Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kill Bill Volume 2 (2004)

Rating: 90%
Kill Bill Volume 2. Nuff said really.

Plot: After defeating Cottonmouth and Copperhead, The Bride sets off to kill the next person on her list before attempting to kill Bill; Sidewinder, who is other wise known as Budd and is also Bill's brother. But right as she attempts to attack him, Budd shots her straight in the chest with a double-barreled shotgun blast salt, sedates her, then buries her alive when she comes to. As she tries to escape, we get a set of flashbacks where we understand more about how The Bride came to be and how she knows Bill.

Now I rated this movie to a 90% just like the last one because... well they're both equally good and  it's hard to say which one is better. It's kind of like how it is for some people over the matter of The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers; they're totally different kinds of movies. It's all apples and oranges, and both Kill Bill films are roughly in the same boat as that. The first movie is where it's all crazy, awesome action with a cute sense of comedy while this one is more dramatic and also character and story development heavy. But while we may not get as much of the comedy and action that we all love from the first movie, that doesn't mean this movie wasn't just as awesome. Because the character and story development does make the story much more interesting and helps you care more for The Bride with what happened to her and how she became the bad-a she came to be. We still get some of the particular types of comedy and stuff like that just the way so many of us love it when it comes to Quentin Tarantino, but I think what really makes this a good movie is all the depth it give while bringing everything to a conclusion.

Uma Thurman/The Bride: She really hit off all the really dramatic and serious stuff that happened in this film. I know that's roughly what I said when it came to the first film, but that doesn't mean that she didn't do just as swell of a job when it came to the different things she went through here. Anyway, I also liked how this way, we got more background of who she use to be before the massacre and what led her to do all that in the first place.
David Carradine/Bill: I really enjoyed Carradine's performance as Bill. Especially with his monologue with talking about superheroes and how it all has a point he wanted to make about The Bride. I just like hearing that monologue every time because it was just so cleverly written and I just love that.

And that's my review for Kill Bill Volume 2. It may be a drag that we don't get as much action as we did with the first movie, but I think the drama and the development of the story along with bringing things to a conclusion is done well enough that it can be equally as good. 

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