Friday, April 22, 2011

The Princess Bride (1987)

My Rating: 100%

This is an awesome film that will be remembered for a long time.

Plot: After Buttercup's love, Westley was murdered by the dreaded pirate Roberts, Prince Humperdinck proposes to her which she reluctantly agrees to. Then one day as she was riding through the woods, she is kidnapped by outlaws who plan to kill her in order to start a war. But this start to take a turn when they are being chased by a man in black.

This is a very remarkable movie. it's fun, it has an excellent and clever story, the action is awesome and is very, very fun all around.

Cary Elwes/Westley: He is a very fascinating character. He's clever, he's skilled and quite the trickster. But he's also wise and has a very clear goal to life for in life.
Robin Wright/Buttercup:what is there to say? she was an obvious damsel in distress who often just stood there often waiting for someone to help her. But hey, she still deeply loves Westley deeply which makes it all the worthwhile with him always fighting for her.
Wallace Shawn/Vizzini: He's such a lovable character. he has some of the best lines in the whole movie. the possibility of there being a better actor that could do the job:INCONCEIVABLE!!! XD
Mandy Patinkin and Andre the Giant/Inigo Montoya and Fezzik: Very well acted and very lovable characters.
Billy Crystal and Peter Cook/Miracle Max and the Clergyman: they stole the show hands down. they were to fricking funny.

Screenplay: very well done. So many quotes to remember.

Music:Fantastic. That's actually the thing I didn't like too much about the second half of the film was how alot of a exciting music was over. but you know. whatever.

Editing: very well done. told the story just fine.

Action: excellent very good work.

and that is my review for The Princess Bride.

The Golden Compass (2007)

My Rating 10%

as far as Atheism goes, my brother and I once joked that the writer of the actual book series was more or less C.S.Lewis' former Atheist side back from the dead and after revenge. (C.S.Lewis was a strong Atheist before he was the famous Christian writer we all know. for those of you who don't know.) Well I got news for you evil Lewis, if this was your revenge, than even Satan is laughing. Because while the book series my be decent from what i understand, this movie is a disgrace.

Plot: In a world where there are talking polar bears, witches, and half the people in the world have daemons which are another part themselves, a young girl named Lyra and her daemon, pan start a journey where she begins to try to understand what exactly this thing called Dust is. She ends up facing Gobblers (people who kidnap children) and travels through a lot of places, meeting witches, earning a contract with a polar bear, and all around protecting a compass that tells the truth.

Now sure, the fantasy world they live in is a little creative. But it is a bit of a challenge to watch this film because it's pretty much boring. Part of it may honestly be because of my beliefs. I mean in the books, it carries on to the the general climax of the trilogy which is attempting to kill God and succeeding. But even then I did not find this film very exciting.

Acting/Characters: Everyone I mean Nicole Kidman did nice being the villain and Ian McKellen did some very good voice acting. But all around, the characters weren't very likable. part of it probably is how they make portray them in this film compared to the books.

Editing: They did good enough for us to know what is going on throughout the movie.

Effects: they were good. and while I didn't like the oscar they got out of it, they still did a good job in making the polar bears realistic.

And that is generally my review for The Golden Compass.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End (2007)

My Rating: 60%

Okay. last film to review before On Stranger Tides so here we go.

Plot: Jack Sparrow has been sent to Davy Jones' Locker, and Will, Elizabeth, Gibbs, Pintel, Regetti and Tia Dalma are attempting to bring him back. meanwhile, with Lord Becket in possession of the heart of Davy Jones, he is able to use Davy Jones to aid him in destroying the pirates for good.

This is mostly a very fun and entertaining movie...but it's also messy and confusing. They often mix you up with things like what is the current matter between Will and Elizabeth, the matter about Davy Jones and his loved one, and with the life as a pirate. With the last one, I am mostly referring to how in this movie, pirates are shown to have a government and in some cases in the movie, piracy is viewed to be a religion. But still, when you leave that aside, it's still has some nice comedy, some excellent action, and the plot is nice enough to make the movie still fairly interesting and have a very satisfying ending.

Johnny Depp/Captain Jack Sparrow: He is so much better in this film. He still focuses more on himself as usual being the pirate that he is, but he still has a the major debate about trying to life forever. But while it makes sense for them to have an imaginary conscience in terms of sort of building the suspense about what he truly wants, I still found it a little unnecessary. But still, there's no problem with him being the guy the still is.
Orlando Bloom/Will Turner: In this movie, he started to become a lot more like Jack...or more like a pirate. doing whatever it takes to free his father even if it causes a problem or two between him and Elizabeth. but hey, he's still a complete bad-a and altogether the Will Turner we know.
Keira Knightly/Elizabeth Swann: well things have certainly changed only a lot since she was just the damsel in distress. Throughout this film she's losing some people she cares about and she become a but bigger pirate than she could ever have imagined back when she found Will all those years ago. Yet still, he shes the only one that states the obvious thing to do while all the other pirates are just being ridiculous in her eyes.
Geoffrey Rush/Barbossa: this was quite the change in character. In fact, this is a good example about how the way to view pirates in this movie has changed. I mean with Barbossa, he fits the bill in the film in terms of being a cold-hearted pirate that "pillages, plunders, rifles, and loots, kindles and chars, inflames and ignites, burns up the city, be really a fright, and be a devil a black sheep, and a really bad egg, Aye, but loved by his mom and dad (*singing* drink up me hearties Yo-Ho! YO-HO, YO-HO A pirates life for me!") but now he's revealed to be a Pirate Lord (which I wonder how...but not as much as I do concerning Jack,) and one of the main leaders in a sense to the pirate government or brethren. and altogether a good guy now. so yeah, big change. But still cool.
Bill Nightly/Davy Jones: Well he's still a cool dark character, tentacles and all. But while I'm alright with his part also including the little love mix, I imagine that most people that are more skeptical than I would dislike it mixing with him also being this cool dark villain.
Chow Yun-fat/Captain Sao-Feng: this was not much of a character. he wasn't there much...really I think they put to much grandeur in this character when it came to the trailers and posters to this movie.

Screenplay: mostly good but it still possessed the lines where they would confuse you on certain things.

Music: I actually really liked the music. I thought it was all very powerful when it came to all the dramatic points in the film and it still made things exciting during all the battle scenes and gave the film a very good ending.

Action: the best.

Effects: they were very good. I dislike how they lost to the Golden Compass. Yes they did a well done job making a realistic looking polar bear. who gives a frick? I mean sure it might've deserved it but I also dislike it because I really did not like Golden Compass.

Editing: It was very good. They made the right type of cuts and camera angles to tell the story and make the action very good.

And that is my review for Pirates of the Caribbean:At World's End. tune it probably a month or more form now when I review the next film.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006)

My Rating: 30%

I've hardly forgotten the day i first heard that there was going to be another Pirates movie. One guy from youth group was wearing a Pirates shirt and when i said "nice" the pointed out that they were making another one. and a while after that, I got excited all the more as it was soon to come out, just watching all of the trailers several times. the general point to this intro is, I had a lot to learn still when it comes to movies before I saw this film.

Plot: Will and Elizabeth are just about to be married when their wedding is interrupted by Lord Cutler Beckett who has a warrant for their arrest for helping Jack Sparrow escape as well as Commodore Norrington who has disappeared. But Lord Becket agrees to release Will and Elizabeth in exchange for Will finding Jack and retrieving his compass. Meanwhile, Jack unexpectedly comes across Bootstrap Bill Turner who informs him that his time has run out and that Davy Jones is coming to collect his soul.

Most of this film is both interesting and goofy. Interesting because of a new story, and new cool villain. But it's goofy in two ways 1)the ways they try to be funny throughout the film, mostly when Will and Jack and the others were trying to escape from those cannibals, which is not a terrible thing, I mean part of what makes the series great is the comedy, especially with Jack, and some things were indeed funny. And i thought the major bar fight in Tortuga but it did take part in making the film goofy compared to the first one. And 2)how much everyone hardly knows what specifically is going on. I mean Jack is advising people to do a bunch of things as if they know everything Jack knows.

Orlando Bloom/Will Turner: Acting was okay. the problem was that they didn't make his role in the film truly as big as they made him in the first one. Nothing really exciting or adventurous was going on for him aside from making a promise.
Keira Knightly/Elizabeth Swann: The character changed a lot. Which is interesting in terms of how she's starting to become the thing she has found to be very interesting for years. But i thought she was really over-acting when Jack, Will and Norrington were starting the sword fight.
Bill Nightly/Davy Jones: I thought he was an interesting character. Part of it is because of how he looks, but just with the particular story and how he interacts with the other characters was interesting.
Johnny Depp/Captain Jack Sparrow: Well, on the bright side, he still was good ol' Captain Jack Sparrow. But he was still goofy, especially on how he was leaving everyone out. I mean in a way it makes sense but still.

