Thursday, December 1, 2011

Star Trek- The Motion Picture (1979)

My Rating: 60%

Well guys, I finally made it.  I'm currently going through the whole star trek franchise by year. I've been trying to go through the original series and the animated series for over a year now while trying to watch other stuff and take care of everything else going on in my life, and now I'm finally done and I'm set with watching the first five movies before movie on to The Next Generation series. so last Saturday I borrowed the movies from my boss who is a huge Star Trek fan - with the promise that I make sure they don't get a scratch. So now I finally understand a whole bunch of the stuff I keep hearing that have to do with movies. So without further ado, here's my review for the first movie, Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Plot: this is set about some time after the five year mission to explore strange new worlds from the crew of the USS Enterprise. Kirk has become an Admiral, Spock has resigned from Starfleet and has been working on becoming a disciple of Kolinahr, and McCoy...I'm not sure but I think he just reigned too. But the band comes back together on the Enterprise when they try to stop a mysterious, massive cloud of energy heading for Earth.

This okay film. not the best. My big problem was that everything was going extremely slow. Like things did speed up after Spock started joining the others on the mission, where afterwords I only remember one or two other scenes that seemed to take forever. The slowest scene I hated the most was Kirk and Scotty flying around just to look at the Enterprise. I mean seriously, there weren't even a lot of shots through most of that scene were you even get a good look at the Enterprise. I mean it works in the extent of just keeping the audience, Kirk and Scotty excited, but they took it way too far. The other problem was that the plot turned out to be pretty close to the plot of an original series episode "The Changeling" but at the same time I really liked the plot still because this story turned out to be much more interesting.  But what definitely helped the film was that it generally stayed very true to what Star Trek had so far been during this time. And for the most part, we still had our lovable characters exactly the way we like them from Uhura to Spock.

William Shatner/Admiral James T. Kirk: My feeling is... mixed with Shatner's performance. In one way, he was being just the Kirk I currently know well from the original and animated series, yet in another he's giving Kirk a slight weird change of how he behaves, and not really in a good way.
Leonard Nimoy/Spock: ummm...he was Spock and I like that.
Defrorest Kelly/Leonard McCoy: Well he was McCoy just the way we love him. I didn't like how I couldn't realize he was there right away though. You see he first comes into this film with this big bushy beard and I didn't know it was him until I heard him yapping the way he usually yaps and from there I went "wait, that's McCOY!?!?!?!" I mean when it comes to the first movie and all, how are we suppose to be all excited to see him again the first time watching this movie when we don't even know he's there until right as he's talking?

Music: The music was okay, but I didn't really like how there wasn't any point where they played any original star trek music. That just doesn't make sense to make a movie of Star Trek without even playing a single bit of original Star Trek music.

Editing: Yeah I wasn't that impressed with the editing considering of coarse that the movie was way too slow and there was a moment when the Enterprise was launching where the movie just took seven seconds to show a guy trying to get through an electronic, closing door for no reason.

And that's my review for Star Trek- The Motion Picture. It's still enjoyable in terms of how they remained loyal to the characters and the all around general concept to the franchise. But it still was way too long with it having a lot of things it didn't need at all.


  1. great review, HAK. I've only seen wrath of kahn, voyage home and jj abrams' reboot, so I look forward to watching the rest. This one's not too big a priority to watch though, great review