Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Schindler's List (1993)

My Rating: 100%

I think out of the plenty of ultimate classics; that I have failed to see for so long that I'm starting to see now, I think as far as what it brings, this one is the one I wish I especially saw sooner.

Plot: It's based on a true story about a businessman named Oskar Schindler of the Nazi party, who makes a factory working on army mess kits using jews and his employees during the German-initiated relocation of Polish Jews or 1939 because Jews costs less than catholic poles. But when SS Lieutenant Amon Goeth completes the new concentration camp, Schindler become affected when he witnesses from the hills, Goeth's men murdering countless jews from the ghetto. He nevertheless carefully befriends Goeth and uses him to build a sup-camp in order to keep his factory running and to keep his workers fro being randomly executed. and through that, Schindler start to work on helping as many lives a possible.

This is a very moving movie. The acting is well done, the story is powerful,'s a fricking good movie. They did a particularly good job with showing what it was like for jews at that time. Especially with the random killing. I mean the massacre at the ghetto was pretty brutal and if that wasn't enough, there's still things like seeing all those corpses being burned or all the ash coming from the chimney. And let's not forgive the symbolism with the little girl in the red dress and the candles.

Liam Neeson/Oskar Schindler: This was a very unique character...and Neeson didn't WIN FOR IT!?!?!?! I mean in all fairness, I haven't seen Philadelphia, but from what I understand about that movie comparing Hank's characters to Neeson's, it was a completely stupid choice. I mean it's no wonder that Oscar screw-up was at least nominated during Lord Naseby's blog of the biggest oscar f-ups. This character was unique in how he was playing both sides and even if he was more in the right one, he still would drink and sleep with women. But his last scene was the best part. I mean the pastor to my church has played it during a service at least a couple of times when his particular message has to do about helping or saving others. Just...well done Neeson. Well done.
Ben Kingsly/Itzhak Stern: So this is what this Kingsly fellow has done some excellent work before making movies like Prince of Persia and Tuck Everlasting. Well I have to say that Stern was a pretty good character.
Ralph Fieness/Lieutenant Amon Goeth: Gee, it's been enough that it's been over a month since witnessing the death of the Dark Lord Voldemort after ten years of my childhood spent on waiting for that moment, and now I find out that ol' Voldie has done things a bit more cold-hearted than just in Harry Potter. I mean he was killing people at random. and it seemed like he liked doing it. And I thought it was interesting when he started to get a little soft halfway through the film. and I can't believe he didn't win... I mean that f-up won in Naseby's blog so, if it was a heck of a mistake for Neeson to lose...I don't know if I want to see The Fugitive to know how big that particular mistake was.

Music: It was very good...then again, it was John Williams.

Editing: it was very well done. It won for best editing so it goes without saying that they did an excellent job.

And that is my review for Schindler's List. It is an excellent film, and I wish I saw it sooner.

Planet of the Apes (1968)

My Rating: 60%

It wasn't until shortly before my family and I went to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes that I finally went to see this film. but by the time I did, I already knew the general bit of this entire movie, so bear with me with what I'm going to say about this film.

Plot: Astronaut Taylor and his partners were in hibernation in space for slightly more than two thousand years until they finally crash on an unknown planet. One of them died in space while the rest of them went off to find life in this world. as they go deeper into the desert, they encounter some humans that are mute and primitive. But then some apes in horseback attack the humans and the astronauts killing one and capturing Taylor and another one who is knocked unconscious. The Apes are discovered to be able to talk unlike the humans and live in a strict caste system.

Don't get me wrong, this for the most part is creative and is well done. The problem is, I already know exactly what happens. I've heard about what happens, I've seen the musical spoof that's done in The Simpsons, and over a decade before that, I saw some thing where they showed how much Homer was impersonating the reaction to Tyler seeing the statue of liberty. and not only was there hardly anything unexpected, nothing went on after that. I mean there's the sequels but I wish there was something unexpected in just this particular film besides a few classic lines, getting to know the characters and a few other odds and ends. So that felt a little boring while kind of interesting to me.

Charles Heston/Taylor: He did a pretty good job at his character. I'm a little curious as to hwo things go for him in particular in the sequels.
Roddy McDowall and Kim Hunter/Cornelius and Zira: You do have to dislike how things go all around for them. they get so shut out. I did like how Zira looked with her hair & all as far goes as making the apes like we human are at that particular time.

Music: eh, nothing special to me. just same stuff from back in the time.

Editing: eh, it did it's job. nothing much.

and that is my review for Planet fo the Apes. I think it's okay but it has been spoiled too much for me.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)

My Rating: 70%

Well I saw this shortly after seeing the original film like I said in my review to those films. So here's what I got for this film.

Plot: Will Rodman is a scientist working to find a cure for Alzheimer's disease. He tests his current cure for Alzheimer on chimps. but one starts to attack and then gets put down and i later turned out to actually to have been doing that to protect her baby. Will takes the baby home and names him Caesar when he discovers that the chimp has the cure passed down through his genes . Caesar grows up to gain high intelligence and develops very quickly. as the years go on, Will uses the cure to cure his dad who has Alzheimer's, but the cure doesn't last, and eventually the Alzheimer's comes back and hit his father worse to the point where the unwittingly tries to drive a neighbor's car. When the neighbor threatens him, Caesar attacks the neighbor and so is forced into the primate sanctuary where the apes are treated poorly which gives Caesar the idea to rebel against the humans.

Most of this was predictable, I mean the trailer shows to much and I did see it in theaters several times. But it still had some stuff to add that made it interesting. I mean the characters were nice, I liked that it had the story about the dad, and I especially liked that when Will was introducing the cure, he said "the cure to Alzheimer's", not just "the cure" like he said in the trailer. that was just cheesy. And it didn't go as far as I thought it would with the whole event, thus the likely possibility of some sequels, but I thought how they ended it was a good way to end this particular beginning. The action was hardly there and it was okay with when there was. But what was really dumb was a lot fo the apes jumping of a few story building and landing on the ground fine...that doesn't make sense.

