Friday, April 8, 2011

Spider-Man 2 (2004)

My Rotten Tomatoes (2004)

This one was better in terms of going with the general story of Spider-Man long after he was bitten.

Plot: It was probably been one or two years or so since the events fo the first movie. Peter, now living by himself, is going through some struggles with losing his job, facing financial difficulties and keeping up with his studies in college. He comes across his science idol, Otto Octavius who is working on a project at Oscorp Industries where Harry is now president after his father's death. Meanwhile, he hears from Mary Jane that she is seeing someone who eventually proposes to her. Things begin to change then when Octavius's experiment goes wrong.

What made this one better is that it outlined the general story of Peter trying to balance out his crime-fighting duties as Spider-Man and with his normal life as Peter Parker. Plus, we have a better story concerning the romance between him and Mary Jane and the main villain is Doctor Octopus who is one of the deadliest villains Spidey has faced.

There is no particular change for Maguire, Dunst, Franco, or Simmons (which is very lovely with the last one particularly) so I will skip them.
Rosemary Harris/Aunt May Parker:This is where he part gets better because he become more of what Aunt May truly is; a very strong-willed, spirited woman who always had some sort of wisdom for Peter throughout his life.
Alfred Molina/Otto Octavius-Doctor Octopus: This is another example were just for the particular story of the film based on a comic series, there isn't too much on the character you can say is good or bad comparing it to the same character from the series. Doctor Octopus is this raving mad scientist who mostly infiltrates science facilities or power plants in order to work on some experiment or just to cause a little bit of chaos somehow. here we have the Doc having his arms temp him to reattempt the experiment by stealing money so he can buy the things he needs to make it again. in a way it's a little goofy, but still interesting with the story they have for this film. and even fi you don't like it, well hey, we still get to see Doc Ock fight Spidey. nothing wrong with that.
Other than that, I'll say that i do want to see this movie again now that i know that the banker turns out to be Joel McHale.

Effects. they were good. and i especially liked Doc Ock's arms they were cool.

Music: nuthun else to add aside from Doc Ock's theme being nice.

Editing: It was good.

So that's my review for Spider-man 2

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