Friday, April 15, 2011

Dumbo (1941)

My Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 90%

Nothing says a good ol' classic from back in those days like an animated movie such as Dumbo.

Plot:Jumbo the elephant who lives in the circus, finally becomes a mother when a stork arrives with a baby. But when the baby turns out to have very abnormally big ears, and people being to make fun of the baby because of it and also naming him Dumbo, Jumbo goes rampant, trying to defend him. As a result, Jumbo becomes locked away and branded as a mad elephant. Dumbo is left all alone until he befriends Timothy Q. Mouse who tries to help him become famous in the circus and convince them to set his mother free.

It's a very fun film mostly for kids but can have its place for adult who did not grow up with it. I mean it has its weirdness, primarily with the Pink Elephants scene (man that was a messed up scene). But it's still among Disney's Classics.

Dumbo: Dumbo is fun silly character. In a way I do wonder what it would've been like if he was able to talk in this film.
Timothy: Personally I like him over just his nice for reasons that are obvious to me, my family and my friends, but Timothy regardless is still a fun character.
Casey Junior: Well okay. The real reason this movie was my favorite as a kid was the fact that I really loved trains as a kid, and there was hardly a better train to love, real or fictional, than Casey Jr. He's just fun to watch through and through from his voice to how he tried to get the train moving in the beginning of the film, and of coarse, his ever lovable theme song.

Music: Casey Junior is a classic song, Baby Mine was pretty good too. nuff said.

and that is basically my review for Dumbo.

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