James Franco/Will Rodman: I liked his characters for the most part. I mean he was one of those characters whose friend is misunderstood. I think Franco did pretty well all around.
John Lithgow/Charles: I liked his last scene. really because it was another one of those scenes where what the characters do without talking says it all.
David Oyelowo/Jacobs: *WARNING: spoiler* his death made no sense. I mean he was killed by that particular ape who he gave high intelligence to with the new version of the cure. Jacobs didn't do anything to that ape aside from that, and he killed him. That was a big hole in the movie.
Andy Serkis/Caesar:Once again, he did an excellent job with his character. Caesar was a very well put together character and i'm curious to see more.
Tom Felton/Dodge Landon: here's a hint: Draco Malfoy; a big jerk since 2001.

Music: The music was alright. it was nice.

Editing: I think it was well done. it had some nice and easy to understand.

and that is my review for Rise of the Planet of the Apes. A fair amount was ruined for me like the original Planet of the Apes, but it turned out to be a lot more interesting with what wasn't expected.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Emperor's New Groove (2000)

My Rating: 90%

This is a very fun film. I enjoyed seeing it several times in my life, I had no problem seeing it again before writing this review.

Plot: Emperor Kuzco is about to turn 18 years old tomorrow, and he plans to destroy a village for a summer home. He also fires his advisor, Yzma for trying to take care fo the empire behind his back. Yzma attempts to poison him but the drink he receives turns him into a Llama instead. SHe orders her dim-witted right hand man, Kronk to take him out and kill him, but Kronk but he loses the sack containing him and it ends up in the hands of Pacha, the headman of the village Kuzco plans to destroy. So Kuzco reluctantly agrees to not destroy Pacha's village in exchange for Pacha taking him back to his palace.

This is a simply hilarious film. It's just complete cartoonish fun for everyone. it gets you to wonder why this film did not become as big as it really should have. from the little fly getting eaten by a spider to that guard
that gets turned into a cow, there's a whole bunch of fresh things that are completely funny in this film.

Emperor Kuzco: You have to like how he still acts like everything revolves around him. I do also like how at some point he acts like he's use to the trouble that's happening like that waterfall. I love watching that.
Pacha: He has a good sense of believing that there's good in everyone and you have to like how that's challenged with Kuzco.
Yzma: while you can hardly take her seriously as a villain, the reason for that is just as fun. Especially when she has to deal with what Kronk does.
Kronk: Kronk is probably the funniest, his child dim-witted personality is cute and his shoulder angel and devil moments are the best parts with him.

Music: It was nice. again, fun. I know I'm using that word several times but that doesn't make it any less true. Plus some of the music during the credits is a decent song from Sting so yeah.

And that is my review for Emperor's New Groove. I know I'm not saying much, but it's much better to see for yourself for those of you who have yet to see it.

Battleship Potemkin (1925)

My Rating: 100%

Well currently, I'm finally back at film school, so right now i'm taking a Understanding of Film Expression class and with most of that comes watching a lot of film in order to learn particular things about all kinds of film expression. So a lot of the reviews i'm going to write in the future are going to be films that I'm going to watch such as this film, 400 blows, The Graduate, and Bonnie and Clyde. So without further ado, I give you my ado to this excellent silent film; Battleship Potemkin.

Plot: This is set in 1905 where a Russian crew od the battleship Potemkin create a mutiny against their officers and start to for a rebellion against the Tsarist regime.

This as clever but brutal film. The messed up thing to me was the stairs scene. no one was safe, not the little boy, not the mother or even her precious baby in that carriage. But what's messed up to me is that it didn't even actually happen during this particular event. It apparently was more something to put in the film to give an idea about that particular time. In fact, this film has been re edited by the government a few times to get rid of some of the more brutal moments.

Normally I'd give you a section that list the main actors but there isn't really any in this film. In a sense, the crew is all one in fighting against their enemies. There are some named here and their but nothing to me that was exactly the most important character in the film aside from the character Grigory Vakulinchuk's brief part in the film. That aside, I'll just say that the acting was very well done and everyone did an excellent job with showing us these suspenseful or brutal events.

Choreography/Editing: They've done and excellent job with the choreography and editing. This film was very well shot and I liked what they really did with the editing. most of what they did in something suspenseful was repeatedly showing several things in some very quick cuts to build the suspense and acknowledge every single detail that happens. especially at the very end where the music slowly but surly gets louder and louder as it focuses on the ship and the squadron, the cannons aiming, the engines going like crazy and so on. It's a very good film to show to give the idea of giving suspense by making a lot of quick cuts.

And that is my review for Battleship Potemkin. next class we'll be watching The General, and I look forward to what I may learn there.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Titanic (1997)

My Rating: 90%

I remember when I start to find out about the Titanic. My brother was starting to become very interested in it. It got to the point where he had a few books about it and one on it and other sunken ships, and he even was Captain Smith for Halloween in the 2nd Grade. From there, the rest of the family and I knew the story as well as we knew the story of all our favorite Disney films. Our mom only showed us the actual disaster from this film, considering out age. From there, I'm pretty sure that it wasn't until early in my freshman year in high school when my siblings and I (or at least my brothers and I. I'm sure if our sister did. I don't think she could've yet then.) Saw the whole film. And while it was a romance film at the same time, it still showed us a big idea of what that terrible night was like. And it really gets me every time.

Plot:Most of this film is the story of a rich girl and a poor boy who fall in love and are separated by their class. At the same time, It tells the story about the Titanic in it's voyage to America before the ultimate disaster.

