Friday, June 22, 2012

Rock of Ages (2012)

Rating: 60%
So this afternoon I saw this with my friend Megan before going to work, and this is pretty much how it turned out.

Plot: Sheerie travels to Los Angeles to become a singer, and barback Drew helps her get a job at the The Bourbon Room where the owner Denny and his right-hand man Lonny arrange for Stacee Jaxx to appear at their bar. Meanwhile the mayor's wife who is a religious conservative wife is trying to shut down The Bourbon Room and right L.A. of Rock and Roll.

On a whole, this was completely what I expected. The music is awesome, the choreography was well done and even clever at some really nice points, some of the characters were either interesting or just a lot of fun to watch. And to the movie's credit, the one good that was unexpected was that the comedy was actually really good for the most part. But what really makes the movie falls pretty flat is how the story is just so freaking cheesy. I mean on a whole, the story make the movie basically just Hairspray, Glee and High School Musical put together, but with awesome, classic rock n' roll. 

Julianne Hough and Diego Boneta/Sherrie and Drew: Yeah to summarize them, they were just the Troy & Gabrielle/ Finn and Rachel of the movie. Honestly, their part in the film may be the main reason why this film fell flat in terms of story. I won't say what happens but it just didn't work.
Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand/Denny and Lonny: Now separate they were just themselves. Russell Brand was being Russell Brand, and Alec Baldwin was roughly being like he is as Jack Donaghy. But together they were pretty awesome. I won't say anything else except there is a scene with them that was probably one of the best parts of the movie.    
Tom Cruise/Stacee Jaxx: Now on a whole, I'm not very big on Tom Cruise in general. But when I saw him in the trailers for this movie, he got my attention. For the most part, I wasn't disappointed. He did a really good job with being this rock star that pretty much has it all, and as far has pretty much singing and dancing like one, he was pretty cool.

Music: Pfff. Do I have to say anything? The music is just plain awesome. I mean "Dead or Alive", "Pour Some Sugar on Me", "I Love Rock 'n' Roll", "We Built This City", it's just a whole classic collection of excellent Rock 'n' Roll music. My only issue is "Don't Stop Believing", *WARNING SPOILER* I mean it is a nice song and the first time it was played ended as one of the funniest parts of the film, but it's just that the movie ended with it, which made it way too much like Glee. True, this is based on a Broadway musical that started a couple of years before Glee...but honestly, which one are we going to think of more during the end of the movie, Glee, which most of us know about whether we watch it or not, or the Broadway version of Rock of Ages which most of us probably hardly know about outside of this film. *END OF SPOILER*

Editing: Most of the editing was pretty good except for during the second time Sherrie and Drew are at the Hollywood sign when there was a bad cut where Drew has his mouth partly open and his arms are more spread but then it automatically cuts to his having his mouth closed and his harms down. Just bad cut over the sake of continuity.

And that's my review for Rock of Ages. If you like a movie with Rock 'n' Roll songs, really nice choreography, and maybe even a plot that's way to similar to Hairspray, High School Musical and Glee, chances are you are going to get what you paid for and enjoy it.'s probably just the music and some of the comedy that would make it worth your while in anyway.

and here's the link to my video review for the film:

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