Thursday, August 11, 2011

Charlie Bartlett (2007)

My Rating: 50 %

I got into watching this film when my best friend was watching this when we were having a really nice conversation on Facebook. She asked if I've seen this and suggested that I did so we could talk about it & all that. Now it is definitely no Easy A, Ferris Buller's day off, Sixteen Candles, or anything like that. But it's still a decent film for what it's worth.

Plot: Charlie get kicked out of another private school when he's found to be making fake IDs to students. So him mother decides for him to finally go to a public school. At first, Charlie become depressed because of being bullied and being a social outcast because he's never been to a private school before. But things begin to turn out when he begins to find a way to become popular when he secretly becomes a psychiatrist for students and also managing to give them medications for their problems.

Now the concept is not that far from original in the slightest. I mean kid in high school is unpopular but then becomes popular. We've seen that so many times. I mean that was the only down with Easy A beside the lying. And it is also very predictable. But you do have to like the characters and a little bit about how exactly the character become popular.

Anton Yelchin/Charlie Bartlett: He was fun. I especially liked when he was playing Yankee Doodle to his girlfriend in a British accent. But you do also have to like how he was being a role model in terms of helping other, primarily teenagers.
Kat Dennings/Susan Gardner: There's nothing too much to say about her. I mean to me she was too much like an ordinary teenage girl in the negative sense. Especially concerning her relationship with her father. That isn't completely bad, but that's not good either. I mean aside from the ending, her whole life was like an ordinary teenage girl. Even with her relationship with Charlie if you really think about it from the perspective of teenage life.
Robert Downey Jr./Nathan Gardner: he was okay. I mean I liked that his character was a little bit more caring for the kids & stuff besides being an alcoholic, but still.

Music: eh, didn't really pay attention.

Editing: I think it was okay. They did their job.

And that is my review for Charlie Bartlett. It's not that big of a film, but i'd say it's one of those films to see if you want to see something decent.

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