villain who plans to steal the moon to make him stop-dog in the villain business after another villain steals the Great Pyramid of Giza. But when he asks for a loan from the Bank of Evil, they deny him because he doesn't have a shrink ray for it. he manages to get what but is stolen from another villain named Vector. He tries to get it back but Vector's fortress his heavily guarded. But when he sees a group of orphans get into the fortress no problem because they are selling cookies, he decides to adopt them so he could use them so he can steal the shrink ray while they sell the cookies.

the real problem is that this movie is so PREDICTABLE!!!!! You know exactly what is going to happen the moment he decides to adopt them. That is just so dumb. This film could have been fun without the girls. I mean yes it's nice as a far as a family-friendly but for me and for others, that just plain old kills me.

Gru: he was okay. not hilarious but not wooden. Just enough to make him all the more family friendly for someone who is suppose to be evil. I mean I know I said I hate that but there's nothing wrong with the character at least hitting what he was aiming for. Plus he was voiced by Steve Carrel and I got no problem with that.
Margo, Edith and Agnes: Like I said, family friendly. there's nothing totally original about these girls. I mean Agnes was a little cute with her imagination but that's not really something original. Plus, they sort of support Gru stealing the moon just about the moment they know his plan. They don't even know him all that much and they they help. Seriously.
Vector: I think what ruined him for me was that I saw the first trailer of him. I had my hopes up from there and It went down along with the movie. because again, nothing original.

Music: The "Despicable Me" song was nice but there was nothing special about the score or anything like that regardless.

And that is my review for Despicable Me. I'm sure some of you guys will be shocked that I did not like it but this is how I really feel about it.

Megamind (2010)

My Rating: 90%

I have to admit, I did not know precisely what to think or expect from this film even from first seeing a picture or a trailer. but not that I've seen it, I think it's pretty fricking awesome.

Plot: Megamind a blue, big headed alien and Metro Man...a human from another planet, have both had a superman like beginning. Their planets gets destroyed but end up on earth. Metro Man grows to become a super hero and Megamind become a super villain and become each others nemesis'. Generally, Megamind will often terrorize the city of Metro City and kidnap reporter Roxanne Ritchie and then when it seems like he wins, Metro Man completely kick his rear to kingdom come. It all happens the same way like all super heroes and villains. but then one day when it seems like he was going to defeat Megamind, Metro Man ends up getting killed by Megamind's death ray. And as Megamind officially takes over the city, things begin to change.

This was actually a really good movie. the plot was fairly unique as it went, the characters were fun, and don't get me started on the comedy when I haven't even gotten to screenplay yet.

Megamind: Finally, a character from Will Ferrell that I ended up really enjoying. Megamind was a fun character with a lot of what he does around the film from being a villain always being the push-over to all the things he does afterwords.
Roxanne Ritchie: She was pretty fun too. Although as far as look, I thought he seemed a little to familiar or like Susan from Monsters vs. Aliens.
Minion: He's a funny minion which made him work as far as being the assistant went...aside from those little robots.
Hal Stewart/Titan: He was a little obvious but he had some pretty funny lines himself.

Screenplay: well they made a lot of funny lines. like all the times Megamind mispronounces words, to him and Minion saying things by saying Code in the beginning if their sentences. It's pretty good.

Music: the shocking thing is that Hans Zimmer was doing the music to this along with Lorne Balfe. There was nothing special about the score because you couldn't really pay attention to it alot because it was the same thing as far as the particular concept to the film. All around, in my opinion, this so far has not been a good year for Hans Zimmer considering this film along with One Stranger Tides and Rango. On the bright side, as far as actual songs, I enjoyed the soundtrack with it playing songs like "Back in Black" and "Highway to Hell" from AC/DC, Welcome to the Jungle from Guns n' Roses and "Bad" from Michal Jackson.

And that is my review for Megamind. it's not Pixar, but it sure is entertaining nonetheless.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)

My rating: 40%

Well after four years it finally happened. They made another pirates film. *sigh* well let's get started.

