Saturday, May 14, 2011

Robin Hood (1973)

My Rating: 90%

okay i'll admit that i'm a little soft on this film because I love Robin Hood in general especially when i was Robin Hood in the musical to it. But even then I had a liking for this film even after I was no longer a child.

Plot: King Richard has gone off to fight in the crusades and his brother, Prince John has been taxing the people of England to the point were people are starving to death. so it is up to Robin Hood along with his friends Little John, Friar Tuck and Skippy to, like any other Robin Hood adaption, "rob from the rich to give it to the poor."

Honestly this should be viewed as one of the best adaptions ever made. I mean it does go a little off with adding stuff that we are familiar with from Disney like animal characters or a snake that hypnotizes and some stuff added along with it like having character such as Skippy and his friends. But that's also a good thing because A)as far as a Disney version of the film goes, animal character work a little better B)it make the film fun for everyone (duh) C) altogether, this another Disney film were, like Jungle Book, Snow White, Cinderella, and especially Mickey's Christmas Carol, Disney Makes a film that while it may not be totally loyal to the book, legend, fairy tale or whatever (such as this film where there are no merry men outside of Little John and Friar Tuck and Alan a Dale), it gives you a simple, fun, and classic, hour-and-a-half film that tell you the general story.

Robin Hood: Honestly, there's nothing to particularly say about Robin Hood outside of the fact that he was...well Robin Hood. He was clever, sneaky, adventurous, major bad-a when it comes to archery and very in love with Main Marian. there's hardly any other way they could have made the character.
Little John: Well the messed up thing about Little John is that while it may not get me as much, some people will think of Baloo in Jungle Book when they think of this character because he is bear and on top of it, he was also voiced by Phil Harris who is the same guy that voiced as Baloo. But hey, he was a pretty fun character too.
Maid Marian: well the same thing about Robin Hood is said for Maid Marian. they made her the same thing generally speaking as far as her all around part in the legend.
Lady Kluck: Kluck was a fun character. she was especially fun during the end of the archery tournament.
The Sheriff of Nottingham: Now a lot of versions of Robin Hood have the Sheriff as the real arch enemy of Robin Hood in terms of fighting him. This is not the case all around in this film but at least they had their moments like when it was just them in the archery tournament and when the sheriff tried to kill him with his torch.
Prince John and Sir Hiss: Prince John in another good example of how this film gives you the general story. I mean they do actually exaggerate with him being childish and a wimp, but that's a good thing to me in term of how they make him very funny for all to enjoy from him running away the moment Robin Hood disarms him to is ever lovable moments of sucking his thumb. Sir Hiss...well...he's pretty much Kaa except he doesn't have as much funny moments as Kaa (but he's still funny) and he's heaven known how much smaller than Kaa. but hey, still a good character.

Music: Plenty of music to remember and love. I mean I still get that whistling song from the beginning stuck in my head. and "Love" was a nice little love song. Plus "Oo De Lally" does get to you in terms of getting the phrase stuck in your head pretty good.

And that is my review for Disney's Robin Hood.

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