Well as far as the romance goes, clearly a lot of us are over it. It's always stuck in our head with hearing lines like "Don't let go Rose" and "Jack I'm flying" and only heaven knows what. But it's still a little bit of a cute story no matter how much we are over it even if we've seen this movie less times than we've seen any Disney Princess movie. And it has a bit of fun like when they went to that third-class party or when they were being chased by Lovejoy. The ending is sad but at least it's sort of happy at the same time.
As far as the actual story of the Titanic, that was why it was truly Best Picture. Half of the film give you an idea how it use to be to grand to the point where people claimed that The Lord himself couldn't sink it. (may The Lord have mercy over them) And then the actual sinking happens and it touches you every time when you see people dying as the ship sinks more and more and then there's of coarse the band with playing Nearer, My God, to Thee. It's just powerful.

Leonardo DiCaprio/Jack Dawson: Well obviously you have to like how he cares for Rose and worked on setting her free, and he didn't let go till the end and all that. I think DiCaprio all around gave a good performance. It's not Oscar worthy, but it's still good.
Kate Winslet and Gloria Stuart/Rose DeWitt Bukater a.k.a. Rose Dawson:I like Rose as well. She did have a fun, spirit which helped in making some sort of joy before...things really went to heck. Stuart did a very good job in making a very interesting character as far as who Rose became so many years later.
Billy Zane/Caledon Nathan "Cal" Hockley: well he was evil. But you do have to like how he's acting like gentlemen while still making sure that he makes his own luck.
Kathy Bates/Margret "Molly" Brown: She did an excellent job with her part. I only wish that they at least showed a little bit more...well actually a lot more about her after it sunk with how she became the "Unsinkable" Molly Brown. But I suppose that wouldn't work at keeping the whole mood like there's no hope at all until the Carpathia came in.
Victor Garber/Thomas Andrews: I liked his character. He was kind and caring and did his best to help other during the sinking.
Ewan Stewart/First Officer William Murdoch: I felt sad for the character. But I don't blame the lawsuit there was concerning his suicide when it came to his nephew. I mean there's some saying that he might committed suicide and Cameron did point out that some gun shots were fired, but still.
Jonathan Evans-Jones/Wallace Hartley: He did a very good job with this character. I mean he had to. The band did play to help those that were going to die and boy was it a big moment when they played Nearer, My God, to Thee and then his last line: "Gentlemen. It has been a privilege playing with you tonight."

Music: It was very well done. They were used well to set the right moods in whatever scene there was music. As for the song "My Heart will go on"...well I still like it. I can understand how most of us are over it but still.

Sound effects:they were good, but i'd like to mention how when the ship was breaking in two, some the effects they used for the break were gun sound effects.

Editing: Very good editing. As far as most powerful shots I think my top three would be 1) when the ship has fully sunk and while Jack and Rose are trying to get to the surface, you watch the ship continue to go down as somewhat of a last look before it goes all the way down. 2)when Rose gets to the surface and then the camera zooms out showing hundreds of people swimming and shouting in panic and 3) when the subs that Old Rose and her granddaughter and the crew were in, go up into the surface and the picture gets darker and darker as their sort of final look at the Titanic.

And that is my review for Titanic. I my not be perfect with the romance, but darn it, it's still an excellent film for so many of us to remember that terrible, infamous sinking of the RMS Titanic.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Guys and Dolls (1955)

My Rating: 80%

Okay, I've already seen this before, but I had to see this again before making my review. I already saw this again before I put the Brando marathon on hold but I had yet to write the review. So here's the next Brando film: Guys and Dolls.

Plot: Nathan Detroit is a gambler who runs unlicensed crap games. the movie start with him trying to start one while the cops are on the heat over him and is still working on trying to marry his fiancee, Adelaide, who he's been engaged to for 14 years. Meanwhile, his friend Sky Masterson takes on a bet with Nathan that he can go on a date with Sergeant Sarah Brown who works at the Save a Soul Mission.

This is a fun film. The characters are exciting, the plot is good, and the dancing and music is well done. It's a good musical film to enjoy.

Frank Sinatra/Nathan Detroit: He is a very enjoyable character. And an excellent singer (duh). YOu have to like what he goes through.
Vivian Blaine/Adelaide:She is a very strong actress. you have to like how she performs her songs.
Marlon Brando/Sky Masterson:He has a pretty fun character too.
Jean Simmons/Sergeant Sarah Brown:Very good character. The best parts are when she got drunk.

Music: I love the music in Guys and Dolls. My favorite songs would have to be "Luck be a Lady," "Fugue for Tinhorns" and "Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat"

Editing: They did a very good job with the editing.

And that is my review for Guys and Dolls. I know this is one of my more generalizing reviews. but that's mostly because it's better to see for yourself.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)

My Rating: 60%

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World has it's points, but I think the comic is better.

Plot:The plot is set in Toronto, Canada where Scott Pilgrim dates a High Schooler named Knives Chau. But he considers dumping her when he takes an interest in dating a girl named Ramona Flowers who recently moved to Toronto after breaking up with a boyfriend from New York. But as he and Ramona take interest in each other, it is revealed that in order to date her, Scott has to fight her seven evil exes.

Now I saw the movies before reading the books, and the I read the books twice and then watched the movie again several more times. But with the movie, I really feel the same way I did before reading the comics: it's fun and cute at first, but eventually the climax is a little lame. I mean it starts off with stuff like all the video game sound effects and text, then you have the first evil-ex who fights and then all of the sudden sings, then there's the Seinfeld spoof with that one joke I just love. and from there, it's fun. But then it reaches the climax and...well - *WARNING* SPOILERS before i begin - but while it's a good thing that Scott decides to fight more for himself, that kind of defeats the purpose of the whole fight the evil exes thing. I mean maybe i'm just more interested in him getting the girl in the end, but while it's good that they at lest give their relationship another try, it wasn't that satisfying. I mean don't get me wrong, I don't mean that I wanted them to all of the sudden marry in the end or whatever, but just still having the girl in the end without needing to try again seemed better to me. I mean I read the comics and what i really enjoy about them is that they have more thing to enjoy than it being just about fighting the exes. For one thing Scott and Ramona actually have a relationship. I mean sure, aside from the one-night stand, they do make out once and then hang at her place at another point, and little pieces like that, but that aside, they really didn't get into the relationship. I mean part of the climax was him mentioning that he fought for him but then she suggests that she possibly should not have been the one to fight for, and then the rest is about him fighting for himself with Knives. I mean in the comics they actually are in a relationship where they are into each other, and yet you have Ramona being like "whatever", Scott eventually being a little bit of jerk, and yet just because it's part of the plot, he says I'm in lesbians with you (which was his unintentional way of saying "I love you") and then fights for her. All around, I think they failed in balancing between half movie being about fighting the exes for the relationship and the other half showing us a relationship that's worth fighting for unlike the comic. And I dislike that. 2) I felt there was better character development with all the characters and their relationships with each other, not just Scott and Ramona and they all came together better in the end.

