Tuesday, June 7, 2011

X-Men: First Class (2011)

My Rating: 85%

The thing I liked most about when I went to see this movie is that i never saw a trailer for it so I was mostly, generally clueless at what was going to happen.

Plot:In 1944, Eric Lensherr is taken to a concentration camp and when Dr. Schmidt find out that he can control meddle the tries to exercise the boy's power by making him try to move a small coin. When he couldn't, he kills his mother which causes Eric to destroy the lab with his powers in rage. Meanwhile, in Winchester, a young telepath named Charles Xavier finds Raven, a shape-shifter and takes her to live with him as he is delighted to know that he's not the only one that is "different." 16 years later, Eric is on a hunt for killing former Nazis as a way of having his revenge while Charles forms a thesis about mutation at Oxford University while Raven lives with him. While that is happening, FBI agent Moira MacTaggert is investigating in the Hellfire Culb and discovering evil mutants Emma Frost, Azazel and Sebastian Shaw who turn out to be Schmidt making a deal with a general. When no one believes her, she come to Charles and find out that he's a telepath and uses him and Raven to find out who the other mutants are. While he's on it, they bump into Eric and convince him to join with them to try to beat Shaw together.

This was a very entertaining movie. The only things about it is that it does fail to have a lot of action more or less like the rest of the X-men films but it was still good. Another problem I had with it though was with the connection is supposedly has with the rest of the films. Especially Emma Frost considering the character was also in X-Men: Wolverine and that Emma wasn't telepathic or majorly hot as heck. But that doesn't really stop it from being a very entertaining film whether it's meant to be in the same franchise as the other X-men films or not.

James McAvoy/Charles Xavier aka Professor X: Now this was an interesting character. He was young and had a lot to learn while still totally on the good side. not to mention was a little wild before he met with MacTaggart.
Michael Fasbender/Erik Lensherr aka Magneto: His character went without saying. It was obvious what he was after and we knew how it was going to end. But it still was nice what kind of character he was as far as his part about him use to actually be very good friends with Xavier and with there use to be good in him.
Keven Bacon/Sebastian Shaw: Interesting villain. especially with his particular power.
Jennifer Lawrence/Raven aka Mystique: She was interesting because of her origin. How different the Mystique from the past is from the mystique we all totally know from the rest fo the series. And it actually makes me wish they make a fourth movie just to reveal what happens with her and Magneto now that you know their past along with what they left you hanging with at The Last Stand.
January Jones/Emma Frost aka The White Queen: Emma frost I don't really understand to well about even though I have read plenty of comics with her in it. guess I have more work to do to understand this character. But either way, she was interesting.

Music: It was good except for the scene where Eric kills a couple of former Nazis at a bar. I thought the choice of music to that was weird.

Editing: It was good. What i personally liked was the beginning with the first scene of Eric and Shaw and it starts out making you think it's an ordinary office, but then it cuts to the other side of the room to show that there's a lab on the other side. I thought that a little surprise was cool.

And that is my review for X-Men: First Class. Very entertaining. actually it's better than the rest of the film to me.

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