Sunday, August 7, 2011

Julius Caesar (1953)

My Rating: 70%

I remember learning the play in my sophomore year of High school in English. And I didn't like the movie all that much because there was too much dialogue. Now that i'm older, I still honestly think there's too much dialogue, but it's not as bad or as boring as I thought it was back in those days. plus what do expect? it's fricking Shakespeare. So without further ado, I continue my Marlon Brando Marathon with review #6: Julius Caesar.

Plot: This is the story of the men who killed Julius Caesar and how one of them, Marcus Brutus was tricked into killing him and when Mark Anthony convinces all of Rome to avenge Caesar.

I don't think it's much, but to me, it's enjoyable enough as long as you know the play. Like I said, I don't care very much for the fact that it has so much dialogue, I find the film a little too long because of it. but the performances and the story is enough to still enjoy it.

James Mason/Marcus Brutus: forgive me for saying so guys, but when it came to seeing this guy again, part of me though: Spock. I mean he sorta does look him. He has a bit of the hair & such. But anyway, Mason did a very good job at showing what Brutus was going through especially after he was tricked.
John Gielgud/Caius Cassius:YOU have to like how he's corrupted and envious.
Louis Calhern/Julius Caesar:He wasn't much, but neither was the character. He was confident and tried hard to be strong-spirited up tot he very end.
Marlon Brando/Mark Anthony: Well the killers pissed him off. He did a very good job especially with his speech to convince the crowd. and I personally liked the character in the end when he shows his respect for Brutus.

Music: nothing special. concerning music back in the day quite frankly, a lot of it is all the same to me,

Editing: they just did their job.

And that is my review for Julius Caesar. It's nothing too special to me, but I know enough about the actual play to appreciate and enjoy it for the most part.

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