Plot: The film starts out with Captain Jack Sparrow going to London in search of finding someone who is impersonating him while he's on his way to find the Fountain of Youth. On the way, He bumps into his best friend and former first mate, Gibbs and Barbossa who has become a Privateer and is also searching for the fountain. Later he finds the impersonator who turns out to be his old flame Angelica. Angelica takes him to the Queen Anne's Revenge where it turns out that she is the long lost daughter of Blackbeard. and so all three race for the fountain of youth along with Barbossa and his men and the Spanish.

This film is nice it's- it's decent. But a little hard to accept as one of the Pirates films. I mean part of it is the things they lay out in the beginning *WARNING* i'm about to mention a couple of examples; such as Barbossa being a privateer and has lost his leg, the Black Pearl gone and the idea that Jack has ever had an actual flame. The plot was better in terms of it being less confusing then 2 and 3 but it's also how the movie is hard to accept. To me the movie looks and sound more like a story from some video game or kid novel or something like that, that doesn't have too much to do with the original story, and they have now just made a "The Movie" of one of those stories.

Johnny Depp/Captain Jack Sparrow:...well...he was Jack...again. and It was all the more amusing as he went. I personally enjoyed how he started in this film. and altogether, he was cleaver and unpredictable as ever.
Penelope Cruz/Angelica: Well fun fact for starters; This is the very first film I have ever seen with Penelope Cruz. And frankly this is not the right film to start judging how she is as and actress. I mean her character is very predictable. Although when it came to finally seeing the film I was actually okay with her actually being an old flame when it comes to her relationship with Jack. I mean when I saw the trailers, I thought she was going to be some chick he just met during the beginning of the film which probably would've made the whole matter between them even more flat. But while it isn't the best thing to know about Jack's past, her being an old flame was actually much better. The last issue I had was that how things went between her and Jack as far goes as trusting each other or whether or not they still have a thing for each other, was that you could hardly know...least of all trust. I mean they're pirates for heaven's sake. you know they generally are just plain old selfish pirates. I mean Sao Fang pointed out really good during the last film, and I quote; "The only way a pirate can make a living these days is by betraying other pirates." So that's where the film was very predictable.
Ian McShane/Blackbeard: Well the nice thing about him is that they made his all mystical and evil, I mean the things he did that resulted in the death of a lot of people, mostly his men,...the bad thing is that he's no Davy Jones. he's vulnerable as they point out just fine in this film. But hey, he did alright as someone who isn't totally worse than Davy Jones.
Geoffrey Rush/Barbossa: What the heck? This is way too much change for Barbossa. I mean sure, last film he just went to an evil pirate to a good pirate. okay, that's acceptable. But then you have this film where he is now a privateer? Again. What the heck? He makes for it a little during the second half of the film but still.

Music: Well they still made it Pirates of the Caribbean. However one issue I have is that there was one song, I don't know what track specifically or from which part where a part of the song just sounded like the music that was played in Beauty and the Beast just as Belle left the castle before being attacked by the wolves. and I really hope i'm wrong because I do like Hans Zimmer. Bad enough he did the music for Rango.

Action: it wasn't and majorly big and the final battle in World's end but ti was still pretty good.

Editing:I think it was good.

And that is my review for Pirates of the Caribbean:On Stranger Tides. It's a decent film, hard to accept as part of the official story, but hey, beats Dead man's chest right?

Fantasia (1940)

My rating: 70%

I will be very honest. I was very reluctant even after getting this film from the library to watch this film. Because when it came to watching it as a kid, I didn't think even Sorcerer's Apprentice was enough to bear watching the whole thing. not. at. all.

Plot: This is basically a film where various stories are told with only animation and music tell the story.


Toccata and Fugue in D minor: The orchestra plays this as this starts off with live-action shots of them with lights in the background but then it changes to animation where they basically lay out what images you may think of when hearing the particular music with shadows and lines and shapes.

Nutcracker Suite: This is where it gets to actual animation with characters. Basically, they makes some animated events that have to do with fairies, mushrooms, fish, flowers and so on with parts of the Nutcracker Suite such as "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy", "Chinese Dance", "Dance of the Flutes", "Arabian Dance", "Russian Dance" and "Waltz of the Flowers".

The Sorcerer's Apprentice: Mickey Mouse who is an apprentice to the Sorcerer, Yen Sid tried to do a little magic of his own despite not yet learning how to control it.

The Rite of Spring: from each section of this piece, this part in the film goes through Earth's earliest times from the earth's formation, to the earliest creatures, to the reign and extinction of the dinosaurs.

