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The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King (2003)

My Reviews: 100%


Plot:1)Frodo, Sam and Gollum are making their way to the secret stairs into Mordor, unaware that Gollum has a trap for them.
2)after Pippin looks into the Palantir that he found when the fellowship visits Isengard, he find out Sauron's plan to attack Gondor and siege the city of Minas Tirith. SO Gandalf takes him to the city and come intothe company of Denathor, Borimir's father who has gone a little crazy since his son's death, and Faramir who retrated to Minas Titith after the orcs finally tok over the defenses of Osgiliath. From there, Sauron begins to prepare for the final battle of their time with 200,000 orcs heading to Osgiliath lead by the lord of the Nazgul: The Witch-King of Agmar, and the orc captain, Gothmog.
3)After Pippin lights the beacons in Minas Tirith declaring that Gondor calls for aid, Theoden musters the Rohirrim and prepares for battle with Merry as his esquire.
4)At the Rohirrim encampment, Aragorn is met by Elrond who tells him Arwen is dying because Sauron's power is growing. He also gives him the sword Narsil, reforged as Anduril, and sends him on a mission with Legolas and Gimbli to recruit certain 'men' that live in the mountain to fight in the final battle.

This was...well...perfect. It was beautiful, it was grand, the action was big and it blew you away everytime. and you still HAVE to see it extended edition because it makes the film all the more grand. there were so many powerful moments such as Pippin's song, Gandalf's talk about death, Sam talking about the shire to Frodo, and everyting at the very end. the end is powerful, saddening, beautiful, it touches you deep down every time. This was just a wonderful movie.

Elijah Wood/Frodo Baggins:Still did an excellent job. showing how Frodo went through so much and how everything felt just perfect when the climax is over. He did a wonderful job with the character throughout the whole trilogy. And we'll all look forward to see him in The Hobbit.
Sean Astin/Samwise "Sam" Gamgee:Excellent job still. and you just have to love how he has his big moment of being "Samwise the Brave" with Shelob. You just have to love Sam with how everything has worked out for him.
Viggo Mortensen/Aragorn: Now the one deal I have about Aragorn is that they never really went deep in explanation why he turned into exile, or why he all of the sudden decided to put aside the life of a Ranger when Elrond came. But at the same time, WHO CARES!?!?!!?! the fact remains is that he's back on track now, he's an ultimate bad-a and he lead the armies of Gondor and Rohan to their final hour. We all just love Aragorn.
Orlando Bloom/Legolas:He was still Legolas. and that's awesome. We will always remember his moment killing that Mumiki.
John Rhys-Davies/Gimbli: He was still Gimbli, was bad-a and as hilarious as ever. You especially have to have the extended edition partly just over how much more comedic moments there were of Gimbli. he's the best.
Ian McKellen/Gandalf the White: Same with Legolas and Gimbli, he was still Gandlaf. McKellen did an excellent job portraying this character and he will be premembered well for it.
Andy Serkis/Smeagol and Gollum: It's a shame that he was CGI because otherwise he probably would've gottn a best supporting actor nomination if not win for that role. either way, he really should have. Smeagol and Gollum were very fasinating and unique characters and they will always be remembered as such.
Dominic Monaghan/Meriadoc "Merry" Brandybuck: Acting out a character that goes through a major journey may not have really ended for Monaghan after this film, when it comes to LOST, but that doesn't mean he still has a memorable character for all of us to remember with his place in the War of the Ring.
Billy Boyd/Perregrin "Pippin" Took: I enjoyed Pippin most in this film because from here his courage and bravery is shown after being only known as a "Fool of a Took". It is a bummer that they don't add the part in the Black Gate where he actually slew a troll like he did in the book, but hey, his part in the battle is still there.
Bernard Hill/Theoden: He still did good. and his speech along with seeing all 6,000 of the Rohirrim was awesome.
Miranda Otto/Eowyn: She still played that lovable character and you have to like how it all turns out for her.
Karl Urban/Eomer: did a very good job, especially when he found Eowyn after the battle. that was very well done.
David Wenham/Faramir: f you haven't started to care or love Faramir due to the fact that you haven't seen Two Towers extended edition, you will now after looking at the relationship between him and Denethor. It was just so well portrayed and Wenham did a good job with it.
John Noble/Denethor:What can I say, he did a pretty good job at being a crazy Stewart of Gondor.

Effects: wonderful as usual. such brilliant CGI that looks so realistic.

Music: Still excellent. as far as favorites, I'd have to say the entire ending, "The House of Healing", Pippin's song, the music for the battle of Pelennor fields. But what I think is the most powerful of the songs is "Into the West" It was a perfect way to conclude the ending. I mean the first lyrics are "lay down your sweet and weary head, night is falling, you've come to journey's end." That type of song to hear just making it as powerful and sad as any ending could be after everything we experienced with the entire trilogy. The major journey is over and how it's time to rest now that you've reached the end. I mean I find that so powerful that I want to know when I'm going to die so that, that song is one of the last songs i ever hear as part of the conclusion of my life. if not that, at least have it played in my funeral, which is something one of my best friends said he wanted during his funeral after we were coming home from watching the movie last night. It's just that powerful.

Editing: beautifully, done, you understand everything, you know where it's all taking place, you have a clear sense of that world. It goes without saying that they rightfully deserved best Editing for this film along with the other 10 Oscars they won that year.

And that is my review for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. It's a brilliant movie, one that should be remembered for generations to come, it probably will always be my very favorite film of all time just as much as the entire series will be my favorite trilogy of all time.

So everyone, that's review #100. I just want to say thank you very much, all of you for reading and commenting on my reviews. I enjoy writing them and there's still more to come from little ol' me. from here I have my next 10 reviews set on doing Easy-A tonight, the older Winnie the Pooh, Transformers:Dark of the Moon, and the first 6 Harry Potter movies along with the final one. I have already reviewed part 1 of Deathly Hallows, but don't worry, I'll send you guys that review again for those of you who have not read it, after i write for the first 6 films. from there along with other film, i shall get back into my quests with all the main Disney films and all films with Marlon Brando. See you until then and again, thank you very much for reading and commenting on my reviews guys, i do appreciate it.

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