Music: still good.

Effects: I thought the ones for Davy Jones and for the wheel thing were definitely good.

Editing: It was what it was suppose to be.

And that is my review for Pirates Of The Caribbean:Dead Man's Chest.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)

My Rating: 90%

I remember the very first trailer many years ago. All it showed was a shipwreck in the middle of a storm with a skeleton still on the wheel of what was left of the ship. Naturally as a little kid, I didn't want to see this because I thought it was going to be a very scary movie and therefore, I was no more ready to see the film than I was to see the Alien movies. Talk about being totally wrong am I right? Because in fact when i saw it, it was not scary at all but a very fun film of excitement and adventure. And since the fourth film is about a month away, I've decided to go through the series so far.

Plot: On a voyage to Port Royal, 12 year old Elizabeth Swann finds a boy named Will Turner who just survived a shipwreck and alarms the crew of the ship to rescue him. As the crew further investigates the shipwreck, Elizabeth looks after Will who is still unconscious at the time, and find a medallion that leads her to believe that he is a pirate and hides it. Eight years later, Elizabeth remembers the medallion and secretly puts it on as she attends Captain Norrington's ceremony were he is being promoted to commodore. During the ceremony, Norrington proposes to Elizabeth, but her new dress become so tight that she can't breathe and falls off the edge and into the ocean. while she's underwater, something mysterious happens with the medallion, but shortly after that, Elizabeth is rescued by Captain Jack Sparrow who i reveled to be a pirate and is arrested. That night, pirates attack Port Royal and as an attempt to make them leave, Elizabeth demands a parley with the captain to leave Port Royal and never return in exchange for the medallion which the pirates take a particular liking for. The captain agree but he takes her hostage so a reason that is left unknown. Having feeling for Elizabeth, Will Turner who is now a blacksmith, frees Jack Sparrow in a attempt to rescue her.

The film is very unique in terms of telling a story about pirates. sure you have this adventure about Will trying to rescue Elizabeth, but then it becomes more than that which makes the film all the more exciting. It just has a very classic story to it bit by bit.

Keira Knightly/Elizabeth Swann: She was a very interesting character with how throughout the film she has this total interest in pirates. And it gets even more interesting when she encounters pirates and other things. All around she did well in terms of playing this though woman who was also at the same time a damsel in distress.
Orlando Bloom/Will Turner: Now by the time i first see this movie, my brothers and I were already well familiar with Orlando Bloom with his performance in the first two Lord of the Rings and we were excited to see him in the third one. With this film, we were just as entertained with him sword fighting, even with two swords which we liked considering how he has two long daggers in LOTR, and how he has his own hero's call and everything else. Will Turner is just a awesome character.
Geoffrey Rush/Barbossa: He did a really good job in making Barbossa dark and mysterious. nuff' said.
Johnny Depp/Captain Jack Sparrow: Jack Sparro- excuse me, CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow is one of the most creative characters I have ever seen. I would seriously love to know how exactly he was created bit by bit with the writers, the director and of coarse, Depp himself. I also would like to see Sean Peen in Mystic River because I would love to know what was it about him in that movie that won him the Oscar for best actor over Depp. Captain Jack Sparrow is witty, funny, unpredictable and altogether strange in a way that's completely entertaining.

Music: It was very good. The score had great songs to make the film either very suspenseful or filled with adventure.

Screenplay: well true, some things were use that were not in the script. Depp actually came up with "savvy? in this film. but with what they came up with, it was still pretty good.

Effects: They were very good. the effects for the Pirates were very well done.

Action: it was very good. Jack and Will's sword fight was the best part.

Editing: Very well done.

And that is my review for Pirates of the Caribbean-The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Scream 3 (2000)

My Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 50%

Well on the upside, it's not as terrible as i thought it was going to be.

Plot: Sidney is not living a private life from the public eye and her friends with a new name. Dewey and Gale start off in this film not together (again), and first thing you know from all that is that another Ghostface is in town and has just killed Cotton Weary along with his girlfriend. As people become aware of that, Ghostface starts to kill of actors who star in the third Stab movie.

the first forty minutes of this film I had two basic words for the film; Batman Forever. Because like Batman Beyond, not only is the movie pretty much bad (thought it has more heart than Batman Forever thank heaven), but it mostly focuses on a sort of distant past which is a mostly boring part of the plot to this film until the climax. However, what saved the movie from being a total letdown to me was the climax. Once everything made sense, then the film got really interesting and more likable than it is at first.

Neve Campbell/Sidney Prescott: she was pretty stone face. I mean that's what she generally is anyway but she was more so than usual. But at least as the movie goes on, she proves herself just as clever and bad-a as ever.
David Arquette and Courtney Cox/Dewey Riley and Gale Weathers: They weren't all that great during a lot of this film. They were either in character or they were not. And they really didn't do much with the romance at all unlike the first two. They reveal what happened since the second film, then nothing really happens concerning their romance at all besides one kiss over Dewey saving Gale from Ghostface for a less than a minute thing, and then nothing happens until the very ends were suddenly they are in love again and taking things to the next level with their relationship. It was just messy all around.
Patrick Dempsey/Mark Kincaid: He played a decent character. he was slightly interesting and I was actually surprised he's not in the fourth movie. Ah well. Let's just hope that later this year he doesn't end up Razzie worthy during Transformers:Dark of the Moon...ah who am I kidding. everyone in that film's screwed. poor Shia. >:(

Screenplay: The sad part in this film is that no one is referencing horror movies at all in this film. I mean sure there is some referencing from that video the characters received from Randy that was made before he died (Poor guy. He was such an awesome character), but after that, the only comedy there was, was one or two cute lines. Because of that, as my brother put it, rather than being a horror movie that made fun of other horror movies, it just became a plain horror film.

Music: eh, it wasn't all that good. didn't really care for it.

Editing: it was just what it was suppose to be.

and that is my review for Scream 3.

The Tourist (2010)

My Rating 60%

well i'll be fair, i didn't expect it to be good at all considering the reviews right here in Rotten Tomatoes. But in the end it turned out to be not all that bad.

Plot: the plot was cheesy in a way. But regardless, what they did made it interesting regardless to me. i won't give any details but in my mind's eye, what they did except for the ending kept me on my seat.

Characters: I thought though Jolie's character's role in the film was predictable, it was interesting regardless when it came to the relationship between her character and Depp's. Depp's character I thought was entertaining and unique in a way as far goes as the character's background and so on. everyone else didn't really matter at all.

setting: i just feel like saying that i enjoyed the setting of the film with it being generally held place in Venice. great beautiful place & all that jazz.

so there's not much else to say. so in conclusion i say, is The Tourist a great movie? No. But as JOlie said at the very end of the movie, "It'll do."

Pocahontas (1996)

My Rating: 60%

simply put, it's another one of my childhood favorites when I was growing up.

Plot: In, 1607, Pocahontas begins to wonder what her path is as her father arranges a marriage to her and the warrior, Kocoum. As she begins to wonder, some British sailors of the Virginia Company come to her land primarily to settle there but mostly for their leader, Governor Radcliffe to find gold. Then world collide as she falls in love with Captain John Smith.

I loved this as a kid when i grew up. I just found it a very lovable film. I still remember very well the time when i had my toy John Smith helmet and sword. Because while it may not have been the greatest thing that came out of the Disney Renaissance, But it still has a lot of the things from music to characters that makes it a fun thing to watch.

Irene Badard/Pocahontas:She's adventurous, curious about the world of the white people and has a care about the life that's in hers (thus the why most people think of Pocahontas when they think of the plot to Avatar.)
Mel Gibson/John Smith: I liked him. He had a way of being adventurous yet caring to what Pocahontas believes.
David Ogden Stiers/Governor Radcliffe and Wiggins: Radcliffe was an interesting villain and Wiggins was an amusing villain sidekick. the only other thing to say is that I thought it was interesting that they are both voiced by the guy who voices as Cogsworth in Beauty and the Beast.
Christian Bale/Thomas: When I got older and became more familiar with Christian Bale, i could not believe that he was the man who voiced as Thomas in this film. not. at. all. that aside, I really liked Thomas. he was a good character.
John Kassir, Danny Mann, and Frank Welker/Meeko, Percy and Flit:They were the comic relief of the film and they were very fun. mostly Meeko and Percy but Flit has her moments too.

