Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Departed (2006)

My Rating: 100% I finally got to see this film when my friend Blaine decided to show me it before we went to see Thor this past sunday. and i'm glad he did. it's a very interesting film.

Plot:Colin Sullivan becomes involved in organized crime when he meets Irish mobster Frank Costello at a young age who trains him to become a mole inside the Massachusetts state police with him working in the Special Investigation Unit which focused on organized crime. Billy Costigan whose family has some history with organized crime is asked before graduating at the police academy by Captain Oliver Queenan and Staff Sergeant Sean Dignam to become an undercover cop by drop out of the academy and do a fake assault charge that leads him to jail so that afterwords, he becomes one of Costello's members. Then things start to turn as, while not knowing each others' real identity, become aware of their existence.

Now I did need the beginning explained by Blaine to that i understood everything, but that's probably just me. and plus afterwords, I understood everything. now that that's cleared out, i'll just say it all around that i really enjoyed this movie. I was interested the entire time and it began more suspenseful for me the more I saw it. Granted, after what happens at the near end, it doesn't become as interesting, but I still enjoyed it.

Leonardo DiCaprio/Billy Costigan: I really liked his character. I thought DiCaprio did a really good job showing how Costigan reacted to everything that was happening to him and I liked how he wanted to move on afterwords.
Matt Damon/Colin Sullivan:I liked this character mainly on how it's very different from a lot of the other Damon films i've seen so far. especially on for once, he was one of the bad guys.
Jack Nicholson/Frank Costello:to me, this made Batman the prologue to Costello with him being Jack Naiper in that film before he became The Joker (and as we all saw, became a lot happier. XD) Nicholson was just perfect. no one could've done a better job with making Costello the kind of mobster he was. I was very entertained from him and i especially liked how he was introduced in the film which i'll get to.

Music: It was very good. although...i don't know...I think they should not have played any music before the credits during the end. i mean in a way it works but after what happens, i think it ended better silent aside from the symbolism that they show on the last shot. But hey, that's just me.

Editing: The editing was very well done. I think this was a good film for me as someone who wants to become an editor, to understand the symbolism in editing or with movies all around. Like how they start Nicholson with him all shadowy and can hardly see him and it's not until later that he actually shows himself in the light. It's stuff like that that i need to bear in mind if i want to become as good of an editor as I want to be.

and that is my review for The Departed.

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