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Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

Rating: 50%
Okay so I just got back from seeing this film. So here's how it turned out.

Plot: After the death of her mother, Queen Eleanor, Snow White's father, King Magnus finds a woman named Ravenna who he rescued while defeating the Dark Army, and falls in love with her. They get married, but on their wedding night, she kills him and from there, rules the kingdom with Snow White locked in the dungeon. For the next several years, Ravenna captures beautiful women and drains the youth out of them. But when Snow White comes of age, Revenna's magic mirror informs her that because of Snow White, her power is draining and that she must now take Snow White's heart so she can live forever and no longer have to drain youth in order to stay alive. Snow White however escapes, so Ravenna sends a Huntsman to go after her and catch her.

Generally, this was what I expected. The story of Snow White having a darker set to it that is a little cheesy but at least it was entertaining. The good things about this movie are that the design and the effects are pretty good, some of the characters are decent, the action wasn't all that bad and the story was a least a little amusing. But there's still the fact that we have Kristen Stewart, there were a couple of things that were predictable, and there was a fair amount of plot holes and things that they could've gone more into. For example *WARNING SPOILERS* for plot holes, 1) why didn't the mirror inform the queen that Snow White could one day surpass her right as she had just killed the king and locked Snow White into the dungeon? Cause at least that way, she could've killed her and then she'll live forever and all that. 2) How did The Huntsman revive Snow White by kissing her? I mean yes, we are all aware of  the whole "sleeping death can be undone by love's first kiss" but they could at least let us know if that's actually the case in this movie. They shouldn't just leave it hanging like that expecting the entire audience to know the story already. I mean sure maybe all of us have, but still. 3) Ravenna is suppose to live forever by just taking Snow White's heart. So is Ravenna suppose to just hold her heart and live forever? Isn't she suppose to eat it or something because just taking it just doesn't really make sense. And there's the things they should've elaborated or just had more of such as 1) the little village with all those women who made those scars on their faces to avoid being captured by the Queen which was a pretty nice idea. Sure there probably shouldn't me much more to show than that when it comes to that concept, but I think their part in the movie was way to brief. 2) I would've liked to have seen more of the Dark Army guys *END OF SPOILERS*

Kristen Stewart/Snow White: Acting wise, it was just Kristen Stewart being Kristen Stewart. Although I will admit that when it came to body movement for if she was scared or on the verge of death or anything like that, she wasn't terribly bad. She still was bad, but at least with that, she put out a little more effort than what I would expect. As for the character itself, she was was interesting. If she was a little more carefully developed and had a better actress to play her, she could've turned out a pretty good character than what we got.
Chris Hemsworth/Eric the Huntsman: Now I didn't like how he started off as being a guy who was this drunk guy that's a nobody or whatever, but his character was a little more interesting with him being a widower. As for acting...he wasn't bad but he wasn't spectacular. The thing is that he was being more like Thor than an actual other character, which for the action scenes and Thor/The Avengers fans who love the guy, is fine, but when it comes to being a different character, there's room for improvement. And my I just say that I don't like how Snow White and the Huntsman's relationship sort of went at all. I mean I know it's the title but dude, it's Thor and Bella Swan.
Charlize Theron/Queen Ravenna: She was alright, but it seemed a little silly when she was just shouting at some unnecessary points earlier in the film.
The Dwarves: I wished we saw more of them. I mean they weren't going to be as memorable as the Seven Dwarves from the Disney movie, but they were still fun characters and I liked that they had some familiar actors like Ian McShane and Nick Frost. But why did they start with eight even though it's suppose to be seven?

Music: I thought it was good. But I thought the music played for when that village full of women didn't fit. I don't remember how it went and maybe I'm wrong, but I sort of remember it seeming off considering what was happening.

Editing: The editing was mostly very good, but there was a part in the scene where Snow White's in the Dark Forest that was just silly. Cause it is mostly cuts of her being scared, but then they make this one cut to a shot where she's just standing there with no emotion at all...well less then usual I mean. Then there was that scene where Ravenna comes back injured after attempting to stop Snow White, I felt that didn't necessarily need to be there. I mean yes the whole blood thing was interesting now that I thought more about it, but I thought it was pointless since it was mostly just Ravenna crawling towards the magic mirror and nothing happens after that.  

And that's my review for Snow White and the Huntsman. If you want and "eh" movie with at least an okay story, nice effects and design, Thor and some decent battle scenes, I'd say go for it. Otherwise, it's just and "eh" movie all around.

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