The Good Guys
Michael Cera/Scott Pilgrim: Well in all fairness, Cera did a good job at giving us a good idea at showing the character of Scott Pilgrim. I mean he showed how Scott's bad with memory, how he can make a big deal over things and stuff like that. But he didn't go far enough. I mean I'm not saying they should've given us everything with him, but I don't think Cera gave us enough, especially with facial expressions.
Mary Elizabeth Winstead/Ramona Flowers: again, she was kinda all "whatever" and stuff like that. And like Cera she lakes a lot of facial expressions to live up to the character. But she still gave us the type of mystery of the character to give even those who haven't read the books the general idea.
Kieran Culkin/Wallace Welles: They made him exactly as he is and a bit more. I especially liked the beginning where they introduced him to be this major gossip texter. that was nice.
Ellen Wong/Knives Chau:She played out her part beautifully. How obsessed she is over Scott and Sex-Bom-Omb, it's just well done.
Alison Pill/Kim Pine:She did just fine. Exactly as Kim is.
The Evil Exes
Satya Bhubha/Matthew Patel:I think he was awesome. He introduced the league in a cool action and comical way. The best part was definitely his singing.
Chris Evans/Lucas Lee: He was fun in terms of being this action big shot. that was good.
Brandon Routh/Todd Ingram: He did good too. I wonder how he would've done if they did that Honest Ed's scene.
Mae Whitman/Roxy Ritcher: Well after seeing this again, I find it messed up that this chick is actually the president's daughter form Independence day and Katara from Avatar:The Last Airbender. I find it messed that she's the daughter especially. Mostly considering how she looks now and also how well she played this specific character.
The Katayanagi Twins I'll skip because they really didn't do much with them.
Jason Schwartzman/Gideon Graves: Personally I liked the comic Gideon better because I thought he was more evil with what he kept doing that would make the announcer call him a dick. But what they made him a fun yet still evil character in the film too.

Music: I liked the music. I enjoyed it a lot. My favorite was when they were doing the Universal studios logo in the beginning with the music was being played video game like. that was cute.

Editing: I thought it was good. They had a good way of giving us a good idea about the world of Scott Pilgrim.

And that is my review for Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. It does its part well enough to enjoy...mostly, but I personally would like to just stick with the comics on this one.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

127 Hours (2010)

My Rating: 90%

Man. This is a good movie. I mean I figured it was gain to be, but that doesn't mean it's any less true.

Plot: This is the true story of Aron Ralston who goes canyoneering in Utah's Canyonlands National Park on April 25, 2003. But while he goes through a narrow passage in Blue John Canyon, he steps on a boulder that is jarred loose and falls to the bottom of the canyon with the boulder pinning his arm trapping him with no one to rescue him or anyone he knows know that he was even going on the trip.

This is good brutal movie. It's amazing what he goes through during that entire experience. and it's a little gory, but still. And it does reflect on his past while he's stuck which was good.

James Franco/Aron Ralston: yeah you shouldn't be surprised that I introduced this section with no 's' on Actor or Character. Because he really is that star of the show. considering that he's trapped alone, and the fact that you don't really get attached to anyone else, during the flashbacks or considering the girl he met before he's trapped, says it all. And what a performance he gave. He really did work hard with what he did and what he went through and it was really fun and suspenseful. Gets you to wonder what the really Aron Ralston was like during those 127 hours. Should he have gotten that oscar? ...I don't know, probably not. But I should watch King's Speech again just in case. but even if he should not have, he still did a very good job.

Music: It was really good. They did a good job with that.

Editing:Again, another work of editing that was robbed by Social Network. I mean King's speech has all those different angles, especially when the king and Lionel Logue had their first appointment, Black Swan had all of those angles and especially those cuts to bring up the suspense, now this film has all those close ups from his bottle to his CamelBak to the inside of his camera. What the heck? there really is not logical reason that Social Network should've possibly won Best Editing with that kind of work from King's Speech, Black Swan, and now 127 Hours. *sigh* Mother Fricker.

and that is my review for 127 Hours. It's a very excellent film and I recommend watching it.

Charlie Bartlett (2007)

My Rating: 50 %

I got into watching this film when my best friend was watching this when we were having a really nice conversation on Facebook. She asked if I've seen this and suggested that I did so we could talk about it & all that. Now it is definitely no Easy A, Ferris Buller's day off, Sixteen Candles, or anything like that. But it's still a decent film for what it's worth.

Plot: Charlie get kicked out of another private school when he's found to be making fake IDs to students. So him mother decides for him to finally go to a public school. At first, Charlie become depressed because of being bullied and being a social outcast because he's never been to a private school before. But things begin to turn out when he begins to find a way to become popular when he secretly becomes a psychiatrist for students and also managing to give them medications for their problems.

Now the concept is not that far from original in the slightest. I mean kid in high school is unpopular but then becomes popular. We've seen that so many times. I mean that was the only down with Easy A beside the lying. And it is also very predictable. But you do have to like the characters and a little bit about how exactly the character become popular.

