Friday, April 22, 2011

The Golden Compass (2007)

My Rating 10%

as far as Atheism goes, my brother and I once joked that the writer of the actual book series was more or less C.S.Lewis' former Atheist side back from the dead and after revenge. (C.S.Lewis was a strong Atheist before he was the famous Christian writer we all know. for those of you who don't know.) Well I got news for you evil Lewis, if this was your revenge, than even Satan is laughing. Because while the book series my be decent from what i understand, this movie is a disgrace.

Plot: In a world where there are talking polar bears, witches, and half the people in the world have daemons which are another part themselves, a young girl named Lyra and her daemon, pan start a journey where she begins to try to understand what exactly this thing called Dust is. She ends up facing Gobblers (people who kidnap children) and travels through a lot of places, meeting witches, earning a contract with a polar bear, and all around protecting a compass that tells the truth.

Now sure, the fantasy world they live in is a little creative. But it is a bit of a challenge to watch this film because it's pretty much boring. Part of it may honestly be because of my beliefs. I mean in the books, it carries on to the the general climax of the trilogy which is attempting to kill God and succeeding. But even then I did not find this film very exciting.

Acting/Characters: Everyone I mean Nicole Kidman did nice being the villain and Ian McKellen did some very good voice acting. But all around, the characters weren't very likable. part of it probably is how they make portray them in this film compared to the books.

Editing: They did good enough for us to know what is going on throughout the movie.

Effects: they were good. and while I didn't like the oscar they got out of it, they still did a good job in making the polar bears realistic.

And that is generally my review for The Golden Compass.

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