Sunday, August 14, 2011

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)

My Rating: 60%

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World has it's points, but I think the comic is better.

Plot:The plot is set in Toronto, Canada where Scott Pilgrim dates a High Schooler named Knives Chau. But he considers dumping her when he takes an interest in dating a girl named Ramona Flowers who recently moved to Toronto after breaking up with a boyfriend from New York. But as he and Ramona take interest in each other, it is revealed that in order to date her, Scott has to fight her seven evil exes.

Now I saw the movies before reading the books, and the I read the books twice and then watched the movie again several more times. But with the movie, I really feel the same way I did before reading the comics: it's fun and cute at first, but eventually the climax is a little lame. I mean it starts off with stuff like all the video game sound effects and text, then you have the first evil-ex who fights and then all of the sudden sings, then there's the Seinfeld spoof with that one joke I just love. and from there, it's fun. But then it reaches the climax and...well - *WARNING* SPOILERS before i begin - but while it's a good thing that Scott decides to fight more for himself, that kind of defeats the purpose of the whole fight the evil exes thing. I mean maybe i'm just more interested in him getting the girl in the end, but while it's good that they at lest give their relationship another try, it wasn't that satisfying. I mean don't get me wrong, I don't mean that I wanted them to all of the sudden marry in the end or whatever, but just still having the girl in the end without needing to try again seemed better to me. I mean I read the comics and what i really enjoy about them is that they have more thing to enjoy than it being just about fighting the exes. For one thing Scott and Ramona actually have a relationship. I mean sure, aside from the one-night stand, they do make out once and then hang at her place at another point, and little pieces like that, but that aside, they really didn't get into the relationship. I mean part of the climax was him mentioning that he fought for him but then she suggests that she possibly should not have been the one to fight for, and then the rest is about him fighting for himself with Knives. I mean in the comics they actually are in a relationship where they are into each other, and yet you have Ramona being like "whatever", Scott eventually being a little bit of jerk, and yet just because it's part of the plot, he says I'm in lesbians with you (which was his unintentional way of saying "I love you") and then fights for her. All around, I think they failed in balancing between half movie being about fighting the exes for the relationship and the other half showing us a relationship that's worth fighting for unlike the comic. And I dislike that. 2) I felt there was better character development with all the characters and their relationships with each other, not just Scott and Ramona and they all came together better in the end.

The Good Guys
Michael Cera/Scott Pilgrim: Well in all fairness, Cera did a good job at giving us a good idea at showing the character of Scott Pilgrim. I mean he showed how Scott's bad with memory, how he can make a big deal over things and stuff like that. But he didn't go far enough. I mean I'm not saying they should've given us everything with him, but I don't think Cera gave us enough, especially with facial expressions.
Mary Elizabeth Winstead/Ramona Flowers: again, she was kinda all "whatever" and stuff like that. And like Cera she lakes a lot of facial expressions to live up to the character. But she still gave us the type of mystery of the character to give even those who haven't read the books the general idea.
Kieran Culkin/Wallace Welles: They made him exactly as he is and a bit more. I especially liked the beginning where they introduced him to be this major gossip texter. that was nice.
Ellen Wong/Knives Chau:She played out her part beautifully. How obsessed she is over Scott and Sex-Bom-Omb, it's just well done.
Alison Pill/Kim Pine:She did just fine. Exactly as Kim is.
The Evil Exes
Satya Bhubha/Matthew Patel:I think he was awesome. He introduced the league in a cool action and comical way. The best part was definitely his singing.
Chris Evans/Lucas Lee: He was fun in terms of being this action big shot. that was good.
Brandon Routh/Todd Ingram: He did good too. I wonder how he would've done if they did that Honest Ed's scene.
Mae Whitman/Roxy Ritcher: Well after seeing this again, I find it messed up that this chick is actually the president's daughter form Independence day and Katara from Avatar:The Last Airbender. I find it messed that she's the daughter especially. Mostly considering how she looks now and also how well she played this specific character.
The Katayanagi Twins I'll skip because they really didn't do much with them.
Jason Schwartzman/Gideon Graves: Personally I liked the comic Gideon better because I thought he was more evil with what he kept doing that would make the announcer call him a dick. But what they made him a fun yet still evil character in the film too.

Music: I liked the music. I enjoyed it a lot. My favorite was when they were doing the Universal studios logo in the beginning with the music was being played video game like. that was cute.

Editing: I thought it was good. They had a good way of giving us a good idea about the world of Scott Pilgrim.

And that is my review for Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. It does its part well enough to enjoy...mostly, but I personally would like to just stick with the comics on this one.

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