Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Carnage (2011)

Rating: 65%
So for the past few months I heard about this movie and how it was said to be a particularly good movie. So naturally I decided to eventually borrow it from the library and check it out for myself being particularly curious about Christopher Waltz (I mean who wouldn't? I mean it's Hanz Landa for crying out out!) So here's how it turned out for me with my review for Carnage.

Plot: Two grade school boys get into a fight that results in one hitting another with a stick. As a result the parents of the one who had the stick, Alan and Nancy, come to the apartment of the one who got hit to discuss the matter with his parents Michael and Penelope. They all originally intend to make their meeting short to just agree to step up a time for Alan and Nancy's son to apologize Michael and Penelope's. But then problems start when Michael and Penelope convince Alan and Nancy to stay longer, Nancy starts to vomit, Alan has numerous call phone conversions which leads to them all starting to argue at each other.

This was and okay kind of movie. It did give a very interesting beginning, and the acting was well done. But as the story went on it started to reveal its roots if you will of being based on a play with talking about life in a philosophy kind of way which makes the movie kind of drag too much after a while. You can enjoy it anyway, but before long it gets a little old and you'll at least still enjoy a couple of jokes and characters from some lovable actors.

Christoph Waltz and Kate Winslet/Alan and Nancy: They played of their characters very well. They really displayed what these character are and what they do so it was just nicely done.
John C. Reilly and Jodie Foster/Michael and Penelope: They did a good job too. And I will saw after this film and also Chicago, knowing that John C. Reilly is a good actor deep down which kind of is comforting to know with Wreck-it Ralph coming (if you want an explanation, feel free to ask me via messaging)

And that's my review for Carnage. It drags on and shows it's natural based-on-a-play roots but you can still have a nice time with a decent story all around while watching some enjoyable performances from actors that you may enjoy.

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