Anton Yelchin/Charlie Bartlett: He was fun. I especially liked when he was playing Yankee Doodle to his girlfriend in a British accent. But you do also have to like how he was being a role model in terms of helping other, primarily teenagers.
Kat Dennings/Susan Gardner: There's nothing too much to say about her. I mean to me she was too much like an ordinary teenage girl in the negative sense. Especially concerning her relationship with her father. That isn't completely bad, but that's not good either. I mean aside from the ending, her whole life was like an ordinary teenage girl. Even with her relationship with Charlie if you really think about it from the perspective of teenage life.
Robert Downey Jr./Nathan Gardner: he was okay. I mean I liked that his character was a little bit more caring for the kids & stuff besides being an alcoholic, but still.

Music: eh, didn't really pay attention.

Editing: I think it was okay. They did their job.

And that is my review for Charlie Bartlett. It's not that big of a film, but i'd say it's one of those films to see if you want to see something decent.

The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

My Rating: 100%

Well everybody, I just did it. I finally fricking did it. I watched The Silence Of The Lambs. I first heard about it through my brother, from there I've heard things about it that i'm glad I forgot about concerning being surprised with what happens, and i've seen plenty of spoofs to it from previews to Cats and Dogs 2 and even the very recent Phineas and Ferb Disney Channel Movie. And while I wasn't as creeped out as I was with other movies like Amadeus, (Yeah that's another story for another time) It was creepy enough for me to be glad that I saved the last disc of season four of Friends and Scott Pilgrim for AFTER this movie.

Plot:Clarice Starling is pulled from training at the FBI Academy in Virginia where she is assigned to ask questions to a former psychologist,now cannibal serial killer, Dr. Hannibal Lecter. She interviews him concerning what he knows about a new serial killer named Buffalo Bill who skins the corpses of his female victims.

This was a very good interesting movie. again, I was glad that I forgot a lot about what I heard about this movie, especially about Lecter. It was very suspenseful and creative, I thought it was interesting with what was the reason for the title Silence Of The Lambs. As much as I would've personally loved Beauty and the Beast winning that year with it being Disney and the idea fo first animated Best Picture & all that, fact is fact. There is so much from the story, to the acting, and everything else that showed that Beauty and the Beast was no match for this film anymore than Shakespeare in Love was truly in any way a match for Private Ryan.

Ted Levine/Jame Gumb a.k.a. Buffalo Bill: What's to say? He was very insane. So he did a very good performance.
Jodie Foster/Clarice Starling: Excellent performance. And a very interesting character. Totally deserved that Oscar.
Anthony Hopkins/Dr. Hannibal Lecter: I've seen a fair collection of Hopkins' performances while hearing about him in this film. With his as Richard in The Lion in Winter, C.S. "Jack" Lewis in Shadowlands, Don Diego de la Vega in Mask of Zorro, William Parrish in Meet Joe Black, Hrothgar in Beowulf, and Odin in Thor. Through all of that, all I really knew that was planted right in my head was that he had a big performance in this particular film and how Lord Naseby especially find him character the most evil villain ever and the most creative character. I can see why. Hannibal Lecter IS a very creative an cruel villain only someone of complete stupidity would doubt it. I am actually almost interested in the sequels to see more about this character and Hopkins' further performance as him despite understanding that the sequels - to no surprise - aren't exactly that good. But still...yikes.

Music: very suspenseful. It worked very well.

Editing: It was very well done. I was a little curious as to what was going to happens to Starling at the end especially concerning some of the clips they gave us concerning her training in the FBI and whether or not, on or two things were going to bit her in the back in any way.

And that is my review for The Silence Of The Lambs. It's a very creative movie and I enjoyed it despite being a bit creeped and I agree with it getting best picture, actor & actress and so on. seriously.

Citizen Kane (1941)

My rating:100%

I remember seeing the beginning to this film at and intro to media class over a year ago. And eventually afterwords, I started to hear more about how much Citizen Kane is a classic. So I have recently seen it, and i Really enjoyed it.

Plot:Charles Kane, an enormously wealthy Media proprietor is dead. He died holding a snow globe and whispering "Rosebud" and newsreel reporter Jerry Thompson is assigned to talk to everyone he knows that is still alive to find out what is the meaning of the word Rosebud.

This is a very interesting film. I find the story a little unique with an interesting mystery. The character, Charles Kane, was very interesting. That's all I can say about it without saying anything else that might spoil it.

Orson Welles/Charles Kane: Now this film was slightly interesting already knowing that it had Orson Welles upon learning that he's a big actor and that The Transformers:The Movie was his last film when i was watching that particular film. I was more surprised as I watched that film that he also directed this. anyway, like I said, This is a very unique character. And you do have to pity him in the end. but you especially like how he changes after childhood.
Dorothy Comingore/Susan Alexander Kane:You really have to pity her. How he kind forces her to sing and how you have to like that she is free.
Really everyone else is better to find out for yourself. with what they go through because to Kane. especially his guardian and his best friend.

Music: It was fairly big. especially when it came to what we find in the very end.

Editing: I liked the editing. mostly on how after Kane died, it then moves on to this big video the news guys are watching that just gives us a big general view on Kane's life before we find out more throughout the film. I also liked the shot that shows what was the answer to that big secret.

And that is my review for Citizen Kane. It's a very interesting film and I hope those of you who haven't seen it, will be able to someday.

Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin (1997)

My Rating: 90%

Well everyone, while i'm still on my Disney quest, for a bunch of reasons, i've decided to put the Marlon Brando quest on hold for a long while, and while continuing, on the Disney one, work on finally seeing a lot of classical films I have yet to see along with a few other films. So let's start with a Winnie the Pooh movie I watched when I was getting ready to see the new film. This film I use to watch at my grandparents' house all the time when i visited them when I was only around between 6-9 years old. So without further ado, Pooh's Grand Adventure:The Search for Christopher Robin.

Plot: After a very happy day of hanging out with Christopher Robin, Pooh wakes up the next day to the first day of autumn. But while he starts to fall into a pile of leaves, he finds a honey pot with a note on it and can't read it. He goes to find Christopher Robin to translate for it only to find out he is gone. He comes to Owl to translate it along with Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit and Eeyore. Owl reads the note and says that it's from Christopher Robin saying that he's gone far away and that he's gone to a dangerous place called Skull. So Owl makes a map and sends him on a quest to find Christopher Robin in Skull and rescue him from the Skullasaurus.

