Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Robots (2005)

Rating: 60%
So I was looking at movies I could watch to make a nice head start of reviews after 300 besides Princess Diaries and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. And then I decided to take a look at a movie I haven't fully seen since I saw it in theaters at a best friend's birthday party. So here's my review for Robots.

Plot: Rodney is a young robot who becomes an inventor who dreams of making the robot world a better place. He eventually decides to go to Robot City to show his latest invention - a robot named Wonderbot - to his idol, Bigweld, owner of Bigweld Industries. But when he gets there, he finds out that Bigweld is no longer in control of his company and that it is now controlled by Ratchet who stops manufacturing spare parts for old robots and decides to manufacture upgrades instead. An if robots can't get upgrades, they will end up in the under ground chop shop where they would be shredded and melted by Ratchet's mother, Madame Gasket. So while trying to find Bigweld and try to ask him to stop Ratchet, it's up to Rodney to keep older robots fixed before they end up in the Chop Shop.

Now for the most part, the story is not that original, but at least some of the other things in this movie were alright. The characters were fun, some of the comedy was fairly funny and even memorable at some particular points, and the animation was very good when it came to giving us a very creative world that these characters live in. Plus the casting is pretty cool with Mel Brooks, Robin Williams, Ewan McGregor surprisingly pulling off an American accent, and more surprisingly, we have Jim Broadbent (Horace Slughorn in the Harry Potter movies and Professor Kirkein the Narnia movies) turned out to be Madame Gasket. All around, Robots is an okay movies that you'll mostly enjoy because of it's cast, characters and the creativity they put into the world of this movie.

Rodney: Well like I said before, hats off to Ewan McGregor for pulling of an American accent for this movie. Otherwise, while Rodney is a fun character he's not terribly original like the plot itself. He has his dream, he's really good at something, and he just happens to come up with things that help everything to work out in the end. So while he is a fun character, his part in the movie isn't to creative.
Fender: Well he may not be The Genie or Adrian Cronauer, but for the most part he still was funny. Bringing us some good ol' Robin Wililams charm whether he's just using a really thick accent or referencing a movie or song like Braveheart or "Singin' in the Rain. Just a fun character all around from the guy. One of the very few he's given us in the very recent years.

Music: Most of the music in not that bad. I mean the score isn't swell but there's some points. Like the track for when we first meet Madame Gasket may not be swell especially with the singer who I thought sort of killed the move for the song. I mean he's not a bad singer or anything but I think it would've worked more it he was a little deeper. But otherwise found it to have a very nice rhythmic tone to it that if it just had one or two tweaks (such as the singer) it would've been probably awesome. As far as actual songs, the movie did have some nice moments. My personal favorite in both song and really moment in the film all around was when all of the sudden they were playing "Hit Me Baby One More Time." It was at such a random part of the movie which made it so, freaking, hilarious that when I saw it in theaters, I just could hardly stop laughing.

And that's my review for Robots. It's not much in story, but it's characters and the all around world still gives us a nice movie with some nice comedy and fun that you can enjoy.