Saturday, September 29, 2012

Napoleon Dynamite (2004)

Rating: 70%
Ah yes the ever use-to-be-super-popular Napoleon Dynamite...well here's the review for it.

Plot: Napoleon is a high school student who lives with his older brother, Kip and grandmother who is often bullied at school and often daydreams in class drawing fantasy creatures. When his grandmother break her coccyx, his Uncle Rio come to look after Kip and Napoleon while she's recovering. Meanwhile at school he becomes friends with a girl named Deb and a Mexican kid named Pedro who eventually run for student president.

Alright show of hands, who remembers adoring this movie the point of wearing "Vote for Pedro" shirts, trying to do Napoleon's dance and trying to remember every single line from the movie and stuff like that back in the day? *a whole crowd raises their hands under the exception of a couple of people* Yep that's what I thought. I myself use to impersonate Napoleon a lot, do some of his dance moves during actual dances and wear a "Vote for Pedro" throughout a fair portion of the 8th grade and the first 2-3 years of high school. In fact the whole deal in my blog where my cursing is really a couple of different way to say 'frick' in a fair amount of ways, Napoleon Dynamite was my inspiration for that. Why was this the case for plenty of people like me back then Napoleon Dynamite was very in? Well, it was just entertaining in some of the most unique and silly ways. I mean under maybe a couple of exceptions, it really came to the point that it seemed like anything any of the main characters would say or do would be amusing if not completely hilarious. I mostly rate it a 70% despite all of that being said because A) It's hardly for everybody; many people like my mom or this one girl from high school would either find it a kind of "I'm glad I saw it and I don't ever want to see it again" kind of thing or just hate it with all their hearts because they think it's just the stupidest thing they ever saw in their lives. So for people who are reading this review and haven't seen it, bear that in mind if you want to see it. Because this is kind of the sort of movie where you either like/love it or just hate it with all your might and it's very rare where it's somewhere in between for people who've seen it. And B) similar to what I said when I reviewed Lilo & Stitch almost a year ago, I feel like I've grown out of Napoleon Dynamite. It's not that it's bad, but it feels like I've given the film all the love I can muster when it was so popular and eventually just moved on to bigger and better things. But never the less it can still be a very fun movie to enjoy.

Music: This movie had an awesome soundtrack. I mean I wouldn't say that much for the score exactly because I feel like I'm over that as well as the movie in general, but this film did introduce me to some lovable song that I had never heard of until I saw this film like "Forever Young", and "Time After Time", and I thought it was cool that they had "Larger Then Life" in it. (Yeah I know that's Backstreet Boys but so what? I like the song.) And yes, the song that Napoleon dance too is very memorable if you're someone who liked/loved this movie back in the day.

And that's my review for Napoleon Dynamite. Many people love it, some people hate it, really the style of the film and just the all around story and choice of comedy is set in a way where it can go either way for anybody. But for most of us, Napoleon Dynamite is a hilarious movie that is well worth remembering giving us plenty of laughs whether you still love of the movie or are well over it like I am.

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