Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Jungle Book (1967)

My Rating: 90%

Well as far as writing my reviews of all 50 of Disney's animated films, i'm an now reaching my 10th one. and what better film for that then one of the most timeless films there is; The Jungle Book.

Plot: Mowgli is a boy who was raised in the jungle by wolves. then one day, the wolves became concerned for the boy's safety when it came to the man-loathing tiger, Shere Kahn. So much to Mowgli's resistance, his friend Bagheera the black panther has agreed to take him to the nearest man-village were he will be safe. but on the way, Mowgli experiences all sorts of adventures in the jungle particularly with Baloo the bear.

what is there to specifically say? it's fun, it's lovable, again, it's timeless. filled with so many characters to love, music that hardly ever leaves you, it's just one of the best animated films there is.

Mowgli: when you think about it, Mowgli is very stubborn. I mean normally you'd hate all characters that are painfully stubborn *coughs* Anakin Skywalker, but the swell thing is, they don't make it as annoying when he's stubborn.
Bagheera: He's particularly funny when things hardly go his way. I mean look what happens to him when things doesn't completely go as he hopes, his plans get topped right off the bat my Baloo, Baloo accidentally hits him in the head with a club, reality check, Bagheera is the smartest person in the entire film in exchange for things to go topsy turvy before a single thing goes his way. plus, again, he's the voice of reason in the film so he's a pretty good character all around.
Baloo: I. LOVE. BALOO!!! I mean part of the reason is that I did play as him in a musical to Jungle Book. but even then, he's the best nuff said. i mean you have "Bear Necessities" and his all fun attitude just have to love him to death.
Shere Kahn: well he's plenty evil. I mean he definitely act like a Disney villain when it comes to being cunning and somewhat charming while being this total blood thirsty animal. nuff said.
Colonel Hathi: very silly and very funny character.

Music: like I said, the music to this film hardly ever leaves you. i mean "Colonel Haiti's March" was a fun song for me when i was little, "Bear Necessities" goes without saying, and there have been plenty of time where i would listen to "be like you" again and again and again.

and that is my review for The Jungle Book.

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