Music: Once again Disney especially made a wonderful movie particularly by its music. "Colors of the Wind", "Savages", "Mine, Mine, Mine" and "If I never knew you" (however I dislike what they came up with to add the last one into the film in the extended addition.)

and that is my review for Pocahontas.

Watchmen (2009)

My Rating: 70%

I've heard of how in the past, the graphic novel Watchmen was viewed impossible to make a movie out of. But of coarse they did, and while it's not the best thing based off a comic book, it's still a pretty decent movie.

Plot: In around the 1930's in a alternate timeline, the creation of super-heroes first began when criminals started causing crime dressed up as super-villains and so some policemen decided to do the same and became super-heroes. Decades later there became a new team of super-heroes called Watchmen. During that time, some of the Watchman fought in Vietnam and actually won the war. Later after that, President Richard Nixon is elected president for a third time. However by the time the 80's arrived, the Watchmen have been outlawed by the Congress. However, as some of the Watchmen have been living quietly, things begin to change when one of them, The Comedian, is murdered.

To me the whole story of Watchmen is very, very fascinating. It takes the general story of super-heroes and take it upside down and turns into a different story entirely. This film doesn't completely make it as great as it is, but to me it did its part just fine in bringing it to life.

Malin Akerman/Laurie Juspeczyk-Silk Spectre: the funny ironic thing is that one of my friends, my kindergarten buddy Jordan is a fan of Watchman. And when I saw this film, i thought Silk Spectre looked like her (at least with the eyes and the cheeks I would often say) but she actually hates Malin Akerman's performance as Silk Spectre. But in my opinion, while Akerman doesn't make her as serious as she is in the comics, she did alright with her part all around.
Patrick Wilson/Dan Dreiberg-Nite Owl: eh, I thought he did a nice job of making Nite Owl as he is.
Billy Crudup/Dr. Manhattan: In all fairness, Crudup did a really good job in playing Dr. Manhattan. But that also made him an unlikable character. Mainly in the extent of how he really doesn't care what happens to anyone or anything, and the way Dr. Manhattan was acting like he was in his own world or how he goes from a stoneless face and quit voice to getting really angry when he told the news people and journalists to leave him alone, they made him more like someone who has a form of Autism or Asperger's Syndrome rather than this guy who has turned into this complete mystical being in a sense.
Matthew Goode/Adrian Veidt-Ozymandias: I thought he was fine. did just what he was suppose to do.
Jackie Earle Haley/Rorschach: He was simply the best character in both the book and the movie. He was dark type of super-hero who is described by Nite Owl as "tactically brilliant, and unpredictable". There is no Watchman without Rorschach and they did a really good job with him in this film.

Music: i really didn't care for the music. It was that entertaining. especially not that different version of "Hallelujah".

Editing: Mostly it was fine. However I really feel that they should have deleted the scene where Silk Spectre and Nite Owl do it. That was dumb.

and that is my review for Watchmen.

Space Jam (1996)

My Rating 10%

Once upon a time, there was the Looney Toons who has given made us laugh in the best ways possible through animation. Then there's some famous NBA named Michael Jordon who is some big Basketball hotshot. I wouldn't know specifically since i'm not a NBA fan and I probably never will. Then they decide to put them all together which was a pretty sad day for everyone.

Plot:In outer space, an alien that owns a theme park is trying to find some big new attractions. He decides to order his very small alien slaves to get the Looney Toons as his new attractions. But when the Looney Toons trick the little aliens to thinking they have to defend themselves first, the Toons decide to challenge them to a basketball game as a way of taking advantage of their small height. But when the alien drain the basketball skills off of some NBA players and turn into some mega basketball monsters, they turn to Michael Jordan who has recently switched from basketball to baseball to help them beat the aliens.

okay sure, in some degrees, the makers of this film were smart enough to keep the Toons almost exactly as they are for the most part, but no one is really funny at all. Mostly it's because a lot of the jokes are pretty much the exact same thing as it is in the past. and altogether, this is not an enjoyable film. It's enjoyable to some kids, but in general it's not a good film.

Michael Jordan: He was not a good actor. He was playing himself, but he had a poor way of acting like he should react over things like actually playing basketball with the Looney Toons.
The Looney Toons:I said plenty already about what they did to the Toons. so need I say more?
Bill Murray: He was probably the only good thing in the film. I've come to know Murray with Ghostbusters, Ed Wood, Groundhog day, Zombieland, and a lot of other film over the past couple of years. And it was just nice at first when you see him in the beginning. But when he comes out when the Toons become short one player out of the blue, I laughed. I thought it was the best part of the film.

Screenplay: generally it's bad. And when Michael Jordan tries to find the right words to say good-bye to the Toons in the end, instead of just "you guys are really, really...well whatever you guys are, that's what you are," What he should of said was Looney. and even if that's not the right uncheesy word, he still should've finished that line with saying more or less what they truly are.

Music:Best parts were them playing the theme to the Toons when they get first introduced and the Space Jam song. that's it.

Editing: nothing special to say.

And that is my review for Space Jam.

Quest For Camelot (1998)

My Rating: 20%

now frankly, a fair portion of what i'm going to say is stuff that are pointed out flawlessly well by the Nostalgia Critic, but the good thing is, I have a couple of things to point out too that he doesn't.

Plot: The story begins explaining how there was once war in the land until King Arthur pulled Excalibur from the stone and brought peace and formed the Knight of the Round Table. While telling that, the film is introducing the main character, Kayley who is the daughter of one of the knight of the round table who dreams of becoming a knight like her father (even though in reality she wouldn't because it's the dark ages). Then one day while there was a meeting at the round table, one knight, Sir Ruber reveals his lust for power and tries to take Excalibur only to be defeated, but Kayley's father is killed in the process. Years later after her father's death, Kayley grows up to be this strong-willing but slightly dim-witted girl who still dreams of becoming a knight and going off in a bunch of adventures. But then Excalibur gets stolen by a griffin working for Ruber, but loses it in the process, and at the same time, Ruber attacks her home with a plan to take over Camelot turning his mercenaries into some sort of monsters and by possessing Excalibur. When the griffin who turns out to be working for Ruber informs him that he lost Excalibur, Kayley escapes and goes off into the quest to find it before Ruber does and save Camelot.

Now this movie in incredibly cliche. Plus they are copying off of Disney a whole lot while they are at it. And it is found to have a lot fo things not explained and has a lot of plot holes.

Jessalyn Gilsig/Kayley: So this is really some of the stuff Gilsig has done before Heroes and Glee. I mean while Kayley is strong-spirited, she's also dim-witted like I said. She doesn't even know what a Damsel is. and what especially gets the Nostalgia Critic when it comes to how this movie is copying off of Disney is how she looks almost just like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I mean here's how he puts it while he was reviewing the film; "Okay so little Kayley mourns her father's death, she looks at her reflection on the pool and grows up to b- HI BELLE FROM BEAUTY AND THE BEAST! FANCY YOU FACE BEING SHAMEFULLY USED IN THIS MOVIE! I mean if you just switch places with them you get, yeah it's Belle, it's f*cking Belle." I mean it turns out that they even have Kayley being this girl who works in this farm and is all desiring to go out into the world for adventure. just. like. Belle. song and all...dude, seriously.
Cary Elwes/Garrett:In a way he's fun and charming. But he seems a bit dull the rest fo the time. I especially dislike (and so does the Nostalgia Critic) how he at first points out that he stand alone with this decent song, but then right after it, Kayley convinces him to have her tag along. And one plot hole is while people get changed back to their normal selves/heal but he doesn't regain his eyesight. that's stupid.
Eric Idle and Don Rockles/Devon and Cornwall:They tried so hard to be quite the comedy relief in this film but their characters were so cliche that the characters in general were just a big old FAIL!
Gary Oldman/ Sir Ruber: 1998 was not a good year for Gary Oldman. I mean you have this and Lost in Space where, as the Nostalgia Critic points out, the plays a villain were it's pretty much the same exact thing with both characters except Lost in Space was done "with SPIDERS!" But even then, Sir Ruber was a little messy. You couldn't really take him very seriously as a villain. I mean putting his cliche evil plan aside, while you have some of him being just dark and evil and powerful and can only be defeated by being tricked or some simple flaw to his evil plan, like Souron, Freddy Kruger, Darth Vader or Megatron, at the same time you have him as the villain where everything goes wrong in a cartoon type of way were he simply gives evil a very embarrassing name like Plankton from Spongebob Squarepants, that evil doctor from Phineas and Ferb and other villains from a lot of TV shows.
Frank Welker/Ayden: Welker is doing it again only this time he's a falcon. nuff' said.

