Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fight Club (1999)

Rating: 90%
Okay so I saw a little more than the first half of this movie a couple of years ago and I stopped because apparently it was suppose to be a movie to see together with my dad and my brothers. But then I found out that at some point my brothers already saw the movie, so eventually I had to see it for myself with the seeing together with dad thing ended up not happening. So I just did that about 16 minutes ago or so. So here's my 275th review: Fight Club.

Plot: The Narrator of this film is a traveling automobile company employee who suffers from insomnia and goes to a lot of support groups. On the flight home, he meets this guy named Tyler and later finds out that his condo was destroyed. So he asks Tyler for a place to stay which Tyler agrees, but shortly afterwords, he asks The Narrator to hit him. The Narrator does so, which leads them to fight for fun. People notice which leads The Narrator and Tyler to start a fight club.

This was a cool movie that was really interesting but very messed up. The characters are unique, the story gets crazier in a really cool way as it goes on, there's action and blood, the whole this is messed up and yet it has a lot of stuff to make it more interesting and all around more entertaining. What I really liked about this movie is that it's not what you expect. Because after a while there comes a lot more to what I thought it was even from what i remembered from seeing a little more than half of the movie. It's just entertaining all around.

Edward Norton/The Narrator: Okay so this was interesting since this is kind of the first movie I've seen with Edward Norton after seeing Incredible Hulk again in order to prepare for The Avengers. And I liked him the best because he was more the kind of more reasonable person (well reasonable in a supposed normal sense)out of everyone which helped me care a little more about what happened to him.
Brad Pitt/Tyler: Tyler was pretty cool. My favorite scene with him was definitely that speech that he made before Lou and his bodyguard came that was pretty awesome. Also, while I don't agree with his philosophy, there's a certain way that he looks at some of the things that made sense.

Music: Music was alright. I thought the music for the end credits were a little out of the blue after how it ended. Which is fine on one hand, but I'm just saying.

Editing: The editing was pretty good. I think it's interesting how earlier in the film, Tyler appeared a couple of times for just one frame.  

And that's my review for Fight Club. It's messed up but it's interesting to the point that it pays off with it's crazy yet cool story and unique characters.

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