Friday, December 21, 2012

Rocky (1976)

Rating: 65%
Rocky....nothing much to be said.

Plot: Rocky Balboa is a small-time boxer and collector for loan shark Anthony Gazzo. One day, undefeated heavyweight champion, Apollo Creed is planned to face another boxer on New Year Eve, but Green drops out due to an injury, so Creed decides to give a local underdog a shot at fighting him. And because he likes Rocky's is nickname "The Italian Stallion," he decides to select him for the fight. So Rocky has to train to fight Creed while the film also focuses on how he develops an interest in his friend, Paulie's shy sister, Adrian.

To me, this was a nice movie...but it was not great. The story was nice and the you are left caring for some of the characters - mostly Adrian with her relationship with Rocky and of coarse Rocky himself with how he doesn't give up and how deep down he does mean well and is a caring guy. And the fight was well done and did leave me wanting to know how it ends. But I honestly find most of the movie just...boring. I mean I'm all for a good amount of dialogue packed scenes to develop the characters and all, but I honestly think they over did it a lot. I think a lot of scenes were better off with little to no dialogue because it seemed like most of what anybody did was just talk.

And that's my review for Rocky. It's a little boring due to how they had a little too much dialogue scenes, but otherwise, it's a nice story with characters to care about and a finale that was fairly suspenseful that altogether makes this just an okay movie to me.

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