Meet the Soundtrack: and animation of the "soundtrack" which is a straight line that makes sorts of pictures from various musical instruments.

The Pastoral Symphony: This tells a story of Greek mythology with centaurs, fauns, cupids, Pegasus and his family and other mythological creatures celebrating with the god of wine, Bacchus until they are interrupted by Zeus who causes a storm and starts throwing lighting bolts at them.

Dance of the Hours: a ballet that has to do with morning, afternoon, evening and night with ostriches, hippos, elephants and alligators.

Night on Bald Mountain and Ave Maria: It starts with Chernabog summoning restless souls and evil spirits and they do some dance or something that's totally evil until they are driven back by the sound of a bell were from there, the story is set on a line of monks who wall through a forest to the ruins of a cathedral with torches singing Ave Maria.

Now like I said, I hated this film as a kid because the only thing that was close to enjoyable was Sorcerer's Apprentice just because of Mickey. I mean i'm sure if younger me could see me now, he'd think I'm being too kind or being just a moron for giving this film anywhere close to as high of a rating as I have given it. And to be completely honest, while I do not totally like this movie to the point where I admit I did get a little bored, I did enjoy it a little better because of the music and with some of the ideas they had for it. I mean the images they give you in Toccata and Fugue in D minor make a lot of sense. although I thought the intro to that one as unexpected as far as the particular instruments they played when you think of that song. The Rite of Spring and Nutcracker Suite I respected a little more after becoming familiar with that one from a Music Appreciation class. Nutcracker Suite, The Pastoral Symphony and Dance of the Horns was nice to watch considering knowing what was the big deal with the fairies, mushrooms, greek mythological characters, and especially the deal with the alligator and hippo. The Sorcerer's Apprentice was just as I remembers it. As for Night on Bald Mountain and Ave Maria, I enjoyed it...but what they did as far as setting their characters did not make a lot of sense. The main villain was pretty much being Satan and yet he officially is Chernabog...what the heck? how are we suppose to know that without them telling us? I mean the Narrator doesn't say Charnabog when he was introducing us to the piece, he said SATAN!!!! Plus pretty much everything they did had to do with hell and Satan and all the other biblical stuff spiritually. I mean on Charnabog's mountain, you have all these souls dancing and worshiping him, he's having a big evil smile every time, and you have nothing going right for the worshipers with stuff like beauty turning into greed and Charnabog throwing some of them into the fire. plus it ends with him being driven by by a church bell with the rest of the piece having to do with those monks going to the ruin of that cathedral as a way of showing that the Lord's light conquers all evil. How does that make sense? plus what's also a messed up thing is that you actually see nipples. I'm not kidding. good see for yourself or take a look at the Nostalgia Critic's list of top 11 disney villains (where Charnabog is in the top) and he'll point to you that some of the evil spirits were these naked women with wings that have huge breasts with their nipple showing. that's just messed up.

And that is my review for Fantasia. it's not really my mind of film Disney or otherwise, but at least I have come to appreciate it more now that I've grown up since the last time I saw it.

The Hangover Part II (2011)

My Rating: 0%

What. The. Frick. I saw this film last night just as a little summer get together with a friend and I just wish they at least played the trailer to Transformers:Dark of the Moon before playing the film. I know that film is going to suck but at least with the action and seeing Optimus Prime and Shockwave I would've been a little entertained in someway to look on the bright side of seeing this film.

Plot:Well it has been two years since the "wolfpack"'s messed up time in Las Vegas. and now they have gone to Thailand were now Stu is getting married. So the second to last night before the wedding day, they decide to have a beer and some marshmallows with Stu's fiancee's brother, Teddy. The next morning, they wake up in a dirty hotel room in Bangkok with Stu having a face tatoo, Alan's head shaved, Chow turning out to be there (because he was invited by Alan who apparently became friends with him a little after the first movie.), a monkey that smokes, and find Teddy missing having found only his severed finger.

