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Prometheus (2012)

Rating: 65%
In 1979, Ridley Scott created Alien which pretty much created the Aliens series. And now he's made a movie that is half claimed to be a prequel, and half claimed to be just similar. Which leads us to this movie: Prometheus.

Plot: Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway are two scientists who discover a star map with a collection of ancient drawings and paintings that they believe lead to the forerunners of humanity which they call "engineers." So the CEO of Wayland Enterprises funds an expedition for them and the crew of the ship Prometheus to investigate the distant moon LV-223. But when they investigate a stone cylinder once they were in the planet, they discover things that prove to be a threat to everyone.

Now in some fairly nice ways, this movie is creative. I mean the reason why they went on the expedition alone I thought was pretty nice. And some of the things that leave you wondering about how it connects to the Aliens series is very interesting. And very much like Snow White and the Huntsman the design and the effects are awesome, only that in some point they were much more beautiful. Now if there was once issue about the characters, it would be that not all of them were really well developed. Which in one way is fine considering that's normally the case with pretty much characters in general when it comes to an Alien/Alien related movie. But I think they failed to do a little more with the minor characters unlike most of the Alien film where we would usually have a fair amount of time to get to know everyone on a first name basis and remember probably all of them whether they're screwed or not. I mean halfway through the movie there where a couple of characters that kind of came just out of the blue. But regardless, the characters that were well developed where pretty good. But there still some issues that shouldn't be ignored. For instance, some of the stuff that happened was rather predictable. I mean some of them you can expect either because it's related to Aliens or just because it's sort of a horror, but sometimes there were points like this one thing that was meant as a twist before the climax that was obviously predictable, it was ridiculous. Then there's trouble with the continuity with the technology in Prometheus comparing to Alien. There were things that were similar to Alien. In fact, some of the stuff was adjusted to show that some of the technology still needed some adjustments which I liked. But then there's stuff like having holograms and these scanning balls, whatever they were called where you have to ask why none of that stuff is in the Alien series. Maybe science vessels get better features and stuff then cargo or military vessels or something? As for the story and what the all around supposed purpose to this film is generally mixed. It's very interesting on a few levels, but it also practically gives a whole new world of questions rather than answers. I mean this is where you know they're going to try to continue this with a sequel. So really if you see this film you will be left in the dark with some things. I know I normally do a spoiler alert with this, but this kind of has to be said regardless. But getting a sequel is something that most people most likely want after seeing this movie, because some of the stuff you just have to figure it out for yourself or otherwise just guess what is going on. I mean heck, I got like, 2-3 theories myself and two of them I think could be connected. So it's a nice movie all around, but there's plenty of mystery that part makes the movie interesting but also part not that swell of the movie with all that lack of depth.

Noomi Rapace/Elizabeth Shaw: I thought she did a very good job with her character. She was very believable with how she reacted to everything that happened to her character throughout the movie.
Michael Fassbender/David: Now on one hand he was nothing special considering most of what he did was not all that surprising. I mean the guy's an android, what else is new? But even with that being the case, David was an amusing character and Fassbender did his performance really well. However after seeing Doug Walker's Bum review of the movie, I gave it a little more thought and realized that his motivation is questioned a lot throughout the movie. Maybe he does what he does just to...experiment or something...which in one hand makes his character cooler... but a little more development that helps us know for sure wouldn't hurt if it's not too much to ask.

Music: I liked a lot of the music. I did find the choice of music to be interesting at some points like the very beginning, because some of it was just different than I guess I would expect the music to go for a movie that has to do with the Alien universe, especially since this is being directed by the guy who directed the first movie. But I did see something where apparently for some of the music they just played segments of the score in reverse before reversing it digitally...I don't think I understand it correctly, but the whole deal still sounds interesting.

And that's my review for Prometheus. It is set up a lot like Alien, it beat the living crap out of Alien 3 and Resurrection, some of the characters are nice, the story is really good at some points and some of the mystery is amusing. But you get more questions then answers, not all of the characters are developed the way you'd expect them to be, and for possibly most people, the lack of depth is probably too much.

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