Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Saving Private Ryan (1998)

My Rating: 100%

Well yesterday was the 67th anniversary of the battle in Omaha Beach. So my brother and my dad & i watched this movie to honor that day so I've decided to finally review it now since I couldn't then because it was late at night when we finished.

Plot: After surviving Omaha beach, Captain John Miller and his men-the Charlie Company, 2nd Rangers Battalion, are assigned to find Private James Ryan by order of General Marshall after all of his brothers die in action. So with their new interpreter, Upham, they travel through enemy territory, risking their lives to find Private Ryan and bring him home.

question...WHO IN THE FRICK DID THIS NOT WIN BEST PICTURE!?!?! I mean I haven't seen Shakespeare in Love, but I know about it that it truly was no match for this film. It is so powerful and well made. I meant he first 26 minutes were huge. I mean veterans left the theaters when this movie came out it was that accurate about war back then. everybody did an excellent job with this film.

Tom Hanks/Captain John H. Miller: He was a very unique character. He was an exceptional leader, he had a strange personality like what he was before the war and the thing with his hand. He was a very good character.
Jeremy Davies/Technician Fifth Grade Timothy E. Upham: It goes without saying that I really didn't like this character. He was a wimp which was understandable as far as war goes, but because it is war, it was not helping anyone that he was.
Barry Pepper/Private Daniel Jackson: I really liked this character. I thought he was cool with that he would recite a verse or say a prayer while he would snipe a few Nazis. Which makes it all the more fun in the recent True Grit movie, Matt Damon does the same thing to kill Pepper's character.
Matt Damon/Private James Francis Ryan: He did a very good job with this role. I enjoyed him monologue which involves a story about something he and his brothers did before the first brother went to the army. That was funny.

Music: It was very it was done by John Williams.

Sound:Very well done.

Editing: What is there to say? they made a lot of good shots and they edited in a way to tell quite a suspenseful story through and through.

And that is my review for Saving Private Ryan. It is a wonderful movie that got robbed from Best Picture at the Oscars which as we generally agreed in Lord Naseby's blog, was the biggest f*ck-up in Oscar history.

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