Music: Generally it's really bad. I mean on the up side, I thought the first songs was catchy as far as the beginning music with the chorus and all that. And according to the Nostalgia Critic, there's a song that this movie actually got a Golden Globe for surprisingly, which was used in a point in the film that did not fit the scene at all. and sure, like I said, Garrett's song was decent too. But then there's Ruber's song. and it's just terrible. The main thing that's wrong with it is how the music is really catchy, but then Ruber is half singing and half speaking throughout the song and all the excitement you may have had as soon as the really cool dark music starts just vanish like that. and plus the beginning lyrics were just awful. first thing Ruber sings is "Let's go back to war and violence I'm so bored with peace and silence! Nights of evil, filled with fear. Your worst dream, that's my idea of fun! Let darkness find it's sad ways; Let's go back to good old bad days No more foolish acts of kindness." No really. that's what he says. they started with this fil just having him basically saying that he's evil in every cliche way they could think of.

Screenplay: cheesy and cliche. But what really gets you is that one of Ruber's minions is a chicken who has an ax as his beak, and later in the film he becomes good starting with beginning to beat up a bad guy saying "Sometimes I gatta ask myself; Do I feel clucky? Well DO YA PUCK!?!"...I wish I was kidding. He really really said that. What. The. Frick.

and that is my review for Quest for Camelot. Feel free to take a look at the Nostalgia Critic's review for it. it's so much funnier.

Cinderella (1950)

My Rating: 90%

Disney's Cinderella. nuff said.

Plot: (This is the narration that was used in the beginning of the film. I think it prety much sums it up best.) Once upon a time in a faraway land there was a tiny kingdom, peaceful, prosperous, and rich in romance and tradition. Here in a stately chateau there lived a widowed gentleman and his little daughter, Cinderella. Although he was a kind and devoted father, and gave his beloved child every luxury and comfort, still he felt she needed a mother's care. And so he married again, choosing for his second wife a woman of good family with two daughters just Cinderella's age, by name, Anastasia and Drisella. It was upon the untimely death of this good man, however, that the step-mother's true nature was revealed. Cold, cruel, and bitterly jealous of Cinderella's charm and beauty, she was grimly determined to forward the interests of her own two awkward daughters. Thus as time went by, the chateau fell into disrepair for the family fortunes were squandered upon the vain and selfish step-sisters while Cinderella was abused, humiliated, and finally forced to become a servant in her own house. And yet, through it all, Cinderella remained ever gentle and kind, for with each dawn she found new hope that someday her dreams of happiness would come true.

Really, it is altogether a movie of just great family entertainment. It's the simple classic story of Cinderella with a whole bunch of characters to love. The only thing I don't like about this film, and this is based off from watching this film in my English 122 class, how sexist it is through and through. i mean sure it makes sense cause, really this was made in 1950, but still, it has some not so good messages which are still being shown to the kids in our modern world. but hey, even the, it's still a very lovable family film.

Cinderella: The thing I particularly like about Cinderella now that i'm a lot older than i was when i use to watch this movie as a kid, is how she truly is gentle and kind. I mean sure it goes without saying especially since the Narrator points it out early in the film, but I enjoy how it is carried out, particularly in a sort of "love one another"/"Do unto others as they would do to you" type of thing.
The Mice: well obviously you especially have to love Jaq and Gus cause they are pretty fun. Though what I do not like is how you don't really understand what they are saying very much. I mean I only understand them now because I put up subtitles.
Step-mother: She's a completely dark, evil woman, who does not even have super powers or has a way of being deceiving or anything like that, yet what she does makes her one of the best Disney villains there is.
The King and the Duke: they wer funny especially when the duke was trying to inform the king that Cinderella got away and how crazy the king got after that.

Music: "dream is a wish your heart makes", "so this is love" "cinderelly" nuff said.

and that is my review for Disney's Cinderella.

Dumbo (1941)

My Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 90%

Nothing says a good ol' classic from back in those days like an animated movie such as Dumbo.

Plot:Jumbo the elephant who lives in the circus, finally becomes a mother when a stork arrives with a baby. But when the baby turns out to have very abnormally big ears, and people being to make fun of the baby because of it and also naming him Dumbo, Jumbo goes rampant, trying to defend him. As a result, Jumbo becomes locked away and branded as a mad elephant. Dumbo is left all alone until he befriends Timothy Q. Mouse who tries to help him become famous in the circus and convince them to set his mother free.

It's a very fun film mostly for kids but can have its place for adult who did not grow up with it. I mean it has its weirdness, primarily with the Pink Elephants scene (man that was a messed up scene). But it's still among Disney's Classics.

Dumbo: Dumbo is fun silly character. In a way I do wonder what it would've been like if he was able to talk in this film.
Timothy: Personally I like him over just his nice for reasons that are obvious to me, my family and my friends, but Timothy regardless is still a fun character.
Casey Junior: Well okay. The real reason this movie was my favorite as a kid was the fact that I really loved trains as a kid, and there was hardly a better train to love, real or fictional, than Casey Jr. He's just fun to watch through and through from his voice to how he tried to get the train moving in the beginning of the film, and of coarse, his ever lovable theme song.

Music: Casey Junior is a classic song, Baby Mine was pretty good too. nuff said.

and that is basically my review for Dumbo.

Scream 4 (2011)

My Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 80%


Plot: Well now Gale and Dewey are married, Dewey is actually the Sheriff of Woodsboro, and Sidney has come back to Woodsboro during her book tour to her own book concerning the events of the series. But amidst it all, another Ghostface killer is on the loose and once again the survivors have come to try to stop the killer with a new set of characters as usual.

This was a smartly made movie. The first 15 minutes were brilliantly done. It comes back to referencing other horror movies again in just a comedic way, there are twists and times when you get tricked. Throughout the film you are just continuing to guess who is the killer. And with the ending, you think something has actually happened when it actually hasn't. Oh i just want to go on and on as to how that is the case with this film specifically. But i don't want to spoil a single bit of it for any of you guys.

Neve Campbell/Sidney Prescott: the not to good thing about her performance is that she still has a bit of a facial expression that she seems to always use. not all of the time but it seems like most of the time. But it's actually good aside from that because that shows that she is still being the Sidney Prescott we all know and love to this day.
David Arquette/Sheriff Dewey Riley: first off, i love the beginning of the film for Dewey in the extent that he is now married to Gale and has come as far as becoming the sheriff. life is good all around for our buddy Dewey in those extents and i just love that. along with that, i liked that there was more facial expressions and movement for Dewey. I mean it makes sense in the past but he's grown up now. It was time for him for the actor to expand the character more in terms of movements and stuff. So i'm glad they did that.
Courtney Cox/Gale Riley: It was nice for her to be on a different approach this time. Her journalism days are over but she's still trying to solve the mystery in a way that shows that she's still got the moves. It was nice of Cox to keep Gale as she truly was up to this point...especially with it no longer being about her trying to get a story.
Alison Brie/Rebecca Walters: I know Brie through the tv show Community. and I liked her performance. nuff said.
Hayden Panettiere/Kirby Reed: Well she has gotten a bit of tan since Heroes. I also liked her performance and her character all around. She had her funny parts.
Emma Roberts/Jill Roberts: I think she was the best part of the movie. She had a very hard, unique character. A true psycho. She truly lived up to the line: "movie don't make Psychos, movies make psychos more creative."

Screenplay: Very creative, very original. Better than we could have hope I think is what i should say.

Music: I really liked how it played songs very similar to the first one. that was really good. the music was very good all around.

Editing: there were two points in the editing that I did not like. one is when they did a cut to show on character that Sidney has disappeared while that character looked at a dead body, and that there were two point which were only a couple of seconds from each other where the screen went black. the second time made sense but I think neither of them were suppose to be there. But other than that, the editing was awesome. I especially liked how they had things set with the camera angles and the lighting on a set and things like that to set a mood for something that you think is the case but it really isn't. I'm mostly talking about when Sidney meet that one cop who was in the dark through most of their dialogue. That was clever.

Effects: their more realistic like they're suppose to be. nuff said.

and that is my review for Scream 4. It was a wonderful movie bringing Scream back to the way it should be. I hope you guys see it very soon and agree with me. until then, just remember my friends; movies don't make psychos, movies make psychos MORE CREATIVE!!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010)

My Rating: 20%

This is just one of those ridiculous movies that you really know i going to be bad when you see a trailer.

