Monday, May 21, 2012

Cars (2006)

Rating: 60%
Alright so I just got this movie and its sequel from the Library. I just finished watching it for the first time since like...thanksgiving 2007 when we rented it. So here's Pixar review # 3: Cars.

Plot: Lightning McQueen is a racecar rookie who is trying to be the first rookie to win the Piston Cup. But after making a few mistakes, McQueen ties the race with two other cars and his pit crew quits for his arrogance. On the way to California to break the tie, he makes his big rig truck, Mack, not let him rest on the way to California which leads Mack to accidentally and unknowingly make McQueen fall out of his trailer which leads McQueen to panic and accidentally destroy the road to a small town called Radiator Springs. as punishment, the people there make him fix their road before they let him go back to California to win the race.

Okay what makes this movie not as swell and most of the Pixar films is just that the plot is really freaking far from original. You know exactly what is going to happen. It's pretty much one of those movies where the main character thinks he has it all until a group of people come in and all of the sudden they're his/her family. Now when it comes to the concept of the world of Cars, it was decent. I mean it's pleasant but it's far from the first time anyone's made something where all the characters are vehicles or some kind...*coughs* Thomas The Tank Engine! Theodore Tugboat! But aside from all that, some of the characters were a little cute, and some of the stuff mostly between Mater and McQueen were fun to watch.

Lightning McQueen: I didn't really care for him. Because since the plot revolved a lot around him, that made him just like the plot: predictable. The only likable thing was that he was voiced by Owen Wilson.
Mater: I didn't think much of him when I first saw him. But watching him again, I admit he was pretty fun. He was this silly, goofy tow truck that was being totally friendly to McQueen. He may not be one of my total favorite characters, but he still was really fun.
Doc Hudson: Doc gets a part in this section not just because he was a decent character, but because he was voiced by Paul Newman which automatically makes him awesome. 

Music: I liked a lot of the music. I particularly liked the song, I think it was "Real Gone" that was at the very beginning. But what really did the trick was "Live is a Highway" I admit that I watched the scene that has that song four or five times just to listen to that song when I was watching it again. And why not? that song is awesome. the song that was nominated for best original song "Our Town," I didn't think was anything special, but that was just me.

And that's my review for Cars. The plot is terrible but it had some nice characters, fun scenes and a couple of awesome songs for the soundtrack. Now I am moving on to Cars 2. See you there.       

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