Tuesday, August 28, 2012

High School Musical (2006)

Rating: 25%
Well with Les Mes coming I decided to get a couple reviews of some musicals out of the way starting with some of the worst. So without further ado, here's my review for High School Musical.

Plot: Troy and Gabriella are two high schooler who meet in a new years eve party at a ski lodge during winter break. They sing a karaoke song which helps them start becoming interested in each other, so they exchange number before parting. But on the first day back to school, Troy finds out that Gabriella has transferred to his school. While Troy shows Gabriella around, they come across the sign-up sheet for auditions for the winter musical that the drama club is holding and eventually they both decide to try it and end up getting call backs much to the dismay of the Drama Club president, Sharpay Evens. So Sharpay devises a plan to stop Troy and Gabriella while the callbacks confuse Troy's basketball team and Gabriella's decathlon team who want both of them to focus more on the championships that both teams are trying to win.

So what's bad about this movie? Well for starters, it's cheesy as heck particularly with how most of the story is similar to the story of Grease. A couple meets and falls in love during vacation before school, there's a main guy group and a main girl group in the school, the guys at the least have a sort of rival against a gang (or school in this case), and so on and so forth. And even then the whole thing is just cheesy with its bland characters, and bland music (under a couple of exceptions), and the actors don't often do a grand job in trying to make it look like they're not lip-syncing. It is entertaining if you like musicals in general or just like this sort of childish and bland kind of movie, but otherwise it's not worth watching.

Zac Effron/Troy Bolton: I really don't care for this character. Because like I said with Grease concerning Danny Zuko, he was being a total moron when it came to some of the choices he makes considering his love interest. But at least Danny had more believable and realistic ways of being moronic to his love interest, but Troy...wasn't. So...dislike the character plain and simple.

Music: To me, there's usually three kinds of rating that I feel are right to describe what I feel about the music for this film and probably the other two. First, there's "Start of Something New" and "Breaking Free" which I would rank along the lines of bland but guilty pleasures...cause yeah, they're dumb and all but they somehow manage to be enjoyable anyway. Second there's "All in this Together" and "Get'cha Head in the Game" that I label along the lines of annoying because they are so fricking catchy. Everything else I label as just bland an forgettable. 

And that's my review for High School Musical. You may enjoy the music or just that it's a musical in general if you REALLY like that genre, but it's filled with bland characters and a story that's very similar to Grease and is cheesy even then so it just isn't that good of a movie all around.   

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