Friday, April 15, 2011

Space Jam (1996)

My Rating 10%

Once upon a time, there was the Looney Toons who has given made us laugh in the best ways possible through animation. Then there's some famous NBA named Michael Jordon who is some big Basketball hotshot. I wouldn't know specifically since i'm not a NBA fan and I probably never will. Then they decide to put them all together which was a pretty sad day for everyone.

Plot:In outer space, an alien that owns a theme park is trying to find some big new attractions. He decides to order his very small alien slaves to get the Looney Toons as his new attractions. But when the Looney Toons trick the little aliens to thinking they have to defend themselves first, the Toons decide to challenge them to a basketball game as a way of taking advantage of their small height. But when the alien drain the basketball skills off of some NBA players and turn into some mega basketball monsters, they turn to Michael Jordan who has recently switched from basketball to baseball to help them beat the aliens.

okay sure, in some degrees, the makers of this film were smart enough to keep the Toons almost exactly as they are for the most part, but no one is really funny at all. Mostly it's because a lot of the jokes are pretty much the exact same thing as it is in the past. and altogether, this is not an enjoyable film. It's enjoyable to some kids, but in general it's not a good film.

Michael Jordan: He was not a good actor. He was playing himself, but he had a poor way of acting like he should react over things like actually playing basketball with the Looney Toons.
The Looney Toons:I said plenty already about what they did to the Toons. so need I say more?
Bill Murray: He was probably the only good thing in the film. I've come to know Murray with Ghostbusters, Ed Wood, Groundhog day, Zombieland, and a lot of other film over the past couple of years. And it was just nice at first when you see him in the beginning. But when he comes out when the Toons become short one player out of the blue, I laughed. I thought it was the best part of the film.

Screenplay: generally it's bad. And when Michael Jordan tries to find the right words to say good-bye to the Toons in the end, instead of just "you guys are really, really...well whatever you guys are, that's what you are," What he should of said was Looney. and even if that's not the right uncheesy word, he still should've finished that line with saying more or less what they truly are.

Music:Best parts were them playing the theme to the Toons when they get first introduced and the Space Jam song. that's it.

Editing: nothing special to say.

And that is my review for Space Jam.

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