I think this is a very exciting and fun movie. it might've been years since I last saw it until before I saw the new movie, but I still like it. the troubling things is what other people actually thought of it when it was out. people thought it was way to scary for children just because involves scary Skullasaurus growls, falling down the long gorge, and the creepy skull cave that all are way to scary for little children. I do see the logic to at least the cave, but the rest is disagree entirely. I mean, to be fair, it's mostly because I didn't find it scary at all when I was little. primarily because I thought it just Winnie the Pooh. There has been plenty of times where Pooh and his friends once go on an adventure to some place dark and supposedly dangerous. This film may have gotten farther at that concept with Winnie the Pooh, but I don't think it really went that far. I mean the growls weren't much, the cave makes a little bit of sense with it being supposedly scary, but not by much, and they actually had some cartoon humor with falling down the long gorge. *WARNING: THIS IS A SPOILER* I mean what was happening was that everyone was close to falling to the point where rabbit is holding on to Eeyore's tail so that they all don't fall while Eeyore is holding on to a branch with his mouth. but then his tail is being yanked more so the grunts something. Tigger says "what's donkey boy saying?" so Eeyore lets go so he could say "I said ouch." and then he look at the audience with his eyes widened realizing what he just did then everyone falls. that may be more Looney Toon funny but my siblings and I still found that funny. So honestly, I thought it was too WInnie the Pooh like to be scary then just as much as I so now. I mean if I actually wanted to be scared back then, i'd hope for my parents to sorta make us to see Godzilla again. (Yes the one in the late 90s. I know it's bad, but I didn't think that that. I mean come on, I was fricking 7. In fact I want to see it settle the score again the, then scary day that I saw it.)And I even found it funny seeing it again after 12-13 ish years. I"m not saying the movie is perfect for all young children, but i still think that what people thought of this film is still saying much. Plus the adventure was somewhat more interesting on how it challenged the strength and weaknesses of the characters, especially Piglet.

Winnie the Pooh: What's to say? he's Pooh. other than that, I do think this was quite the film to show how he's a bear of very little brain concerning how hard he tried to remember what Christopher Robin told him.
Tigger: he's fricken Tigger. But I didn't like that this movie downgraded his bouncing ability. even in his big moment during the end, he was a bit downgraded even though he did reach his goal.
Piglet: I liked how he was starting to become a little brave in this film.
Eeyore: What's to say? he's Eeyore, and Peter Cullen is doing his voice.
Owl: I found him a bit weird after seeing this film. when I started seeing this film, I started wondering why he didn't join everyone else, and his case wasn't helped when he kept saying that he wanted to go. But what does he say when Pooh asks him to join? "oh no thank you, you go on ahead." What the heck?
Rabbit: he's Rabbit. but I didn't really like his song.

Music: eh, it's nothing special. like I said, I didn't like Rabbit's song, every other song was just...nice.

And that is my review for Pooh's Grand Adventure:The Search for Christopher Robin. It may not be the best Pooh has to offer, but I do not think it should've been as rated as it was.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

My Rating: 80%

Like most of the Marvel heroes as I started to get into Marvel, I began to become a bit more aware of the super-hero Captain America through looking into many issues of The Amazing Spider-Man. It wasn't until I started to go to Barnes & Noble and read a lot of other Marvel comics than just Spider-Man whenever I was on break from work on a regular basis, that I started to get to know the charcter more, primarily through reading the first few issues and reading about what he did during the super hero Civil War. When I first heard about there being a movie, I was primarily excited...right until I found out that it was going to be directed by Joe Johnston and that the Cap himself was going to be played by Chris Evans. Now I have finally watched the movie after really wanting to ASAP as I have clearly stated while commenting on you guy's own reviews to the darn film, and i'm happy to say that I was not disappointed.

Plot:Steve Rogers is a young man who tries to get into the army to fight during WWII only to be repeatedly rejected due to his health and physical problems. But after he over heard Rogers' conversation with his friend over how we really want to fight, Dr. Abraham Erskine enlists him into the army and sets him up into a super soldier project that transforms him into Captain America.

Like I said, I wasn't thrilled with Johnston directing this, especially with how despite making a few films I like, was more of a hit-a-few-and-miss-the-rest kind of director, especially when his last film before this was Wolfman. I mean I haven't seen it, but my brother has and I trust him when he says that, that film was really boring. But thankfully, this turned out to not only be one of his few hits, but also his best yet and also probably one of the most well putout loyal-to-the-story-of-the-comic movies I've seen...I mean there's a lot of those kinds of films like the first two Spider-Man movies, but I think the thing is, like Thor and X-men: First Class, they have us the full idea of the origin of the hero(es) is a clear, complex way. I mean it really goes without saying all around that as far as really good complex, well acted and smart way of telling all those stories, Marvel has done an excellent job with their movies, and I really hope that it stays that way next year with The Amazing Spider-Man and The Avengers.

