Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cowboys & Aliens (2011)

My Rating: 60%

In one sense, I hardly cared for the idea of watching this movie, we got the idea millions of times when we saw a trailer. I mean come on, I bet none of you can look me in the eye and say you haven't seen a trailer to this film a whole bunch of times. But lucky they've done enough to make know everything already when you see this, but it did have one or two things that made it a little bit better.

Plot: In the middle of the desert, A man wakes up with a strange bracelet on his wrist and no memory as to who he is. He comes into a town where he is arrested and his turned out to be a wanted robber named Jake Lonergan. But before he is sent away, a number of alien spaceships come and abduct some of the townspeople. during the abduction, Jake discovers that his bracelet is some sort of weapon device that he uses to shoot down one of the ships. So he along with a rich cattle man named Woodrow Dolarhyde and a mysterious woman named Ella Swenson along with many other, go to find the Alien and try to rescue their people.

Okay, obvious stuff said aside, it's not totally bad. The acting was as it suppose to be, action was okay, but what i kinda liked was the reason why the aliens were there. I mean the reason isn't perfect, I mean i'm with Lord Naseby when they could've gotten more into it, but it's still a unique reason, and I like it that way.

Daniel Craigg Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde/Jake Lonergan Colonel Woodrow Dolarhyde and Ella Swenson: they just did their parts and did it well. I mean it's their movie, and so they just did it. And that was okay. I know I normally break everyone down for you guys but...there's really nothing to talk about concerning these characters other than that.

Music: I actually liked it. The score wasn't completely Western, but I liked it.

Editing: Nothing special. They just did what they needed to do to make sure we understood everything.

And that's my review to Cowboys & Aliens. It's a short review, but there's little to say aside from what everyone expects.

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