Monday, December 10, 2012

Life of Pi (2012)

Rating: 95%
FINALLY!!! I've been meaning to see this film for a while with how its getting its praises and how both of my parents tell me I should read the book and all that good stuff. Well I've finally found the time to see it this morning so here at last is my review for Life of Pi.

Plot: Pi is a man from India who meets this writer who is looking for a story to tell. So Pi tells him about his life in India before his family decided to ship to Canada. But then the ship sinks killing his family, leaving Pi with a tiger named Richard Parker on a lifeboat both trying to survive.

Yeah. This was a lot better then I thought it would be. The story was very well told, it was nicely paced, and the acting was very well done. What really makes this movie good particularly was the relationship between Pi and the tiger. I mean I was going to enjoy this movie anyway just because the tiger was there just because they're my favorite animal, but how they structured their relationship was extremely well done. It wasn't cheesy or anything, just a matter of trying to survive without killing another, and I was hooked on how they did it. Another really good thing is the visual effects, partly because they were beautiful, but what was mostly a good thing to me was that the big visual moments weren't at a big amount. Because as a guy who hasn't read the book and only knew about this film through one poster and one trailer, I thought this film was going to practically be swarming with huge visual as if it's Avatar without all of the major CGI stuff. But thankfully, they kept the big visual moments at smart and reasonably placed. The only problems I really have with this movie is that there were a couple of things that happened that were particularly odd or didn't make sense and they left out a lot of philosophical stuff from the book which from the sound of it, would've been nice to have been added considering how Pi was taking about God at some parts of the story, that's it.

And that's my review for Life of Pi. It's a very well made film that is visually stunning but wisely stayed more on the story and with the relationship between Pi and the tiger. So with that said, Life of Pi is an enjoyable movie, deserves to be at least nominated for best picture, no doubt about it.

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