Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Godfather (1972)

My Rating: 100%

I know, I know. It's predictable as far as what i'm going to say. but you know what, screw it. Just because I'm going to praise this film like everyone else, doesn't make it less true that this is the greatest film ever. plus i've almost written 100 reviews, so i'm making sure I don't reach 100 without writing my review fo this masterpiece.

Plot: The movie starts in 1945 where the mob in New York consists of The Five Families. They are the Corleones, the Cuneo's, the Tattaglias, the Stracci's and the Barzini's. The main characters in this film are the Corleones, lead by their leader, Don Vito Corleone, or "The Godfather". The movie begins with the Godfather's daughter's wedding where his youngest son, Michael, returns from World War II with his girlfriend Kay Adams. And you know what, for those who haven't seen the movie, that's all i'm going to say from here.

Now the truth is, I didn't love this film right away. Mostly because I didn't really get it. I mean i got the general gist, but that was it. But i got to understand it better when I watched it more than once and played the Wii game which helped me understand things better like knowing a lot of the characters and being familiar with the Five Families and all that. After that, i began to understand and appreciate it more and began to love it after seeing it so many times now.

James Caan/Santino "Sonny" Corleone: He did a pretty good job. It was messed up to see him the first time considering that I saw Caan in Elf before I saw this film. But yeah. He was pretty good.
Richard S. Castellano/ Peter "Fat" Clemenza: I enjoyed him. He was a fun character.
Robert Dunvall/Tom Hagan: Tom is my favorite character. He's was a much more lovable character than the rest. The was smart, had a nice background story. and let's not forgot his time earlier in the film with that producer. I just really like him.
Al Pacino/Michael Corleone: And so it begins. For those of you who haven't seen it yet, don't worry about what I mean. But this Is quite the character. He goes through so much in this film and Al Pacino does an excellent job acting it all out.

And Of coarse...

Marlon Brando/Don Vito Corleone aka The Godfather: Now part of why I didn't care for the film too much at first was how Brando wasn't in the movie all that much. I mean i've heard about the character from spoofs of the film like Men in Tights and all that. But thankfully i've gotten over it and just stuck with knowing that this is an excellent character. and I have been thinking about watching and writing reviews for all fo his movies. so yeah.

Music: It was excellent. Very classic songs.

Editing: Very well done. I mean it does show you one of the worst fist fighting scenes ever, but WHO CARES!?!?! That doesn't really make the movie any less good. Most people probably haven't even noticed that anyway.

And that si my review for The Godfather. It's the best film ever made and i'm glad I finally wrote my review on it before i've written more than 100 reviews.

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