Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006)

My Rating: 30%

I've hardly forgotten the day i first heard that there was going to be another Pirates movie. One guy from youth group was wearing a Pirates shirt and when i said "nice" the pointed out that they were making another one. and a while after that, I got excited all the more as it was soon to come out, just watching all of the trailers several times. the general point to this intro is, I had a lot to learn still when it comes to movies before I saw this film.

Plot: Will and Elizabeth are just about to be married when their wedding is interrupted by Lord Cutler Beckett who has a warrant for their arrest for helping Jack Sparrow escape as well as Commodore Norrington who has disappeared. But Lord Becket agrees to release Will and Elizabeth in exchange for Will finding Jack and retrieving his compass. Meanwhile, Jack unexpectedly comes across Bootstrap Bill Turner who informs him that his time has run out and that Davy Jones is coming to collect his soul.

Most of this film is both interesting and goofy. Interesting because of a new story, and new cool villain. But it's goofy in two ways 1)the ways they try to be funny throughout the film, mostly when Will and Jack and the others were trying to escape from those cannibals, which is not a terrible thing, I mean part of what makes the series great is the comedy, especially with Jack, and some things were indeed funny. And i thought the major bar fight in Tortuga but it did take part in making the film goofy compared to the first one. And 2)how much everyone hardly knows what specifically is going on. I mean Jack is advising people to do a bunch of things as if they know everything Jack knows.

Orlando Bloom/Will Turner: Acting was okay. the problem was that they didn't make his role in the film truly as big as they made him in the first one. Nothing really exciting or adventurous was going on for him aside from making a promise.
Keira Knightly/Elizabeth Swann: The character changed a lot. Which is interesting in terms of how she's starting to become the thing she has found to be very interesting for years. But i thought she was really over-acting when Jack, Will and Norrington were starting the sword fight.
Bill Nightly/Davy Jones: I thought he was an interesting character. Part of it is because of how he looks, but just with the particular story and how he interacts with the other characters was interesting.
Johnny Depp/Captain Jack Sparrow: Well, on the bright side, he still was good ol' Captain Jack Sparrow. But he was still goofy, especially on how he was leaving everyone out. I mean in a way it makes sense but still.

Music: still good.

Effects: I thought the ones for Davy Jones and for the wheel thing were definitely good.

Editing: It was what it was suppose to be.

And that is my review for Pirates Of The Caribbean:Dead Man's Chest.

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