Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ghost of Girlfriends Past (2009)

Rating: 10%
Okay I'm going to be completely honest; I only bothered to watch this movie JUST because of Emma Stone. I guess I just wanted to see more of her looking at some of her best films like Easy A and Crazy Stupid Love again that I just wanted to see a little more or something like that. So I'm going to do my best not to talk to her a lot of the time with this review.

Plot: Connor Mead is a photographer and known womanizer who comes to his brother's wedding as his best man. But after making a drunk speech during the wedding rehearsal dinner, he sees a ghost of his Uncle Wayne who was the man who taught him how to become a womanizer. The ghost tells him that three other ghost will come to look at his romantic past, present and future.

Now I'm sure many of you think that this is a total Christmas Carol knock-off. So is it? Of coarse it is!!! I mean sure it's more about changing the life of a total womanizer rather then some old guy the night before Christmas, but that hardly means anything. It's predictable down to the core, the characters are nothing special, there was one, kind of two jokes that I liked but after that the comedy is not that good.

Matthew McConaughey/Conner Mead: Yeah I just didn't care for this character. Because much like the movie itself he was pretty much predictable all the way to the point that you practically knew all about him long before you saw the movie. McConaughey did do a nice job in displaying this character, so he wasn't bad, but the real problem at the end of the day is that while he wasn't horrible as an actor, that didn't stop the case ending up being the same with the character Conner Mead.
Emma Stone/Allison Vandermeersh a.k.a. the Ghost of Girlfriends Past: Well she did have to be mentioned since she's the real reason why I bothered with this movie in the first place. But even then it would make sense because I would consider her to kind of have the real second biggest role in the movie. I mean I know Jennifer Garner officially has the second biggest role, but to me, she was just there for what happens later in the film and nothing else. Stone on the other hand was shown the longest among all the other ghosts and in a way was more developed not just because of her acting (Though that is true. I mean it's Emma Stone for heaven sakes) but through her character, she gave the movie the most development - primarily development when it came to focusing more on how Connor's a womanizer then just continuing to allow the movie to be an utter Christmas Carol knock-off. ...but yeah seriously, she was the best part of the movie. I mean she was awesome plain and simple just the way we love her.

And that's my review for Ghost of Girlfriends Past. There's one or two okay jokes and Emma Stone does comfort the fact that you're watching this movie, but other that it's just a terrible christmas carol knock-off that's not worth your time.    

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  1. I will also gives this Movie 9 out of 10, I really like this movie, Matthew McConaughey in Matthew McConaughey Jacket, looking Very Handsome and Charming.