Plot:the great Sorcere Merlin had three apprentices in the 700's. two of them, Veronica and Balthazar fall in love while the third one, Maxim become evil and kills Merlin with an evil sorceress named Morgana. Morgana tries to kill Balthazar afterwords but then Veronica absorbs Morgana's soul in her body. Morgana tries to kill her from within but Balthazar imprisons her in a Grimhold which is magic cell shaped like a nesting doll, as well as Maxim. Then it's 2000 and a 10 year old boy named Dave come into a shop that Balthazar owns and Balthazar sees him as his possible successor. Dave accidentally opens the first layer of the Grimhold which releases Maxim. Maxin and Balthazar battle which leads them to accidentally being imprisoned in a magic Chinese urn. 10 years later, they both escape and as Maxin tries to work his way to free Morgana, Balthazar works his way to train the now 20 year old Dave.

The best part of the film is that it's not taking itself seriously. and that's what makes it slightly entertaining. but even then we are still stuck with a lot of cliche things that happen in the film.

Nicolas Cage/Balthazar: Why Nic? Why? you were so great in Kick-Ass and now you're doing this crap again? I mean granted, Cages' character is a little cute. but there are a lot of way when he doesn't really act like he's into what is happening in the film, primarily when there's some special effect thing happening to his character like that quicksand thing.
Jay Baruchel/Dave Stutler: very cliche character. tries to be funny and he isn't. altogether, i do not like what he seems to be up to since tropic thunder.
Alfred Molina/Maxim: he had his decent part like everyone else. nothing much after that.

Screenplay: it's cheesy but they have some pretty cut lines.

Music: nothing special.

Effects: not that great.

Editing: same thing.

and that's my review for The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010)

My Rating 30%

I remember when this was hitting the theaters and my boss was really interested to see it even if it was just mild-less entertainment...yeah it'd say that's what it really was.

Plot: Percy Jackson is a teenager who lives in New York with his mother and jack-hole of a stepfather. Then one day he gets attacked by a mythical creature asking for a lightning bolt. he's rescued by his teacher who send him, his mother, and his best friend Grover to Half-Blood camp, but when they arrive, they are separated from his mother in the process. at the camp, it is found out that the camp is place where demigods of the greek gods live and that Percy is the son of Poseidon. It is also found out that someone has stolen the lightning bolt of Zeus and as a result, people are trying to get their hands on it which may cause an all out war and Zeus himself believes Percy has it. so after learning a few things at the camp and learning that Hades has his mother hostage, Percy goes out with Grover and Demigod named Annabeth in search for the lightning bolt.

In a way i really wonder about what the book is like. because i've read the plot summery and while this film has a better way of generally telling the story, the book, and actually the book that follow are a little unique. I mostly mean that in the extent of things like how there's a whole bunch of mythical creatures to fight and how not only are the demigods actually around their preteen/early teen years, but a few of them have been known to die a throughout the series. i mean sure, we've seen that idea before with Harry Potter but that mostly happen when they are grown up. these are 12 or 13 year old getting killed by mythical creatures and magic and whatnot. that's just messed up. This is some kid in their late teens that are facing those type of things which is less of a big deal to me. anything else, i don't think a lot of fans liked the sexual humor that was put into this film. and even if they didn't, the humor was just convincing me that they weren't really being too serious with this film.

Logan Lerman/Percy Jackson: eh, he wasn't great, but he wasn't the worst choice for the character.
Brandon T. Jackson/Grover Underwood: He wasn't a particularly fun character. He was most of the comedy relief which made him the main way that they didn't take this film seriously especially with him being the main guy with the sexual humor particularly.
Alexandra Daddario/Annabeth Chase: eh, whatever. same deal and Lerman. Don't really care at all.

as far as other actors, it was interesting yet sad for some good actors to be in this film like Sean Bean. But i think where this movie was a complete fail in term of taking the film seriously (if they were doing that at all) was with Steve Coogan as Hades. that was a complete no-no.

Music: didn't pay attention to the score, but it was nice that they played "Poker Face" from Lady Gaga.

Editing: it was okay, nothing special.

and that is basically my review for Percy Jackson & the Olympians:The Lightning Thief.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tropic Thunder (2008)

My Rating: 80%

When you see the posters for this movie, you start to think it's going to be this totally okay movie with some pretty sweat action with a lot of stars that we love. But i gatta tell ya, when our parents rented this movie on december of 2008, this became something totally different and even better.

Plot: Tropic Thunder is the name of a film based on a book written by a Vietnam veteran that is currently being made by a action actor that is becoming unpopular, a 5 times academy award winner, a rapper and a drug-addict comedian and a newcomer who are all starring in the film. Things do not start well in making the film when the actors behave immaturely and a major explosion on the set was set off when the camera wasn't even rolling. So the rookie director with the help of the author of the book that the movie is based off of and his explosion expert attempt to shoot the movie "guerrila-style" and things to not turn out as planned.

This is a pretty fun movie. it has sort s of action, a whole bunch of comedy and some funny spoofs of real actors and movies. There are some points when things get a little to far, mostly with Jack Black's character trying to grab a gun he has hidden inside his underwear. But other than that it's a very fun movie with a pretty awesome plot, good characters and some pretty fricking good lines either funny or just really bad-a.

Ben Stiller/Tugg Speedman: I liked Stiller's part in the way it's different from a lot of his movie nowadays. And i like Tugg Speedman in how he has these certain goal and how he's a little crazy.
Robert Downey Jr./Kirk Lazarus: THAT WAS DOWNEY!?!?! i mean i know i'm taking it a little to simply in terms of his performance and the make-up but seriously, i couldn't recognize him. In my mind's eye, he wasn't really a match for Heath Ledger with his performance as the Joker. But I would've been happy too if Downey won. he played a very different character and he did a very good job playing it. no questions asked.
Jack Black/Jeff Portnoy: Now with some of the jokes they had for Jeff Portnoy I didn't entirely like his character especially how he gets really carried away with doing things like killing that bat, but in a way he still had some pretty funny jokes. and it was nice to see Jack Black outside of movies like School of Rock and Kunga Fu Panda.
Brandon T. Jackson/Alpa Chino: i'll start of saying that i like the joke where one person totally mistakes his name for Al Pachino. But anyway, Apla was a decent, fun character with a secret was found out with some pretty funny reactions.
Jay Baruchel/Kevin Sandusky: Personally I really like this character. It kind of makes me really hope for the best when it come to the future with Baruchel's career. Which makes it a drag that he's been doing film like Sorcerer's Apprentice (which i intend to review) but also glad that he has done films like How to Train Your Dragon. (which i still need to see)
Tom Cruise/ Les Grossmen: He was a very fun character. and the make-up was good. it was really interesting to see Tom Cruise bald. He had a very fun way with language and he was a nice dancer. However i highly suggest that they do not actually make a movie of the character. This movie is as far as both the homosexual Scientologist - uh i mean straight, fading decent actor, and the character should go.

Screenplay: "I'M A LEAD FARMER MOTHER f*@#(&!!!" best line of the movie.

Music: it was pretty god. i did like that they had Low from Flo Rida. that's a fun song to dance to.

Editing: pretty good. it told the story just fine.

and that is my review for Tropic Thunder.

Monday, April 11, 2011

G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra (2009)

My Rating 0%

...What the frick is this? I mean really, i've done my share of spending my money on foolish things for a short while after i graduated from high school, but i think spending $8.50 on a ticket to G.I.Joe:Rise Of Cobra was one of my most embarrassing moments.

Plot: Two soldiers, Duke and Ripcord are assigned to deliver warheads. but on the way, they are attacked by Baroness and her troops of mega super weapons (or just some big-a guns that are much deadlier than theirs) and Duke and Ripcord are barely rescued by the G.I.Joe team. And while they figure out what their enemies are up to, Duke and Ripcord are trained to become new members of the team.

that doesn't sound like much i know but that's beside the point. This is very, very terrible movie. a lot of what happens is very predictable. more so than Transformers even. i mean in a way it makes sense because later on when the evil plot of the bad guys are found out, it's showing that they make it still for kids...but it's still not a great movie at all. it's just horrible.

i'm only going to name one or two out of the top of my head.
Dennis Quaid/General Hawk: i may have only seen him in okay movies. but still...moan. he can do better than this film.
Sienna Miller/The Baroness: Holy crap that was horrible. and what made it worse was he all around story were she gets all evil but then changes side for love. AAAAAAAGGGHHH!!! so bad.

Effects: they were nothing special. but i thought the super suits in that paris scene were decent.

Screenplay: "You know Duke, this isn't over!" when my dad saw that a couple of months ago and just started at the screen going "yeah that was the worst line of the film."

Music:...didn't pay attention and i don't care.