again, What. The. Frick. I mean I just couldn't stand watching this movie. there's a point where i actually said "ha" once or twice at one or two things but there was nothing were I would've really chuckles let alone laughed my but off. And i'm just going to do another *WARNING* for you guys right now because a lot of what I have to say fall into just revealing a few things that you might not want to hear either because you don't want anything spoiled or because it's just plain old disgusting. Firstly, what is wrong with this film is that in general, it was predictable because almost the exact same things happens. Secondly, there's a point when they get messed up where Stu has sex with a prostitute, who turns out to be a Kathory or ladyboy as they are called, if you don't know what that is, ti's pretty much a guy who turn into a girl as far as face, voice and breast but still has his/her male private parts. I'm really not kidding. and what's worse is that A) you end up seeing it and B)Stu was one the receiving end. t-t-t-THAT'S JUST SO FRICKING WRONG!!!!! and what really gets me is that when they do find Teddy, they, or more importantly he, doesn't make it a big deal that he no longer has a finger. WHAT THE HECK!?!?! If it were me, I'd kill the person who was responsible for the whole thing.

Bradley Cooper/Phil:okay, he was a little funny, I mean he did one or two things where I least make one or two "ha"s. But I particularly liked how he stayed the sane on in the group. Especially when he ends up attacking Alan. My. Hero.
Zach Galifianakis/Alan: If I didn't hate him before, I hate him now. I mean my gosh. Why do they even bother keeping him around? they must've assumed that they were only asking for trouble my inviting him to the wedding. This is why there should be no part III unless whatever gets them this time doesn't involve him at all. Because if they do...let's just say third time better be the charm in terms of finally getting rid of him for good.
Ed Helms/Stu: Yea!!!! he's getting married!!!!...again...only this time with his actual soul mate. Again, what I say my be just because Helms is also Andy from The Office, but still, yea!!!. I mean he did get a little over-dramatic at times, even jumping up and down and going around in circles and all that but at least he faces his fears when it comes to one personal thing at the end. Way to go Andy.
Ken Jeong/Chow: same thing only he's a little more wild. nuthun big or funny about that.

Music: eh, I heard one or two songs that were nice, nothing special.

Editing: again, nothing big, just what had to be done so that the story is told.

and that is my review for The Hangover Part II. It's a horrible to the point where my friend ended up just chanting on and on how "f*cked up" it was while driving me home and hoping his friends never see it. and I agree. Now if you guys need me, i'll be in the other room sitting back and watching a lot of Phineas and Ferb to get this film out of my head. Please be sure to comment...but it'll take a while before i'm done.

(H.A.K. walk out of the room and turns on the TV in the other room and watches Phineas and Ferb)
Phineas: Ferb I know what we're going to do today!!!
H.A.K.: Yes. Yes you do Phineas. *takes a big sigh*

The Hangover (2009)

My Rating: 40%

Well long story short as an intro, I saw this, and it generally wasn't my kind of movie.

Plot: To celebrate the upcoming marriage with his fiancee, Doug goes to Las Vegas with his friends Phil, Stu, and Alan for his bachelor party. But when they wake up the next morning, they have no memory of the following night with Stu losing a tooth, a baby and a tiger in their room, and Doug missing. So they travel all over Las Vegas retracing their steps.

I really didn't care for this movie. It's not that I really hated the story which was decent, or anything happened were I wanted to watch a really good movie or something so I could get it out of my head or anything, but it just wasn't funny. I don't know, maybe there was something I didn't notice or something but that's honestly how I felt.

Bradley Cooper/Phil: I don't know what to really say about his character. He did his part in being the one with the most sanity, and at least things worked out thanks to that.
Zach Galifianakis/Alan: I do not care for his character. I mean that does make sense because he's so Socially Awkward, but still, the way he thinks and what he all around does throughout the film was not an enjoyment for me.
Ed Helms/Stu: Stu I fairly enjoyed... really just because Helms is also Andy in The Office. But even then he did have a nice character. His personal part in the situation was a little nice. not funny, but nice.
Ken Jeong/Leslie Chow: well he was a really fricked up character. And that's even outside of knowing Jeong from the tv show Community.

Music: eh, I didn't pay attention to it. I heard a couple of song I knew which were nice, mostly whatever is the name of the song that goes "you spin my head right round, right round when you go down, when you go down now" but you know, whatever.

Editing: eh, it wasn't much. they did what they had to, to make sure the story was told, nuthun much aside from that.

And that's my review for The Hangover, it's not my kind of film so I was not entertained by it.