Chris Evans/Steven Rogers a.k.a. Captain America: Like I said, I really disapproved right away with Evans being the Cap. I mean he was the human torch in the Fantastic Four movies and we all know how that turned out. and despite him being not bad in some films like Scott Pilgrim and Push, I was not convinced at all that this was a good choice. I mean all of the guys from my hang-out group at college agreed with me on this and would even make lists of people they thought were better options. I myself would say it all the time: "Chris Evans is in no way possible, anywhere WORTHY in any way whatsoever to wield the shield of Captain America." I am happy to say however, that I was wrong. I mean to be fair, this is the general story of the Cap and there's still The Avengers movie and whatever in the world happens after that. But at least with this film, Evans did a good job in showing how the Cap has a wonderful care for the individual, would do anything to save lives, and be a pretty awesome fighter.
Hayley Atwell/Peggy Carter: She did a very good job as well. I didn't except any less of what she did. The only thing about her character is how it really sucks how it turns out for her, especially what supposedly is going to happen in the movies that also happens in the comics to the Cap after the events to this film.
Hugo Weaving/Johann Schmidt a.k.a. Red Skull: I wasn't thrilled at first with Weaving being the Red Skull. It's not that I think he's a bad actor or that I didn't think he could do it. cause he is a pretty good actors and I was confident that he was going to do fine at the least. It's just seem like you'd sorta think he's been in enough popular franchises. I mean he's Agent Smith in The Matrix trilogy, he's Elrod in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and both upcoming Hobbit movies, he's V in V for Vendetta, he's fricking Megatron in Transformers for crying out loud, and now he's the Red Skull in the Marvel movies. Not saying that's a bad thing, i'm just saying, in one hand, he's done more than plenty. But regardless he did an excellent job as the Red Skull, no questions asked.
Sebastian Stan/James "Bucky" Barnes: Well he wasn't as the character really is in the comics, but what they came up with was nice too. So I was alright with what they did with Bucky.

Music:It was very good. It worked especially concerning that time period.

Editing: It was well done, but I disagreed with one cut. What basically happened was that one shot was the Cap jumpin got catch a chain to swing on, but as soon as he's out of the shoot still holdingon to it, it cuts to a part where he's running again, chasing after the Red Skull.

And that is my review for Captain America:The First Avenger. I have doubted how this movie was going to turn out for a while but it turned out to be just fine. We still have The Avengers movie to worry about, but this was a very good start with introducing the good ol' Captain.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Julius Caesar (1953)

My Rating: 70%

I remember learning the play in my sophomore year of High school in English. And I didn't like the movie all that much because there was too much dialogue. Now that i'm older, I still honestly think there's too much dialogue, but it's not as bad or as boring as I thought it was back in those days. plus what do expect? it's fricking Shakespeare. So without further ado, I continue my Marlon Brando Marathon with review #6: Julius Caesar.

Plot: This is the story of the men who killed Julius Caesar and how one of them, Marcus Brutus was tricked into killing him and when Mark Anthony convinces all of Rome to avenge Caesar.

I don't think it's much, but to me, it's enjoyable enough as long as you know the play. Like I said, I don't care very much for the fact that it has so much dialogue, I find the film a little too long because of it. but the performances and the story is enough to still enjoy it.

James Mason/Marcus Brutus: forgive me for saying so guys, but when it came to seeing this guy again, part of me though: Spock. I mean he sorta does look him. He has a bit of the hair & such. But anyway, Mason did a very good job at showing what Brutus was going through especially after he was tricked.
John Gielgud/Caius Cassius:YOU have to like how he's corrupted and envious.
Louis Calhern/Julius Caesar:He wasn't much, but neither was the character. He was confident and tried hard to be strong-spirited up tot he very end.
Marlon Brando/Mark Anthony: Well the killers pissed him off. He did a very good job especially with his speech to convince the crowd. and I personally liked the character in the end when he shows his respect for Brutus.

Music: nothing special. concerning music back in the day quite frankly, a lot of it is all the same to me,

Editing: they just did their job.

And that is my review for Julius Caesar. It's nothing too special to me, but I know enough about the actual play to appreciate and enjoy it for the most part.

On the Waterfront (1954)

My Rating: 100%

On the waterfront is definitely One of Brando's best films. And after seeing this film again, I am ready to review it for you guys one my marathon. so without further ado on my marathon, I give you review #4: On the Waterfront

Plot:Based on a number of true stories, this film is set in Hoboken, New Jersey where the mob-connected union boss, Johnny Friendly controls the waterfront with an iron fist. IN the beginning, Terry Malloy, brother of Friendly's Lawyer, is assigned to set up popular dockworker Joey Doyle to to ambushed and killed before testifying against friendly to the police commission. He agrees to stay D&D (deaf and dumb) about the murder despite being upset about it, but his loyalty is challenged when he meet Joey's sister Edie and the priest of the waterfront, Father Barry.

This is a very good film. They did a very good way is developing the characters and get deep into the story. especially when it comes to what Terry especially goes through and with knowing about his past.

Marlon Brando/Terry Malloy: He gets his first Oscar. well finally. And rightfully so. I do not know if he should've won from Streetcar Named Desire or Julius Caesar. I have not fully seen The African Queen or High Noon. Stalag 17 I'll have to see again. But hey, better late then never right? after trying three time in a row. either way, I think that even if she should've won during either of them, this character was a very good way to start winning Oscars. Nuff said.
Eva Marie Saint/Edie Doyle: SH e did very well. Edie was a strong characters and she did a very good job playing her.
Karl Malden/Farther Barry: Seeing this again was more interesting after seeing streetcar named desire. It was years ago when I first saw this film, and Father Barry was more interesting to watch after knowing Malden a little more from his performance in Streetcar named Desire. He did a very good job and being brave and strong and never giving up in this film. that goes without saying.
Lee J. Cobb/Johnny Friendly: boy was that guy evil. but that's what makes the climax so awesome. Cobb is excellent in showing that Friendly ruled with an Iron fist.

Music: I was very suspenseful. well done.

Editing: very well done. They told the story very well. PLus they won best editing for it.

And that is my review for On the Waterfront. It's a very good review and it was a good movie for Brando to finally win an Oscar.

The Wild One (1954)

My Rating: 90%

I remember seeing this a long time ago when it just happened to be on TV. And I enjoyed it. And I still enjoy it after seeing it again knowing that the main character turns out to be Marlon Brando. so without further ado, my Marlon Brando review #5: The Wild One

Plot:The Black Rebels Motorcycle Club are a group of bikers led by Johnny Strabler. They come across a town where a motorcycle race where one of the bikers steal the second place trophy for Johnny. (the 1st place trophy was too big apparently) they then come across a small town called Wrightsville where they begin to cause chaos and Johnny becomes interested in a girl named Kathie.

I just find this movie very interesting. It isn't too much of a film but I find it nice enough to enjoy.