Editing: well you can give them credit for the action to be decent as far as the editing and you can see better than you do in Transformers. but it's nothing special.

so that is my review for G.I.Joe:Rise of Cobra. i know i wasn't that specific but i didn't want to be specific because just saying that its' really bad should be enough for you guys to stay away. I mean truly, Revenge of the Fallen my have been the true Razzie of '09 but at least with its action and the hot chick with it if you care at all. What good does this movie give you? NOTHING!!!

Inglourious Basterds (2009)

My Rating: 100%

When i first heard about this movie, i thought it was going to be just another mostly bad action movie that was going to be decently fun with all it's action. But boy did i find something else when i finally went to see it in the theaters. I didn't get into liking it too much right away, but when i got over how things were unexpected, this became one of my favorite movies.

Plot:The Bastards are a small band of Jewish-American soldiers who have the most colorful and fun way of killing Nazis. They are assigned to take part in invading a theater to kill Hitler and sever other important members of the Nazis while they are watching a movie of a German soldier who survived an invasion of enemies killing about 300 of them.

Now i know this doesn't sound much. But that's because there's a lot of introduction and minor events in this film that i haven't even gone to and I don't care to for those of you who have not seen this movie. all i can tell you is that with the twist and uniqueness of the cast, and the set of stories, it is one of the most unique and fascinating movie i have ever seen in my life.

Brad Pitt/Aldo Raine:one way i didn't like this at first is how there wasn't a whole lot of Brad Pitt right away. He has a completely fun character. It's just all about killing Nazis.
Eli Roth/Donny Donowitz:Does he have a awesome part in this film or what!?!?! that's just fricking bad-a dude.
Melanie Laurent/Shoshanna Dreyfus: she played a very tough character. What really gets you is how she really remains calm even when Landa is in the room and with all the venom she just pours out against her enemies at the end of the night.
Diane Kruger/Bridget von Hammersmark: she did a pretty good job. such as shame things didn't really go well for her at all throughout the film.
and of coarse,
Christopher Waltz/Colonel Hans Landa: Holy freaking gosh! That was on of the best performances i've seen ever! You just don't quite know what to expect from Hans it just really drives you crazy. no one, i repeat, NO ONE! stood a chance against him at the Oscars. i felt like they really started with supporting actor just to get that over with.

Editing: Very clever use like always. It was a good job for Sally Menke before she died. She will be remembered well. Requiescat in Pace (Rest in Peace)

Music: there wasn't much but when there was it definitely worked. especially with the suspenseful music when Shoshanna's family died.

And that my Review for Inglorious Bastards. It's a very exciting and unique movie in incredible acting and a very unique story all around. i don't know about you but I think this is a movie for all of us to remember for a long time. SSSOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUNNNNNDDDD GOOD!?!?!?!

Undertow (2004)

My Rating 70%

Now this is a strange but interesting film to me. my Post-Production teacher showed me the intro in the beginning of class one day early in the fall semester at film school. from there i eventually decided to borrow it from the library and take a look.

Plot: It's the story of an isolated family, the Munns which consists of the restless teenager, Chris, his father John, and his younger brother Tim. Things begin to change when John's brother Dell comes to claim the gold coins from John that he got from their father.

Now again this is a very strange movie for two ways. one way is because of the editing which i will get to, and the second is how a lot fo things are put into this movie that do not make sense. The best example is the very beginning of the film that introduces Chris' recklessness (don't worry about what i'm going to explain because this doesn't have anything to do with the story of the film at all) it starts out showing that he has this girlfriend, and one day he decides to break a window in her father's house. he waits a while looking at he through the broken window before he runs. Her father storms outside of the house swearing at him and then takes a moment to shoot two Yosemite guns in the air, and then chase him with his dogs. Eventually the police get involved and they begin to chase Chris going through mud piles and just all around acting like it's a chase in the middle of a city even though they are all living in a very small town in Georgia. during the chase, Chris steps on an nail on some wood right through his foot and decides to use a brick to bend the nail so that he can keep running with the nail & board still in his foot. and eventually the chase ends with Chris, for no clear reason, goes to a pond, grabs a rope and swings into the pond. it sounds very messed up but in a way it's interesting at the same time.

Acting: nothing particular to say. Generally no one had any big expressions or anything which wasn't necessarily bad but it did help prove the movie to be very strange.

Music: there was not a lot of it. and even when there was, it was very quite through and through.

Editing: Now this is where the movie was also strange. throughout the film, there were point were a particular shot is repeated, colors temporarily changed or the frame freezes as a way of changing scenes. most of this only happens in the beginning but it still generally happens.

and that is my review for Undertow

Hercules (1997)

My Rating 70%

Hercules. one of the last movies of the Disney Renaissance. yet while it is among the best of the best is really just a decent film to me.

Plot: The evil Greek god, Hades who is the Lord of the Underworld plans to take over by freeing the Titans from imprisonment by his brother Zeus and use them to dethrone him as ruler of the Greek gods. but when The Fates inform his that his plan will fail if Zeus' newborn son Hercules lives to fight against him, he sends his minions Pain and Panic to kidnap the child and make him drink a potion to make him mortal so he can kill him. But the plan is thwarted by a farmer and his wife and because the child did not drink the last drop of the portion, he still gained his super strength. Years later Hercules grows up unable to fit in because of his strength and so he goes to the temple of Zeus to find where he belongs and Zeus appears and tell him his past. Zeus tells him that i he can show himself a true hero on earth his god-self will be restores so he can go back to his family. So Zeus sends him to Philoctetes to learn how to become a hero as Hades' plan is starting to come in motion.

This is another one of those movies were it's not the best film you've ever seen, but it still has the charm and excitement to show that it's still Disney that makes it a good film. The only main things about it is how, like The Hunchback of Notre Dame, it's being historically accurate, more so even.

Hercules: Hercules was a nice decent character, in a way I dislike how you can tell he is very naive and innocent. But I still like him in terms of how he's so determined to find his destiny as a reason of going as far as trying to become a true hero.
Meg: eh, she's pretty-looking for one thing, but in a way her character is mixed in terms of how voice-wise she sounds like some Gothic girl. but at the same time it works as afar as he being this girl who has seen the world plenty as what i really is.
Phil:Danny Devito as a Satyr. simple as that.
Hades: He's a very dark but fun character. I like how he expresses his anger by just lighting up in flames if not getting angry enough to turn a forest into a pile of burnt stems in seconds. and he's fun at the same time with the talent of the voice actor, James Woods. In a way this can a be a prequel for Family guy fans for when they get going to see the fictional character, James Woods based on the actual actor.
Pegasus: Frank Welker does it again voicing as a greek, flying horse. Just giving up the usual.

Music: they weren't the best but they were good. I particularly like "won't say i'm in love" and especially "Go the Distance" as far as the actual idea to that.

and that is my review for Hercules.

Lady Jane (1986)

My Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 80%

Tell me; Have you ever imagined a love movie in general where the couple is a younger Helena Bonham Carter and Cary Elwes? Of coarse you haven't. It's something that no one has ever thought of considering how we are generally familiar with both actors nowadays. However, it turns out (much to my shock when i saw this film) that they did it. it was very early in both of their careers when they were telling the story of Lady Jane Grey.

Plot: Well thanks the Henry VIII's very idiotic and sinful life of trying to make an heir while going through six wives in the process, the kingdom is in turmoil now that he is finally dead and the new king, his son, King Edward VI, is likely to soon join his father due to a sickness that he has had through most of his life (if my historical memory serves right). As a way to keeping the Catholic Mary from the throne, John Dudley marries his son Guilford Dudley to Jane Grey and from there, arranges things for the King so that Jane is next in line for the throne before the King's death. Guilford and Jane do not start off well at first but later they fall passionately in love as their lives change even more when Edward VI dies and Jane become queen.

now this is another one of those film where a lot of it is not really based on fact. it tells the general story about Lady Jane in her part in history but it adds a lot fo things in the process. The main example is that Guilford and Jane were not in love at all. In fact, they lived in separate houses and Jane place Guildford as a duke when she became queen. but that's what makes it a nice film. educational yet puts some things different from the actual story. I just find it an entertaining film.

Helena Bonham Carter/Lady Jane Grey: it just comes to show that Carter has done plenty of different performances before she grew up to become the woman we know and love her to be as all these characters in Burton's movies and became ol' Bellatrix Lestrange. And that King's Speech is not the first time she played a queen of England. She played a rather fun character as Lady Jane and i actually thought the romance between her character and Elwes' was both romantic and fun.
Cary Elwes:I haven't seen him in a lot of movies outside of this film, Princess Bride, Robin Hood: Men in Tights and Ella Enchanted. But anyways, i thought he did a good job as usual from what i know.
the rest of the cast were good. and it was nice to see Patrick Stewart.

