Saturday, May 5, 2012

The African Queen (1952)

Rating: 100%
Now I've seen most of this movie, but I had yet to fully see it until earlier today. So here's my review for The African Queen.

Plot: Rose Sayer is a missionary working in a village in East Africa with her brother. Their mail and supplies are delivered by Canadian boat captain Charlie Allnut who in his most recent visit, warns them that World War I has just started. No sooner that he told them about this that the German army comes and destroyed the mission houses and drives the natives away. Rose's brother dies of a fever so Charlie helps bury him and takes her to set of on his boat, The African Queen.

Honestly, I just think it's a very nice well put together movie. When I say that, I mean that I completely agree that it was very well put together, the story was nice, the acting was good, and the romance was nicely made. So I completely know that it's an awesome film which is why I gave it 100%. The situation for me was that I probably didn't enjoy it too much because since I saw the last...more than an hour of the movie, it was probably a little spoiled for me because I already knew full well what was going to happen in the end. So the movie is still good, it's just that I kind of wish I didn't see so much of it before I finally fully saw it.

Humphery Bogart/Charlie Allnut: So this is the first movie I've seen with Bogart after finally seeing Casablanca. I thought he was much more interesting as a character here because of how Charlie has his drink-like-a-sailor attitude but also has his fun and lovable side.
Katharince Hepburn/Rose Sayer: She was smart, she was energetic, she was plenty stubborn at some point but had just as much of a fun and lovable side at the end of the day.

Music: As far as the music all around, it was pretty good. I personally liked how the music was played when Rose finds out that Charlie drinks gin, because the music made it set like she just realized something important or that she just discovered the murderer or something like that, that would happen with that kind of music playing.

Editing: I thought it was good. Nothing really stood out, but they did their part.

And that's my review for The African Queen. While it probably is spoiled for me, it's still a very nice, well put together movie to enjoy.

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