Thursday, May 3, 2012

Toy Story 2 (1999)

Rating: 100%
Yeah. I remember the first time I saw the first teaser for this movie. There's plenty of things that I remember back when this movie coming out or was out, but since a lot of us have been there, let's not waste anymore time and move on to Pixar review # 2...*dramatic voice* Toy story....2....(see what I did with both of the 2's and...oh never mind.)

Plot: Andy is about to go to Cowboy camp with Woody, but as he plays with him and the rest of his toys along the way, he accidentally rips Woody and so he goes to camp without him. Shortly afterwords, Andy's mom starts a yard sale and Woody goes to save a toy from being sold. But along the way AL, the owner of Al's Toy Barn finds him and secretly steals him from Andy's mom where he begins to work on selling him to a museum to Japan along with other toys from a TV show that Woody was created form. Meanwhile, the rest of the toys head out of Andy's room and try to rescue him.

It's a bigger deal then what the first movie, but it's just as awesome. Well...maybe not just as awesome, but I guess what is to say is that you have to love this film just as much as the last one, just in different ways. I mean the story is completely different with Woody and Buzz being complete friends now, we get a look more on Woody with basically how he came to be as a toy, we get a lot more characters to love, I could just go on. One thing you can like better than the film movie is how the animation is SOOO much better. Plus you might like it better because one of the new characters could be one of your complete favorites or you may like how it's more fun or adventurous something like that. But either way, it's really hard to now love this movie.

Woody: Still love the guy. Plus it was really nice to look more into what Woody is.
Buzz Lightyear: Yeah he's still awesome. Plus it's nice to have Buzz being a completely different person now that he has totally accepted that he's actually a toy.
Jessie and Bullseye: Jessie was a lot of fun and I liked what happened to her in the least with how it was somewhat similar to what Woody went through in the first movie.

Music: Same deal as last time. And I will add that the song "When somebody loved me" was well made and very moving. It's not a surprise that it was at least nominated for best original song that year.

And that's my review for Toy Story 2, You may prefer the first, you my like this better, or you love them both...just in different ways. Either way, it's a spectacular film and when it came to films to grow up with, this was another fine addition for so many of us back in those days.

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