Music: just what it suppose to be. nothing else.

Editing: it was fine. nothing special.

and that is my review for Lady Jane.

Tarzan (1999)

My Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 70%

Tarzan. The final film of the glorious Disney Renaissance. Nuff' said as an intro.

Plot:Tarzan is a man who was raised by gorillas after his ship-wrecked were killed by Sabor, a leopard. He grows up learning the ways of the Gorillas trying to please their leader Kerchak. but his world is taken to a whole different direction when other humans such as the hunter Clayton, Professor Porter and the lovely Jane.

This is a very unique take on the story of Tarzan. Tarzan is based on a series of books containing Tarzan's adventures and it has a different take on his original story. for instance, Tarzan's parents were actually killed by Kerchak (who is much more salvage in the books), Clayton is actually the last name of Tarzan's first name, which i don't fully know. His ape-mother Karla was killed earlier in the series but that's lame so it makes sense to keep her alive in his movie. Altogether, it's not one of my Disney favorites, but it still has lots of humor and charm for it to be enjoyable.

Tarzan:The only things i'll say in particular about Tarzan is how A) it's sort of strange yet still cool how Tarzan as all these crazy moves like branch sliding trees and some tricks for when he's vine swinging. and B) his interesting ability to impersonate thing perfectly like animal noises and even gun shots.
Clayton:He wasn't the most incredibly evil Disney villain, but he certainly had a way of being maniacal during the end of the film.
Jane:She was cute looking and a decently fun character. that's all there is to say about her to me.
Professor Porter: silly goofy guy. nuff said.
Terk and Tantor: they were fun, their song with the other gorillas was stupid fun, and Terk was actually voiced by Rosie O'Donnell. nice.

Music: It was just great. the general thing about this film to me is that if you do not really care for the film, you should really at least love the music. it just had a lot of great songs to remember, some of which were done by Phil Collins.

And that is my review for Tarzan.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Scream 2 (1997)

My Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 70%

Some do apparently like this movie better than the first, but to me this is just one of those rare sequels that make out as a nice film.

Plot: it's been a couple of years since the events of the first film. Sidney and Randy are in college with Sidney as a theater major and a new boyfriend and Randy a film major...and still a virgin. Gale and Dewey and no longer in speaking turns after the things Gale said in a book she wrote based on the events of the last film that has recently turned into a movie called Stab. But as things continue to be normal, a killer dressed as Ghostface once again comes to town killing we go again.

Now when i was a kid, i would more or less love sequels no matter what just on the account of the beginning where they are picking up where they left off for the main characters. And the nice thing about the beginning of this film is how it was one of those film that gave out that nice sense of that idea again. cause really, we seldom care less on account of how sequels turn out. i mean off the top of my head with the latest sequels of today, Iron Man and Harry Potter have been the only franchises nowadays where i still get that feeling in the beginning of a sequel. even after that, it was well done in the extent that it was what is was suppose to be and really keeping the audience interested. However, while they made this movie arguably just as good by going through the same basic steps as the last one, that also made the movie slightly predictable while also having some twist and still giving us an interesting mystery as to who is the killer.

Neve Campbell/Sidney Prescott:She still did a pretty good job and i liked the idea of her character going after acting. it's a totally good career for the character for is she goes any further for that.
David Arquette/ Dewey Riley: he's good, i still like his character, but i don't like how he's still a little stone face and being push-over like. i mean it makes sense in a way concerning some things that happen before the events of this film but in a way as far as the acting i would've liked a change.
Courtney Cox/Gale Weathers: I liked the character development and the all around change in character. with her having to debate between her career and Dewey and the others, this helped for Cox to make her character be not as much like Monica Geller in Friends and more as this other character.
Jamie Kennedy/Randy Meeks: Randy is a very fun character and this hasn't changed at all in this film. nuff' said.
Jerry O'Connell/Derek: I liked his character. I mainly liked how much of a loving caring boyfriend he was for Sidney. I mean the singing in that cafeteria or wherever in the middle of the film was fun. That's all i want to say about him.

Music: same deal.

Editing: I think it was nice. just as it was suppose to be.

and that is my review for Scream 2.

Scream (1996)

My Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 90%

Which do you prefer better? Horrors or comedies? because if you particularly like comedies for the most part at the least and could care less about horrors because they scare you, then this is the movie for you.

Plot: This all starts out when a High school girl and his boy-friend are found in her house gutted. the film then moves to Sidney Prescott who goes to the same high school as the two teen that were murdered. Sidney begins to develop fears about the killer as he/she attempts to kills her in her house shortly after the first two deaths. The matter gets more curious as more people die in the hand of this killer.

The best part of this film to me at least is how it completely balances the comedy and the horror in this film. because while it's serious with all the deaths occurring, it has a way of making fun of all the horror movies in the past making it funny. I personally could care less about horror movies concerning how they often creep me out good or bad. so when it comes to this film, the comedy just help make the film much more entertain while still a little scary.

Neve Campbell/Sidney Prescott: one thing I will say about appearance with Campbell is how in this film she kind of looks like Linda Hamilton to me. that aside she was a fun character and did a good job with her role.
David Arquette/Dewey Riley:He didn't seem to be that much into it but i think that's mostly the idea for his character being this inexperienced cop and a bit of a push-over.
Courtney Cox/Gale Weathers: I've come to know Courtney Cox well so far while i'm going through the season of Friends. Which in a way spoils it as far as her character slightly because i see so much of her character in that show. energetic, big smile, very friendly tone, which works plenty with her character being a reporter which there's nothing wrong with that, but i felt they could given her a little more to show more of her coldish determination to just get her story which they did earlier but it began to fade which work but still.
Skeet Ulrich/Billy Loomis: I liked his character as far as how he was this teenage Jake Dawson in a way, and not just by appearance. But what makes his character just as nice is when he shows his crazy self later on that just drives everyone crazy.
Matthew Lillard/Stu Macher: He was a wacky due from beginning to end. nuff said.

Music: they were pretty good. helped plenty to raise the suspense.

Editing: it was very good it worked very well in terms of telling this particular story.

and that is my review for Scream. it's scary, yet funny, and i just totally enjoy it for that.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)

My Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 80%

I first heard about the story of Sweeney Todd from my mother. we heard about this movie and how Depp recently got nominated and she explained it to me. it was only a couple years later when i went to spend the night and my friend Blane's house. Now at this time, Blaine for one was starting to become quite the fan of pretty much any movie that had to do with Tim Burton or Johnny Depp so when i told him i didn't see this movie but i was a little interested in doing so, he didn't have a problem in the world. And I'm glad he showed me it because thanks to him, not only do i enjoy this movie, but I've come to like it all in general...minus the big whistle that would be made every time someone dies in the actual Broadway show. Really hated that.

Plot: 15 years ago, a barber named Benjamin Barker lived a very happy life with his wife and baby girl. But then Judge Turpin noticed his wife's beauty and falsely charged Barker and sentenced him for life in hard labor in Australia. Now he has returned under the alias of Sweeney Todd only to find that his wife poisoned herself when the judge raped her shortly after he was sentenced and the judge has taken his daughter as his ward. With the help of his neighbor from back then, Todd reopen his barber shop waiting for a dark and bloody chance for revenge against the judge. As he waits, he used his shop as a way of making money with his neighbor, Mrs. Lovett with her pie shop by cutting the throats of his patients that won't be missed and turn them into meat pies.

Normally i don't normally take very well to dark and sad movies anymore than i have an interest to a lot of horror or slasher films. But with the musical numbers and being already aware of the story, plus all the other things that i did not know about the story of Sweeney Todd, this to be was a very fun film, the whole setting is very dark and gothic, the blood is very fake but it's more or less suppose to be, i find this a very entertaining film.

Acting/Characters: Now the one general problem with this film is that almost everyone is facial expressionless.
Johnny Depp/Benjamin Barker-Sweeney Todd: Depp was one of the most facial expressionless in this film, but in a way it worked. it showed how he was focused and eager for his revenge. And he showed whether or not he was furious or sad even with that stone face and it worked to me. Granted, the stone face didn't get him any farther than just the nomination when the Oscars came around. But to me, it was good enough as a way of showing how while he is the protagonist of this film, her is also the darkest, evil person in the entire cast.
Helen Bonham Carter/Mrs. Lovett: Carter was probably had the second most facial expression in the film. which in a way helped to make Mrs. Lovett a bit of a interesting character. She has this simple goal to win the heart of Sweeney Todd and is more than willing to help reach his goal even if it's assisting him with his bloody revenge by making meat pies out of his victims.
Alan Rickman/Judge Turpin:while he was very facial expressionless as well as Depp (probably more) it also worked for him as well. It had a way of making his role nice and simple as the events of the film began to unfold due to his actions years ago.
Timothy Spall/Beadle Bamford: Spall had the most facial expression and the most movement out of the entire cast. All there is to say except how his role is very short.
Jamie Campbell Bower/ Anthony Hope: facial expressionless, likable character, nice singing least in the extent that he had a better song concerning a girl (Joanna) than "Maria" in West Side Story (Love the film i'm just say i dislike that particular song.)