Marlon Brando/Johnny Stabler: He is an interesting character on how he doesn't listen to anybody yet he's not really as wild as his gang (and believe me, they are) and how he's mysterious to Kathie.
Mary Murphy/ Kathie Bleeker: You know she is a strange girl, being so interested in knowing what life as a biker is like especially Johnny. I thought she was a nice character.

Music: It wasn't much.

Editing: nothing special but it did well enough to tell the story.

And that's my review for The Wild One. I may not be saying much, but in my opinion I do find it an enjoyable film.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Winnie the Pooh (2011)

My Rating: 80%

I looked forward to this film a lot. I mean it was wonderful opportunity to have lunch and a movie with my grandmother, especially since we hardly do anything just the two of us. It was also a good opportunity to see some old pooh stuff again. I saw the first film as those of you who read my review to it know, I watched an old video that had a few episodes of the TV series, even played it with the same TV and VHS we would watch it to for old times sake, and I used the youtube channel via blue ray to watch whatever other episode i particularly remember from you younger years. and boy have I forgotten a lot. and BOY did doing all this get the theme song to the TV show stuck in my head SEVERAL TIMES!!! It was actually more fun that it was annoying. :D but enough of that, I finally saw it with my grandma (happy day) and now it's time to review it.

So Christopher Robin sets everyone on a mission to find Eyeore a new tail. the next day, Pooh visits Chrstopher Robin only to find a note. he gives it to Owl because he can't read and Owl tell him that it's a note saying that he's been kidnapped my a terrible monster called the Backson so everyone goes to find the Backson and capture it.

Now generally, I enjoyed this film. but what really gets into my skin is the subplot about the Backson. the problem is, is that it's the same exact concept of Pooh's Grand Adventure:the search for Christopher Robin. Now i apologize for saying that because that probably spoiled this film for some of you who have seen that film and remember it. there was still creativity to it, and part of the ending of that subplot i liked, but I was not happy for their - in my opinion as a Winnie the Pooh fan - major lack of originality for their plot. But the good news is that even though they have that flaw, there film in general was so much fun. the comedy was good, the characters were, well the characters, and all around, it was still Winnie the Pooh.

John Cleese/Narrator: He just did his job. We was the narrator, John Cleese style. there's nuthun much to say to that.
Jim Cunnings/ Tigger and Winnie the Pooh: Tigger I liked because we was just as he was suppose to be. just how we love him. For Pooh, we has too, but you have to like who he was more of a friend in the end of this film where he choose helping a friend over honey...i mean when does he ever do that?
Tom Kenny/Rabbit: blood frick it I hated him as rabbit. When i head that he did the voice at first, I was alright with it...but that was before I found out he was going to use a lot of his Wheelie voice the whole time. what the heck? Rabbit was awesome aside from that, but seriously, hate the casting here.
Bud Luckey/Eyeore:I also hated the casting here too, really just because it doesn't make any sense to replace Peter Cullen as Eyeore with no explanation. no really, i've tried looking up an explanation, there's no explanation why he's not voiced by Cullen. But luckly, just like Rabbit, Eyeore was still fun.
Travis Oates/Piglet: nothing special. he was just Piglet. which is not bad, it's just nothing new.
Craig Ferguson/Owl: Same character, except there was one scene that was just hilarious. I also liked that everyone glared at him in the end since they didn't do that in Search for Christopher Robin for the same reason.

Music:eh, the songs are okay. It's not "Rain Cloud" or "The Wonderful thing about Tiggers." But it's enough that they did in fact start with the original intro song. but my personal favorite part to that song was that wen they introduced the characters into that song, that they added Tigger. FINALLY!!!! that's how it went. *singing* And Kanga, and little Roo (and Tigger too) I remember only too well how i thought about that when I was little. "Why do they leave out Tigger?" I mean Honey Tree is the only one out of the original four shorts where he's not there. The rest of the time, he's probably there more often than Christopher Robin.

And that is my review for Winnie The Pooh. I really think it could've been so much more, and i disagree with some of the voice cast, but it still has the Winnie the Pooh charm to make it fun for all to enjoy Like my grandmother and I did when we saw it. OH and btw, word of advice if you have yet to see it: stay in the theater until after the credits. My grandmother and I wish we did.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cowboys & Aliens (2011)

My Rating: 60%

In one sense, I hardly cared for the idea of watching this movie, we got the idea millions of times when we saw a trailer. I mean come on, I bet none of you can look me in the eye and say you haven't seen a trailer to this film a whole bunch of times. But lucky they've done enough to make know everything already when you see this, but it did have one or two things that made it a little bit better.

Plot: In the middle of the desert, A man wakes up with a strange bracelet on his wrist and no memory as to who he is. He comes into a town where he is arrested and his turned out to be a wanted robber named Jake Lonergan. But before he is sent away, a number of alien spaceships come and abduct some of the townspeople. during the abduction, Jake discovers that his bracelet is some sort of weapon device that he uses to shoot down one of the ships. So he along with a rich cattle man named Woodrow Dolarhyde and a mysterious woman named Ella Swenson along with many other, go to find the Alien and try to rescue their people.

Okay, obvious stuff said aside, it's not totally bad. The acting was as it suppose to be, action was okay, but what i kinda liked was the reason why the aliens were there. I mean the reason isn't perfect, I mean i'm with Lord Naseby when they could've gotten more into it, but it's still a unique reason, and I like it that way.

Daniel Craigg Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde/Jake Lonergan Colonel Woodrow Dolarhyde and Ella Swenson: they just did their parts and did it well. I mean it's their movie, and so they just did it. And that was okay. I know I normally break everyone down for you guys but...there's really nothing to talk about concerning these characters other than that.

Music: I actually liked it. The score wasn't completely Western, but I liked it.

Editing: Nothing special. They just did what they needed to do to make sure we understood everything.

And that's my review to Cowboys & Aliens. It's a short review, but there's little to say aside from what everyone expects.