Saturday, October 9, 2010

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008)

My Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 0%

now when i put this movie on hold on my online library account, i KNEW it was going to be a bad movie...but i had no idea that they would practically put WORK into it being bad.

for storytelling, it was only good just to introduce comedy from the battle droids that's suppose to be just for the 7 year old's, and preparing the matter of Anakin having an apprentice during some of the later days of the Clone Wars for the TV show that goes after the movie. otherwise, it's just, one character telling the other this...and there you having it...just all sloppy and robotic.

the action was just weak. just for the kids obviously. i mean the lord knows that if i was a kid when i saw this movie, there would be no end to it. i would just flap and daydream to kingdom come over jedi & clones & battle droids like the movie/video game obsessed, autistic child I was. as it is, i saw it just around a month or so before i turned 20 were not even the lightsaber dueling was cool...AND I STILL LOVE LIGHTSABER FIGHTS...OR LIGHTSABERS TO BEGIN WITH!!! seriously, i mean the action was great in movies 1-3 just because of effects. but still, you can at least enjoy the battles in 1-3 in some degree unlike in this movie...yes, even the one were Jango Fett just kept on shooting at Mace Windu just to lose his blaster and his head upsetting many fans. cause yeah, there's little taste in the action from this movie.

now comedy...i hardly want to bother. most of the comedy they try it with the battle droids. main example from two battle droid halfway through the movie were one is being the smart one and the other is just being an idiot. oh and here's were i'd love to know what the writer were thinking when they came up with this: the battle droids & their base on top of a very tall canyon right? the smart battle droid tells the dumb one to use his electric binoculars or whatever to look down at the very bottom were the clones are. it does so but leans to much that it loses it's balance and falls off the cliff. and just as it begins to hit the ground, totally destroyed it shouts out "Oh my God!!!"... no seriously. a robot from a far away galaxy were the most you can believe in is the force... says OMG...FAIL!!!! and the best the smart battle droid can say while the other one is dead is shout "Get back here Sargent!!!" even as i kid i wouldn't think that was funny. and as i kid i laughed out loud at things like Mushu saying "they just popped out of the snow like daises" in Mulan. or the little bat saying "so long everybody" in the end of Anastasia.

altogether, it's a terrible movie, you'd have to be someone who is some all around star wars fan like me to even see it...and we can give Lucas some credit for just being an executive producer fo the whole good job George. you get some points back. enjoy it before you lose it and more if you make another Indiana Jones. and that's my review of this horrible movie.

The Private Life of Henry VIII (1933)

My Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 90%

this is definitely a movie to see if you want to see about about the wives Henry VIII has after Catherine and Anne Boleyn.

anything else, i liked how Henry VIII ended the movie saying "Six wives, and the best of them is the worst." i thought that was cute as far a the character and all that.

Into The Wild (2007)

My Rotten Tomatoes rating: 70%

I enjoyed this movie for the general part. i know most of the story from when we read the book in English during my junior year in high school and it was nice.

to be honest, i'm pretty sure most of what i think is just based on how most of the experience of the movie was based on just watching things i to remember or know from the book, things that were from the book but i forgot, and things that were not in the book at all.

the acting was pretty good. Hal Holbrook did a ... nice job playing Ron Franz. i don't know much about the nominee's from the best supporting actor award at the oscar's aside from the guy from No Country for Old Men who won along with Holbrook, and granted i thought there should have been more to show for Holbrook to shine (i mean we wasn't going to win anyway but still.) but he did good.

i liked the editing when it came to how they told the experience McCandless had especially when he reached Alaska and afterwords.

all around, it was well done to at least make a nice movie about a moving, true story.