Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I,Robot (2004)

My review for I, Robot. Nuff said really.

Plot: It's the year 2035 where robots have been created to serve human under three laws: 1) a robot must never harm a human or allow a human to be harmed, 2) robots must obey every command from a human unless it violates the first law and 3) robots must protect themselves unless they violate the other laws. Del Spooner is a police detective who has a distaste for robots and believe that robots aren't to be trusted. One day he's sent on a case where the main roboticist, Dr. Alfred Lanning of U.S. Robotics falls several stories off the U.S. Robotics. His death is declared suicide but Spooner thinks that it's otherwise. So he comes into Lanning's office to investigate what happened with the company's robopsychologist Susan Calvin. At the office, he finds a rouge robot that calls itself Sonny and captures it. His boss wants him to drop the case but he wants to investigate believing there's more going on then just Sonny.

Yeah it's has a share of your everyday cliche's when it comes to action films, but it's still very enjoyable. The futuristic world looks pretty cool, the graphics with the robots especially I thought were pretty awesome. The story is at least roughly decent for what it's worth and the acting is alright and the action is enjoyable and some of the camera movement to be a little cool. So yeah it's not that big of an action film but you can still enjoy.

Will Smith/Spooner: Well he was a bad-a who had a couple of cute moments and and alla round enjoyable other words, he was good ol' Will Smith.

And that's my review for I, Robot. It has it's fair share of cliches but with will smith and some decent story and action it can still be a fun film to enjoy.

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