Music: the music for both the film and the original broadway musical was done by Stephen Sondheim. and i really liked it. he had a lot of good songs like "the epiphany", "A Little Preist" and "Pretty Woman". the only problem i have with the music with Sweeney Todd in general outside of this film is the high pitched whistle that occurs when someone is killed. when i tried just listening to the original soundtrack when i burned it on two separate cd's I kept getting started every time that went off and i really hated the original music for that. I haven't tried touching let alone listening to my cd's to that musical since. So i particularly enjoy the music to this film because it doesn't have that. probably wouldn't have the same particular effect as it does on the broadway anyway.

Editing: it was very plain and simple. they didn't have to make any numerous hard cuts for any scene or musical number, they just kept the whole thing plain and simple to tell the story.

So this is my review for Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street. it's a very dark movie with some fun music and cast that generally uses very little facial expression and i for one enjoyed it that way.

The Incredible Hulk (2008)

My Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 80%

One thing i wish from when i saw this film is knowing that it was a reboot and not a sequel. because otherwise i found a lot of the beginning of the film extremely confusing. but when that was cleared, i like the story a little better.

Plot: This time, Hulk is created when General Ross assigns Bruce Banner to work on making Super-soldiers in the extent of making soldiers immune to gamma radiation. The experiment fails and turns Bruce into the Hulk and so he becomes a fugitive. For a while, Bruce manages to stay in hiding until the military manages to find him when a drop of blood from a cut gets inside a drink from the factory he works at in Rio and is discovered when a civilian (obviously played by good ol' Stan Lee) purchased the particular bottle and had a little kick to it when he drank it and word got out. when the military comes to Rio, Bruce escapes and eventually goes run away with his former girlfriend Betty Ross, the General's daughter. and meanwhile General Ross assigns a soldier named Emil Blonsky to try out on another super soldier serum in attempt to make him similar to the Hulk in attempt to stop it.

While this is not the greatest superhero movie, it's much more enjoyable than the first Hulk movie. It has a better aim to the general story of the comic with it being the military against the Hulk AND the military trying to make a better version of Hulk in attempt to take him down. Plus we have there being an actual villain that's in someway similar to the hero and the villain was cool and had a simple story in a way, which is something that i think they failed entirely at doing when it came to the first Hulk. plus Hulk is using some of his known abilities such as his clap or him saying "Hulk Smash!" All of which made the movie much more enjoyable.

Edward Norton/ Bruce Banner-Hulk:He wasn't good but he wasn't great. He didn't really seem to try to be much primarily after he escaped from the Military at Rio.
Tim Roth/Emil Blonsky-Abomination: i'd say Roth was probably had the most facial expression in the whole cast.
William Hurt/General "Thunderbolt" Ross: i didn't really try to care about Hurt's performance. cause really he was just what he was suppose to be.
Liv Tyler/Betty Ross: I thought she was the weakest of the main cast. cause really while there was some things different, she was really just being Arwen all over again. and i find that pretty dumb.
the only thing else to say about the cast was the fact that in the end, Robert Downey Jr. made a cameo as Tony Stark. that was nice.

Effects: they were alright. nuthun much but theyw ere what they needed to be with the particular story like The Incredible Hulk.

Editing: it was nice. and MUCH, much better than the first Hulk. really no matter what, it was good just on the fact that it wasn't anything like the editing in the last film.

and that is my review for The Incredible Hulk. not too much but it's more fun and tells the story better.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hook (1991)

My Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 80%

Now I will admit that this movie is not the greatest thing that Spielberg has done. it's a little cheesy and not that big with effects of design. But when you look past that, it still is a very fun film that I for one intend to make it well remembered by my children, and their children, and their children.

Plot: Peter Pan has grown up leaving the world of Neverland and is now a lawyer and is married with two children and has since long forgotten his days of never growing up. But things start to take a turn when Captain Hook kidnaps his children and challenges Peter to settle the fight between them once and for all.

This is more or less similar to the story of Burton's Alice in Wonderland...just better. part of what makes it good is how much heart you know they put into this film.

Robin Williams/Peter Banning-Peter Pan: I find this one of Williams's better movies. I mostly mean that in the extent that this is one of the very rare films like Good Morning Vietnam where he is more on roles that carry out a bit of the potential he has rather than being just some really bad movies like he often does. and while you may it the case still for him in this film, i think you can at least appreciate how much more heart he puts in this one.
Dustin Hoffman/Captain Hook: Now Hoffman makes Hook a very interesting character. Because he gets deeper as he goes compared to how we get generally know Hook from whatever other adaptions there has ever been. His hate for Peter is deeper than ever before, he become suicidal at one point, and even attempts to use Peter's children against him as part of getting his revenge.
Bob Hoskins/ Smee: Smee is different in this film as far as not being clumsy or short, and he's even a good adviser for Hook.
Julia Roberts/Tinkerbell:she was interesting as far as being playful and yet still having those deep feeling for Peter. and it was nice for there being a version of Tink were she actually talks.
All of the children in this film: to me it's a mix. sometimes they actually have some emotion, sometimes they don't. But generally, they are better than a lot fo kid actors that you see in a lot of live-action, kid movies nowadays.

Aside from that, there's nothing else aside from a lot of star cameos that appear in this film such as Glenn Close as a male pirate, Gweneth Paltrow as younger Wendy in a flashback, and George Lucas and Carrie Fischer as a couple that accidentally sprinkled with pixie dust while Tink takes peter to Neverland

Design: this is where the film is strange. i'm mostly talking about some the things that appear in Neverland, mostly in the Lost Boys' hideout with it containing things like some snow and penguins, a basketball court, a skateboarding court (or whatever is the word for the places where skate boarders skate. I don't know. i don't care much about it)

Effects: they are not much, they are pretty good for their time. The effects were actually nominated at the Oscars...but then they lost to Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Who wouldn't see that coming?

Editing: Eh, not much to say for sure, but it was good enough.

Music: two words. John Williams. if you won't like the movie, you should at least like the music.

and that is my review for Hook. it really depends on what you think about this film, but i believe that the general take is that it's actually a very fun movie that should be remembered for a long time.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Spider-Man 2 (2004)

My Rotten Tomatoes (2004)

This one was better in terms of going with the general story of Spider-Man long after he was bitten.

Plot: It was probably been one or two years or so since the events fo the first movie. Peter, now living by himself, is going through some struggles with losing his job, facing financial difficulties and keeping up with his studies in college. He comes across his science idol, Otto Octavius who is working on a project at Oscorp Industries where Harry is now president after his father's death. Meanwhile, he hears from Mary Jane that she is seeing someone who eventually proposes to her. Things begin to change then when Octavius's experiment goes wrong.

What made this one better is that it outlined the general story of Peter trying to balance out his crime-fighting duties as Spider-Man and with his normal life as Peter Parker. Plus, we have a better story concerning the romance between him and Mary Jane and the main villain is Doctor Octopus who is one of the deadliest villains Spidey has faced.

There is no particular change for Maguire, Dunst, Franco, or Simmons (which is very lovely with the last one particularly) so I will skip them.
Rosemary Harris/Aunt May Parker:This is where he part gets better because he become more of what Aunt May truly is; a very strong-willed, spirited woman who always had some sort of wisdom for Peter throughout his life.
Alfred Molina/Otto Octavius-Doctor Octopus: This is another example were just for the particular story of the film based on a comic series, there isn't too much on the character you can say is good or bad comparing it to the same character from the series. Doctor Octopus is this raving mad scientist who mostly infiltrates science facilities or power plants in order to work on some experiment or just to cause a little bit of chaos somehow. here we have the Doc having his arms temp him to reattempt the experiment by stealing money so he can buy the things he needs to make it again. in a way it's a little goofy, but still interesting with the story they have for this film. and even fi you don't like it, well hey, we still get to see Doc Ock fight Spidey. nothing wrong with that.
Other than that, I'll say that i do want to see this movie again now that i know that the banker turns out to be Joel McHale.

Effects. they were good. and i especially liked Doc Ock's arms they were cool.

Music: nuthun else to add aside from Doc Ock's theme being nice.

Editing: It was good.

So that's my review for Spider-man 2