Friday, June 8, 2012

Oliver Twist (1997)

Rating: 40%
This is a TV movie that was among the VHS movies from the bag. So here's a movie you most likely never heard of which is this none musical version of Oliver Twist.

Plot: Oliver Twist was born shortly before his mother died holding a locket meant for him. He grows up in a workhouse where he is made to work for the first 6 years of his life. One day the other boys make his ask for more gruel which causes him to be kicked out of the workhouse. So he leaves to steal in London, but not before he sneaks back at the workhouse to get his mother's locket. Once he's in London he comes across a young man named Dodger who takes him to Fagin who trains him to become a pickpocket.

This is really just an "eh" kind of movie. It's not a grand big musical like the actual musical or the best picture winner Oliver!, but it at least done it's job for what it's worth in giving us the story. But it doesn't do it's job too well. The acting wasn't too big and there could've been maybe a little more work done with some of the character development like Mr. Brownlow. Honestly, the only thing that was in anyway interesting for me was that they had Elijah Wood as Dodger. I don't know if he's what Dodger is suppose to be from the book (cause I only know Dodger from the musical), but he did a nice job. I guess one thing to really like about his performance is how he's not being a hero like in Lord of the Rings or Happy Feet or something like that. But other than that, that's kind of it.

So that's my review for Oliver Twist. I know this is a shorter review than usual, but...yeah I just feel like there is nothing much left to really say about it.

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