Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Superman (1978)

Rating: 75%
In a few months we will have Man of Steel, so for a while I've been watching a couple of shows like the animated series, Smallville (at least right until the beginning of season 4. After that, I just skimmed through the plot summaries for the rest of the series to know how it end because it got old after a while), and even the first two season of the animated series of Justice League just in case. But now it's time for me to see and review all the Superman films to date.

Plot: When planet Krypton is on the verge of destruction, scientist Jor-El sends his only son, Kal-El to Earth where the atmosphere there will give him superpowers. Once he's on earth, he's raised by farmer Johnathan Kent and his wife Martha who name him Clark. Eventually when he gets older he leaves to find out what his purpose is and finds his calling in the Arctic where he uses a crystal left from Krypton to make the Fortress of Solitude were a vision of Jor-El reveals to him his true identity and educates him of his powers to become the one and only SPIDER-MAN- I mean SUPERMA- aw who am I kidding, SPIDER-MAN!!!!!

Yes everyone knows this is a classic. It was the first major superhero feature film, it was a huge critical and commercial success, heck, the character Superman is ranked #26 on AFI's top 100 Heroes and Villains. Would I say it has some darn good reasons to be as memorable of a super hero film as it is today? Sure. Would I agree to Superman deserves to be ranked so high among our top heroes from film? Eh, not for me personally, but I can understand why people would think that. In retrospect, this take on Superman is possibly a big reminder of how people are suppose to take the possible original idea of a superhero around that time heroes like superman and batman were created in the 30's. How they're the inspiration of being a great person who does good. Because Superman here is kind of shown to be a perfect person in a way because he's nearly invincible, he uses his powers to do all sorts of good, he never lies, all that good stuff. So I personally prefer more developed heroes or heroes that aren't as simple as this with their character or their powers like Batman and practically everyone from Marvel. But considering how Superman gives us this reminder if you will of the original idea of super heroes, I can understand why AFI would rank him so high in that list. And how they give us this hero with this particular story from this particular take on him also makes it little wonder that this is a classic. It's a very simple-minded film that just basically just gives us the plain, general story of Superman. But I think my big issues with this film are how...some of the takes of the other characters I thought were off. Mostly with the take on Lex Luthor. When I think Lex Luthor, I take him a this total evil kingpin who's really ruthless and cold hearted, or can be cold-hearted like in the recent comics and shows. But here, he kind of acts like a silly childish villain with the dim-witted sidekick and everything. Now I know that's how it's suppose to be for this film since it's especially made for kids. I mean come on. It's Superman. But I honestly find it an issue that a super villain who over the comics control a very ruthless empire and later has done stuff like having his own super suit and also was the President of the United States once, is depicted here to be...really just a silly villain. I mean he is evil, don't get me wrong, he did have a really evil plan and everything, but other then that I thought this was kind of a downplay of this particular super villain. Other then that, the other thing I would mention is just how classic the soundtrack is. I mean that goes without saying just with the fact alone that it's John Williams (I mean DUH!!!!!), but fact is fact, it's a darn good soundtrack. It's big, it makes you feel heroic it goes without saying that it's a theme that's going to be remembered for a long time. And with that said, Hanz Zimmer has some pretty big shoes to fill when it comes to his score is for Man of Steel.

And that's my review for Superman. It is not a perfect movie considering certain things like the the film's take on Lex Luthor as a villain. But otherwise it had classic theme music, a well structured that that all around did what it was suppose to do: give us the general, all around story of Superman from start to finish. It's a reminder of how super hero movies around our modern time began, and is all around a nice film that you should make sure you've seen at least once.

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