Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Goofy Movie (1995)

My Rating: 70%

This may not be something you guys would particularly like now that most of us are grown up. But when when I was a kid, this was one of those film that i just watched several times because it was one of my favorite Disney films.

Plot: Goofy's son Max is trying to win the heart of his High-school crush Roxanne. By making a concert were he performs his favorite artist, Powerline on the last day of school, he finally gets the chance to ask her out to a party where a Powerline concert is held and ended up pretty popular in the process. However, Goofy, who is unaware of the events, plans a vacation that occurs during the party in a attempt to try to spend more time with Max.

I'll admit that it's nothing too special. Or at least that it's not a film for everyone to enjoy. But it's a nice film regardless with some nice comedy, some familiar lovable characters, and some darn good music.

Goofy: I can't really say too much about Goofy. I'm not completely familiar with all the stuff he did in the old days, and while i've seen a few episodes of Goof Troop, I don't remember much of it since it was a very long time ago. But it was still nice to see him in this film as the ever lovable Disney character despite a few things like how he seemed a little selfish in amidst of what what was happening in the film.
Max: I kinda liked Max. I mean i disagree with his rebellious way but i like his character in terms of his part of the story, especially with particular goals. In fact, I'm enraged that as far as what is the latest with his dating life, Roxanne is apparently a thing in the past. only seen in this film and during one date with Max in a House of Mouse episode (that was a fun one for me)
Pete: Well he's not doing any major bad guy things, but he is shown to have his way to be a little mean.
PJ:He was a little fun.

Music: you can say all you like about the movie, but the music is definitely the best part of the film. It has a whole bunch of fun songs. "After Today", "On the Open Road" and let's not forget Tevin Campbell's songs "Stand Out" and "I2I". I mean a couple of months ago, some friends and I had a moment were just sang along to a lot of those songs mentioned that were downloaded to my cell phone. and we're in COLLEGE!!!!

and that is my review for A Goofy Movie. It may be only memorable for those who grew up with it like me, but darn it, that the way it is. and even then, you should at least remember it well for its very good music.

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